Why would ya??

My grandfather got me covered back in 1989!!

When a kind word could roll down your lips,

Why would ya get angry??


I know it hurts, n at times real bad..


But when you could wipe off your own tears,

Why would ya bring new ones on their faces??

Why would ya??


It’s weird.. hurting hearts are the most hurtful..

And all that pain hidden inside..

Has to just spill out into hearts


Spill out so bad that it could cause an epidemic


N then there is love


It catches you unalarmed,

When you expect it the least

And wraps you up in a big, cozy binder..


Losing to it could be the best thing you could do

But why would ya look away

Why would ya???


Losses are real

And the real ones that matter

Hit really hard

But just cuz you can’t see it,

Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist


Aren’t perfumes the most expensive??

And one can only smell them..


Love is always around

Especially the ones that matter

Always love you


Their love has no boundary

No touch to it


Only feel..


And when u close your eyes

N imagine them whispering into your ears

Their words are more real

Than anything existing


Their love is the push

One needs to survive

Their absence


N if they didn’t love you this much

You wouldn’t miss them this bad


It’s weird how their mention in my head

Is enough to well up my eyes


Didn’t think my heart was so damn expressive

N such exactness


N if I could smile thinking about them I would

But I cry


Why would ya??

Why would ya??

~ a lil girl

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