A guest post by Rizwan! A fellow writer I met at the tut writers group…

Thank you Rizwan for letting me post this here..

Let’s re-think nature together.
See the sun that shines, the moon that shows, the stars that glow, the trees that grow, the stream that flows, the birds that fly, so high in the sky, the flowers that bloom, the forests that breathe, and the rain that falls on the mountains, hills, valleys and towns.

All of the nature is highly expressive, loud and vocal. All natural expressions are clear,so vivid, they’re felt and seen.

You hear it when it’s thunder storm, you feel it’s hot when it’s hot. You feel it when it’s cold. You see a tree so tall, standing firm, and you smell and feel the morning breeze. Those birds sing so sweet in the trees, you hear them? Every thing in nature expresses, tells out loud what it is. 

…And you, you’re one unique master piece, a work of art, capable of achieving what you can ever imagine. Human being! An unlimited growth capacity!

A tree is, but a tree. A flower is, but a flower. A bird is, but a bird. You can be what you want to be! That makes us humans unique. Isn’t that amazing? This screen that you’re reading my words on, once was an imagination, a dream. Look around please and see how much growth, development has happened, and imagine only a hundred years in the future, Whaao! Marvelous, isn’t it?

We’re the unlimited beings, always growing, inventing, exploring. Yeah, exploring, exploring too much may be that we have to take some time out to go back and see nature, exploring inward to rediscover our true-self, the ‘I’, the old cliche’ ‘ who am I? Where am I heading to, and why? What’s my expression? What do I want from myself? That expression! That call, the call from the soul that speaks so much louder than words.

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