Solo adventures

Sipping tea at 2 pm, with my lovely companions.. Netflix and the ear plugs..
We do make a great combo..especially if the movie in spotlight is worth the watch..

These nights when half the world is asleep, I know ..only the creatives are out there.. Their internal light bulbs glowing to the max, I offer gratitude for all of those who’ve chosen the deeper, untreaded paths..

There is way too much satisfaction out here! In the deep recesses of our soul, where unlimited treasures hide..

And the guys who write books, plays, movies, ….or just about anything… To them it’s pouring their hearts out..leaving their soul out in the open, at its vulnerable best..

Yet to the people reading it, it’s their entry into a new world!! A world they fear to experience cuz it’s way too cold to stay out’s way to uncertain..the roads are too rough.. N they’re probably not yet ready to ask the questions that need to be asked…n that’s perfect ❤️🎁

N I’m glad I’m on this side of the world thats sleeping as I awaken to the joys of being who I am!! 

I’m glad I’ve asked all the questions, even if they’re super tough.. N I’m glad to have realized there is no exam, n no right answers…

There is either regret or joy!!

Am glad I can say it’s JOY ive chosen…

N even when there is an absence of joy, I promise there is no space for regret to come in!!

It’s either a neutral space of questioning or a joyful space of answering..

N as lonely as the road appears, it definitely is worth the walk…

Cuz enjoying ones own company can be the best high!! I’ve never tried liquor or any kinda alcohol ever..

But I’m so sure, the high I feel …when I’m in this gratitude loaded space sitting smilingly with myself …can match nothing..

Cheers to solo adventures (even if they are tiny in size n rare in occurrence) 

One response to “Solo adventures

  1. YOU are the Love you seek. All outside of you is a reflection of what is in your heart. Beauty, Joy, Peace are ALL in the eye of the BEholder. Let your heartspace radiate and receive unlimited abundance. It is your birthright. Keep shining brightly. Namaste

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