Replaceable ‘best’ ♥️

Every time I watch a fantastic movie or get a fab hair cut, or fall in love with a music track or click a selfie that I love, or go on a vacation, i feel like this is the best one so far..

Especially with hair cuts!! I tell myself I’m gonna keep this one for a while..

N then eventually in an impulse I get my hair cut again n I’m in love with it ♥️

Same with movies! I make this ‘in my head list’ of my fav movies n the latest one I’ve watched (n loved) gets to the top of the list eventually to be replaced by another great flick..

I just love how impermanence can move one to better n better stuff..

Movies n good swim days,

Hair cuts n nail color,

Selfies n ‘chance’ captures,

Puzzles and art,

Tracks that touch my core!!!!

I wonder what’s my next hop gonna be ♥️

Ps: Hasee toh phasee is the most underrated movie I’ve watched so far..

N I love whoever made Netflix 😍

N ‘Love per square foot’ captures the essence of Mumbai, with simplicity n with the most beautifully put characters ♥️

N hmmmm over n out for now

~ aryaa

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