Think ♥️

A single thought has unimaginable super powers ♥️

Think nice thoughts ♥️

Thoughts that make you happy ♥️

Thoughts about stuff you like, about stuff you love, stuff that brings you joy ♥️

Bath tubs, pebbles, breath taking views, feeling relaxed in a ‘new’ place, water ♥️

Beach, lakes♥️

Hugs n kisses, sweet baby talk ♥️

Puzzles and hot tea♥️


Green♥️ trees that make me cry

Water that makes me sink deep into myself ♥️

Long drives with my beautiful family ♥️

Warm jackets n caps ♥️

Desserts ♥️

Picnics ♥️

Love songs♥️ memories ♥️ car stories ♥️

Rains ♥️ cold chilly winds ♥️

Pumpkins 🎃 

What stuff comes to your mind when you make your list???

Think them more often ♥️

The law of attraction is always working♥️

~ aryaa 

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