Grounding doodle vs. a dominoes doodle

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed how different both the doodles like! even if they look kinda circular, the energy associated with them is opposite..

A grounding doodle:

A grounding doodle intends to ground the person / family. In other words, the doodle intends to anchor them, stabilize them or support them in getting better (deeper) in whatever they’re doing. 

It means that there is enough energy in motion around them, and they’re doing their best to keep up to speed. All they need is an anchor so that they don’t trip thanks to their moving energy..

 A dominoes doodle:

This is the exact opposite of the one mentioned above. A dominoes doodle, creates a strong and powerful yet small push in the right direction to get the desired effects out of the action put in.

It means, it intends for all the synchronicities to appear so as to bring effect of all the actions put in so far.

It’s like the dominoes, one touching the other n the other to create a ripple effect. This one intends a huge ripple effect for all who receive it.

Above, a grounding doodle of the modified Sahasrara vs. a dominoes depicting contrast

Above, a grounding doodle of the root chakra vs. the dominoes named ‘start delight’

Which ones better???

Both of them are effective equally! It’s like saying which one is better: an ice cream or a hot coffee?

N we would like to say, the ice cream is best when it’s hot outside n the hot coffee is best when it’s cold outside. Both are good.

Some people need a balance of grounding energy while some need the push! And both the doodles are equally effective as long as the receiver offers gratitude for them, and receives them with open arms ❤️🎁

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