The life inside our life…

There are times you want the movie you’re watching, to end in a different way, just so that you could call it a happy ending..

And there are these movies that will not choose a happy ending..

I’ve watched two such movies lately, n enjoyed them.. Felt the characters, and tried vaguely to understand why they made those choices..

As a bystander, choosing the happy ending comes so easy!! But when it’s time we make those choices in real life, it’s quite tough..

N hence these characters make sense, n the absence of the ‘fairy tale ending’ seems perfect!!

Yet, it needn’t be this way! 

I’ve always loved watching movies, n perhaps some day if I have the will to pursue the desire, would love to write one..

Movies have the potential to take you to the depths of your soul, through another’s shoes..

Watching this movie ‘Me before You’ was exceptionally purposeful last night.

I felt grateful for all the life inside my life. Could feel the character regretting the absence of life, even though he was alive. Life was, for him, being able to do stuff that he used to do..n so the absence of the ability felt like the lack of life..

We have our lives soaking n drenching with abilities, n yet we take them for granted..which isn’t uncommon..n a movie like this one jolts us back to realize the joy in being able to move our bodies in the way we do now..

It’s a must watch for sure!! 

Me Before You!!

Offering gratitude for being able to move my fingers on the iPad to write this one..

Signing off..



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