‘I can’t believe I did that!!!!’ – a chocolate statement

Yesterday, I was super thrilled with the way the weekend was spent, and that feeling kinda spilt into the week..I like to associate such happening weekends / days to chocolate..

Yummy, and they leave you feeling high.. N the taste of chocolate lingering in your mouth. Ooh, I just super love chocolate..

As I was flowing through the beauty of the days spent, I suddenly looked through my kid’s planner ( can you believe it his play school runs on schedule πŸ˜‚). Wednesday 29th,was supposed to be the day for golden colored clothes..😳

Damn!! Assume hypothetically that I did have a golden colored tee or something for my son, the thought of getting him into it was troubling.. N I hate to force my thoughts on my kid. If he doesn’t like to wear it, so be it!!!

So here I was, unprepared. N it’s okay to default on your child’s play school plan πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚

N then, I told myself ‘it will be done! How, I don’t know n needn’t figure out. N yet it shall be done’

This thought made me feel better!! Twenty shades better, n so I stuck with it!

Today morning, I still had no idea what he’d be wearing!! N so out of a boring stance, I pulled out all his clothes out, as if I’d miraculously find something golden…

N I did!!!! I found an ethnic Kurta, that was gifted to him maybe more than a year back, n it had loads of golden embroidery on it!!!

Wow!!!! But he wasn’t willing to wear it 😊 n so I pushed it in his backpack n sent him to play school anyway!! Told his teacher to try her luck..

N when I went to pick him up, I was shocked!! There he was, looking handsome in a Kurta over jeans (really handsome) n I told myself ‘I can’t believe it I did it!!!’

N I guess I was prepared for it, but not really actively focusing on it..

N after this tiny yet reinforcing experience, I know all of my dreams even the big sturdy ones, are gonna come true..

N I’m gonna look back n wonder ‘damn!! I can’t believe I just did that!!!’

The chocolate statement of my life..

N I still can’t believe I manifested my (twin flame) husband, n my super awesome kid into my life… I manifested a dream identity (Aryaa Akshay) with a dream role (an energy artist) ..I manifested the most rocking weekend of my life ever ( watched four movies, was invited to two eat-outs, almost like I was in college.. Forgot I had a 2.5 year old kid who rocks all the time) 

Wohooooo!!!! I can imagine this chocolate statement when I have my book in my hands ( physically) n when I work with my dream clients n they appreciate me for the energy I bring to the table.. N when the world recognizes me for ‘authentic living n being myself one hundred percent’ 

N when I’m globe trotting with my super awesome family mixing work n pleasure..

‘ I can’t believe I did that!!!!’

Whoa the chocolate statement of my chocolatey life..

Yummy life🎁❀️

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