Only If..

If I ever owned a stationary store,

I would be financially broke..

Cuz I’d end up using all the stash

My heart, on the other hand would overflow..


The colouring books would say ‘pick me, pick me’

And I would gladly oblige

the blank pages would pull me in,

It would be a store filled with all my ‘write’


All the coloured paper would party,

The paints and crayons making merry..

The canvasses playing Holi,

And me their queen, sitting jolly


Highlighters, stamps, punches of all shapes

Ribbons, glue and scissors

Is all I need to let out the dying artist,

That hides inside, rarely else appears


If I ever owned a stationary store

I’d let in all the kids, make merry

Take whatever your heart calls for

Let the artist out & remember, there’s no hurry


If only we let our children set the pace of life

Rather than us doing it for them

The world would be a merrier place

Ruled by hearts & Joy, not weekends


We all deserve our inner child

To be out and about, dominating us

It’s all peer pressure & a forced choice

That’s getting to most of us


I may not own a stationary store

And I thank god all the time..

Cuz my inner child is quite alive

And my teacher is none other than my child



Ps : still dreaming of owning that dream store where all of our childhood comes alive

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