Why would ya??

My grandfather got me covered back in 1989!!

When a kind word could roll down your lips,

Why would ya get angry??


I know it hurts, n at times real bad..


But when you could wipe off your own tears,

Why would ya bring new ones on their faces??

Why would ya??


It’s weird.. hurting hearts are the most hurtful..

And all that pain hidden inside..

Has to just spill out into hearts


Spill out so bad that it could cause an epidemic


N then there is love


It catches you unalarmed,

When you expect it the least

And wraps you up in a big, cozy binder..


Losing to it could be the best thing you could do

But why would ya look away

Why would ya???


Losses are real

And the real ones that matter

Hit really hard

But just cuz you can’t see it,

Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist


Aren’t perfumes the most expensive??

And one can only smell them..


Love is always around

Especially the ones that matter

Always love you


Their love has no boundary

No touch to it


Only feel..


And when u close your eyes

N imagine them whispering into your ears

Their words are more real

Than anything existing


Their love is the push

One needs to survive

Their absence


N if they didn’t love you this much

You wouldn’t miss them this bad


It’s weird how their mention in my head

Is enough to well up my eyes


Didn’t think my heart was so damn expressive

N such exactness


N if I could smile thinking about them I would

But I cry


Why would ya??

Why would ya??

~ a lil girl

Only If..

If I ever owned a stationary store,

I would be financially broke..

Cuz I’d end up using all the stash

My heart, on the other hand would overflow..


The colouring books would say ‘pick me, pick me’

And I would gladly oblige

the blank pages would pull me in,

It would be a store filled with all my ‘write’


All the coloured paper would party,

The paints and crayons making merry..

The canvasses playing Holi,

And me their queen, sitting jolly


Highlighters, stamps, punches of all shapes

Ribbons, glue and scissors

Is all I need to let out the dying artist,

That hides inside, rarely else appears


If I ever owned a stationary store

I’d let in all the kids, make merry

Take whatever your heart calls for

Let the artist out & remember, there’s no hurry


If only we let our children set the pace of life

Rather than us doing it for them

The world would be a merrier place

Ruled by hearts & Joy, not weekends


We all deserve our inner child

To be out and about, dominating us

It’s all peer pressure & a forced choice

That’s getting to most of us


I may not own a stationary store

And I thank god all the time..

Cuz my inner child is quite alive

And my teacher is none other than my child



Ps : still dreaming of owning that dream store where all of our childhood comes alive

The tussle

The wrestle, just ain’t worth it

All the tussle and struggle..

Not one bit..


Because it is only me,


Triumphing in rejoice on one side

And losing, flat on my face, to the ground..

On the other..


Either ways, the aftertaste is a bit too much

To tolerate


Like the yummiest dish in the world

Being served

With some salt, lacking


Not worth spitting it out

Not worth chewing..


The life on the fence is a torture

Especially the wrestle..


Just ain’t worth it..

~ aryaa

Is it hobby time for you YET??

It’s strange, we don’t encourage our kids to pursue a hobby for life, as much as we pursue them to excel in school studies / in a particular sport.

A hobby is a very freeing activity!

One can’t call a sport, a ‘hobby’ if the parents are pressuring the kids to excel at it.

A hobby has a very light hearted, JOY centric feel to it, which is FREEing in many ways. It allows the individual to break free from whatever routine they are following.

It’s a gateway to a happy place, which makes it easy for the person to survive the routine..

A hobby can be a saviour!!

And if one pursues it regularly enough, one can easily excel at it!!

As parents, we can imbibe the culture of pursuing a hobby, in our kids. And the simplest way to do it???

Do it yourself first!!

Children follow our actions more than our words. If we be the example to them, they will surely follow!!

Not that the current generation needs hobbies. They are just too aware of what they like n dislike. They may not even go through the struggle of a routine..

Then for who is this post intended to???

Hahaha!! To us.

And if you’re reading this, know that you stumbled upon this write for a reason.

Your hobby hasn’t given up on you! It’s waiting for you, and will hold your hand tight if you just let it..

what say??

Is it hobby time yet???


PS: can’t thank my hobby of writing enough. It has been my saviour through all the lows of my life.

Blogging/ creatively writing/ journaling /doodling/ colouring, as long as there is a pen and a paper with me, il be in safe hands..

What about you??

Coloured glasses

Seldom are those moments

When we are totally open..

The wardrobe full of coloured glasses

Stacked one on top of another..


We don’t even notice that we’re wearing

not one or few, but all of them…

Our eyes quenching for that frame,

When the eyes glimpse the real..


Those seldom moments

When we do catch that glimpse..

Are enough to steer us

Back home



Think them anyway!!!

When you ask of life, that which no one around you has ever asked, you kinda question it!

But that’s exactly what makes it crucial and critical!

If Steve Jobs, didn’t ask for music to be fitting right into his tiny denim pocket, we wouldn’t have experienced this world changing technology that has a prefix of an ‘i’

Think all of those thoughts!!

A world of Peace!! Yeah!!!

Life with zero traffic on roads!! Hell yeah..

Think all of these thoughts, which you urge to think..

Cuz they have the power to change lives


And you’re worth it!! Every thought you have deserves the space to exist..

Every thought you think, comes with power..

Don’t take away your power by dumping all those powerful thoughts in the recycle bin..

Think them!!

Think them anyway..



The artists’ defence

Diaries & blank pages, get me all excited!!

I love stashing notepads like a kid would, candies..

Somehow I can’t remember where I put my collection of fine tips (pens)..

That’s another thing I love to stash


The waves get me all excited

And the sand & the shore..

The sand toys would be the cherry on top,

The sunset: one ‘to go’ please


The blue waters of the pool

Are another starting point

They get me all started, till I find

The rhythm of my heart beating out loud


Jigsaw puzzles are a real mystery

Only till you get them all sorted

N then again you wanna shuffle it all,

N start again .. I can go on n on


Now movies are the real deal..

Like my first love or something

N probably my last love too..

I could watch them till the end of eternity..


Travel & vacations kind set me up,

To be my best, best self

A pair of flip flops or maybe a pair of sneakers

Are all I need (not really 😝)


Hide n seek, outdoors or in my very home,

Cheering for my kid are all worth my time

It’s so much fun to hide n then be sought

Like a gift unwrapped..


Now food is also the love of my life

Nachos, burritos n desserts..

Maybe doughnuts or waffles

Or anything sweet.. I’m all set


On a dull n boring day, I’d really visit the chopper

The guy who chops off my super short hair,

Hats off to him..he channels the ‘rebel’


I change my name to ease it up,

Truth be told,cuz I feel dichotomous

I find myself oscillating between the two ends

One being my home, the other my dreamy place


It’s weird & kind, normal yet shaken up,

I feel so odd, like no others around

I’ve embraced it now, it’s nothing to be wary of

It’s just me, being ME!!


I’m mediocre yet deep n rich,

My life feels textured in complexity

I’m easy yet multiply skilled

N yet I treat it not like bread n butter..


Fun is like the secret thread

Running the fabric of my life

I don’t really care for anything much

Other than family, fun & my share..


My share of being me,

True to all of it’s complexity

Lazy, easy & ever changing

My mantra is Inconsistency


I’ve stopped caring if others get me or not

Cuz it’s my job for sure

N I do a pretty ace job at it

I back myself up, to the core


I like to call myself WEIRDO,

As if it’s a badge of honor

N it’s an award if no one gets me,

It means I’m bang on!!!


My friend,my darling friend ‘inspiration’

Visits me in spurts

But when she does,

She kinda rocks me, like a storm


An artist’s life is so full n rich,

N yet so sparse and scanty

It’s like the rain, of inspiration

Is the steering wheel, controlling all the bounty


N yet, if given a choice,

I’d choose this exact same life again

I’d change absolutely nothing about it

Other than make ‘inspiration’ my best, best friend


~ aryaa

At the mercy of my friend ‘darling inspiration’