First of all, this brand is a ‘Work In Progress’! Quite like I am! 

I am Aryaa Akshay, a WIP identity that I’ve ‘self chosen’ as the face of this magnificent ‘WIP’ brand ❤️ 

Coming back to the brand, Intuned intends to stand out for a wide range of services, that are currently in the pipeline. None the less, the purpose and intention behind this brand is clear.

Brand Intuned stands for:

~ Creating a safe space specially for you, where you CAN HAVE anything you choose to have!!

  • The financial freedom that you’ve imagined of
  • Creative expression of who you are
  • Beautiful relationships
  • A meaningful and a purposeful career
  • A harmonious and loving co- existence of EVERY thing you have ever desired in life.

~ Creating a cozy space, for you, where your progress is acknowledged rather than questioned.

~ Holding a calm space for you where you can SIMPLY BE! 

~ Being aware and recognizing that the present moment,this ‘NOW’ is the very bridge between you and your desired future

~ Creating a unique space of curiosity about WHAT IS IT THAT YOU (specifically YOU!!! N not your society, your parents, your spouse..) WANT OUT OF LIFE

~ Creating a platform for you to express yourself AUTHENTICALLY

This is our dream, to be able to do all that’s mentioned above!!

Let’s just say, we’re still in the process of kinda putting it all together! When we’re kinda done, and ready, we will be serving a wide range of services, as mentioned below:

  • Coaching services ( one on one sessions & group coaching sessions)
  • Inspirational blog posts and videos, encouraging authenticity and BEING YOU😍
  • Workshops on ‘Confidence Building’ & Embracing the authentic YOU
  • Workshops on ‘Using Art to authentically express oneself’
  • Retreats in new, unexplored beautiful lands, to explore one’s hidden potential
  • Hobby workshops that allow you to connect and bond with a long lost hobby
  • Workshops on creating financial independence through meaningful ways you love
  • Workshops that celebrate ‘the art of looking and feeling good, in one’s body’

And many more of such awesome initiatives!!!

Right now, we’re enjoying the process of getting there❤️

Cheers to all the tuning forks (us) ☕️

Love, aryaa 

Brand Intuned