The only work!!

The only work, we came here for doing is the work of listening to the call of our hearts!! 

Our hearts never give up on us!!

They keep calling us, hoping that we’d perhaps listen n follow it’s trail..

Lucky are those who against all ‘sanity’ follow their hearts cuz they are the ones who are finally victorious 🎁

The world is playing safe!! We didn’t come here to play safe..

We came here to be excited with the nervousness of trying something new, that our heart wants to follow..

We came here for the journey .. not the destination 

4 responses to “The only work!!

    • It’s my pleasure Anurag!!! I’m grateful that you agreed to receive it! It’s your energy that’s responsible for this doodle..
      So I’d give u a big thanks 🙂
      Best wishes to you as always..


    • Thank you Gail! Appreciate your kind words and am super glad that it strikes a connection with you!!!
      It’s created with the intention of ‘listening to the call’ n so I’d urge you to ask yourself, what’s the call you’re being urged to listen..

      Best wishes
      Aryaa 😊🙏

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