Onto something BIG

Always felt like something big was waiting for me on the other side of the breakthrough!
Was eager for the magic wand to do its job. Basically I was desperate for the breakthrough

Realized now,it’s the breakthrough that has been waiting for me to simply notice it!
There’s magic in realizing it’s all here 🙂 

The same old me, only new stuff is that I’m not after altering who I am.
I am embracing myself and yes, I am onto something big!!!! Really BIG🎁

N it’s here:-) yay 🎁

No Knowing = best knowing!!!

Sometimes no amount of ‘knowing’ is enough! 

For a parent of a teenager, knowing where their teenager is: not enough..

For a student, knowing everything that needs to be known, before an exam: inadequate..

For first time travellers of an unknown country, any amount of info known : may not be enough

The best knowing is the one where we deeply connect with that part of us that knows ‘all is well’. Come what may, we are safe. 

And this knowing doesn’t really need any information or details..

The best knowing ever!!!

The ‘Happiness’ JOB!

When we say it’s not our job to keep others happy, the reverse of it is equally true! 

It can never be the job of others to see that we are happy! We may have grown up with the flawed premise that it’s our parents’ job, our friends’ job, our spouse’s job to keep us happy..can’t ever be..

Being happy, feeling happy is a choice that one can only choose for oneself. We would love to do stuff that makes someone else happy. The intentions can be set straight, yet whether the person chooses happiness or not, that’s up to him/her..

The only responsibility we own is of our own joy!!

N the entire world will fall short to change my mind, once I have chosen to stay happy!!

It’s a mindful road, one where I have to be super observant of how I’m treating myself. Yet, it’s fun!!

Cheers to celebrating one’s own joy!!


‘Feelers’ who can feel themselves n others!

They don’t need to hear words to know what’s going around them.

They are totally aware! 

If they say ‘yes’ to stuff, it means this stuff is super important!! N when they say ‘no’ it’s cuz it doesn’t matter to them..

They’re too deep, n anything on the surface feels inauthentic..

They find it tough to pretend!! They either show their joy or just be!!

Best part: they won’t mess around with you cuz they are too busy clearing themselves up!!

If you can’t understand them, leave them alone!!

They’re trying their best to feel calm when at the core, there is a storm inside 🎁

A storm of everything that matters n doesn’t..

They’re just sorting it all out!! 

What’s wrong with ‘broken’?

I don’t know how we come to believe, that any conflicts/ issues that we have must be resolved??

N then in fixing them straight, all we do is think about them, focus on them. We beat the hell out of them n hence, they stay in our life for good. Isn’t it weird???

We can never fix anything up. We can accept it as perfect even when it appears to be broken, or else we forget about it for good. It is never gonna get fixed. It’s our flawed expectation that it should appear ‘fixed’

What’s wrong with broken??

Why can’t we live with something good, that isn’t great! Or live with ordinary, and see the extra ordinary in it??

Why can’t our focus be the one thing that’s extraordinary??

Why can’t our judgment be unconditional??

Why can’t we focus on the way we look at things rather than judge the things???

N if we can accept that the only control we have in this entire life is the control of the way we FEEL, the way we FOCUS, the way we JUDGE, we’re done with this life..

Life suddenly gets easy peasy.. N then we have some challenges that make it tough, n then we goof up.. N we celebrate being goofed up..

That’s how life was meant to be.. Who brought up the ‘ideal’ ..

The ideal is the wrecker..it wrecks it up for us playing the game n it wrecks the idea of the game itself..

But hello. Who is complaining???

Life was meant to be this way. Yes, exactly this way that it is, no other way!!


Trust vs fear, fear comes easily thanks to generations of programming our minds with the belief ‘fear is what keeps us safe’

While our brain does that so as to not let us step outside our comfort zone, thus keeping us safe (sighs), our soul really can take care of it..

Trusting that everything will work out is a far better feeling than what if it doesn’t..

N by practice, we can nudge ourselves into making this choice!!

This is only n only a reminder to my self, that trust is all I’ve got!! Cuz it’s gotten me here, to a career that I can finally call mine (after sampling more than three careers that failed)

N it’s gotten me home!!

Trust n trust more folks♥️