The connecting heart!!

It’s strange but a part of me, knows all answers to everything I’ve ever asked!

N that part of me is orchestrating my future without my knowledge, just so that it can meet me some day where I’m ready to meet it!!

Deep n confusing???

A challenge my writer self is willing to accept!! It’s so much easier on paper in a doodle..

The spiral that is connected, up to the second string of blue hearts,is the present!! We are going through it..

The string of blue hearts hanging in mid air, is the orchestration of the future happening now.. obviously I haven’t met it yet (n so it’s hanging in mid air) but there will be a time, when I will meet it n it will be ready for me.. the next strings of all hearts would be ready.. 

which means, without my knowledge someone somewhere on this planet is choosing to have my art work.. n the network of people desiring my art work is increasing..

N the network is in formation now as I’m writing this.. I know nothing bout them.. but I trust that my higher self is orchestrating everything I need ..

N the day that I’m ready to meet it, it will come in front of me n surprise me๐ŸŽ

N I will be prepared to be surprised ๐ŸŽ

N all it will take to embrace everything I’ve ever wanted, is a connecting heart..

This doodle was created this morning for a fellow student I’ve barely known!!! I have to thank him, cuz this doodle was created for him..

Yet this doodle brought with it a deep understanding of how my higher self is in charge, n all I’m doing today is moving forward by one connecting heart..

Am taking the next logical step in the words of Abraham Hicks, yet I’m moving closer to that woven fabric of dreams my higher self is constantly working on..

N when the time is right, il be just a connecting heart away..

I remember 7 years back, on this auspicious day of Gudi Padwa I had married this awesome guy, who I thought was perfect in every way!! 

Little did I know, that marrying him would be the connecting heart to this future I never imagined..

A new identity that I call mine today, thanks to him! The dreams that I call mine thanks to his support, the family that I call mine, thanks to him..

I didn’t imagine that 7 years from marrying him, I’d know my life purpose, I’d know what I choose to have in life, n I’d know exactly that my life is a done deal.. 

All of this dreamy stuff, only cuz I took the next logical step then, of marrying an awesome guy 

(I decided to marry him the minute I saw him, even before we spoke.. cuz it was as if my higher self knew all of that connection I’d experience with myself thanks to him.. it was like a reverse Dejavu .. as if I knew there was something bout this guy that would be revealed in the future that made it so sure for me to say yes) 

Long story short: our higher self is doing everything it can to make our dreams / desires come true! We got to simply take the next logical step which becomes that connecting heart to our ‘ready for us to see it’ future..

The connecting heart!

Words And Colours

I am a trader of words and colours,
Cuz they allure me into the beauty I hold inside..

I am an ardent lover of words and colors,
Cuz their love is infinite, cuz it leads to me..

I am addicted to this game of words and colors,
Cuz come what may, I always all- ways WIN..

I am but a minute speck, in this world of words and colors
Yet I am treated as if I’m Royalty

I am a humble servant of words and colours,
Cuz their calls are irresistible and joyful, both at once..

I am an artist, of words and colours,
Cuz they give shape n form to my art n expression

I am masked by my words or colours,
But in them you will see only me,

their magic is their transparency n 
and hence,I play in words and colours.

cuz They are my most loyals..

~ aryaa akshay 

The shining STAR

This piece of art and the words that go with it, are totally an inspiration!

It was intended to be a gift for a fb friend I barely know, yet it felt like we were connected! It was her birthday, and I felt a strong urge to create something for her. The art work and the words are dedicated to and thanks to my friend Lane. 

Thank you girl, for saying Yes!! This piece of art has loads a good wishes for you n your family, and this piece is waiting to get to you!!

For Lane, the shining starโญ๏ธ

You were the connecting bond
between hearts,

Till you realized
You were a GLORIOUS HEART yourself

You found the courage to break away
‘you’ tried every mask and attire

Till you realized
The most perfect one was the one you had
Since you knew ‘you’โค๏ธ

That glorious heart is nothing but a 
Shining star

A star that guides everyone in its path
Building a loving, better world
That shines light on everyone else around!!


The key!

It’s the culmination of every thing we have ever desired for! All of our efforts have peaked n on the brink of fruition..

All we need is the key to unlock the power..

Turning the key, will blow your mind away..

Are you ready???

This doodle is a dominoes doodle (the indigo n purple single line spiral) grounding or stabilizing another dominoes doodle (orange center) 

The seven colours radiating outwards are the grounding doodle. 

It’s a first of its kind, three in one doodle created for a super creative person, with loads a love.

The key!!!

Full throttle!

A piece created for a nature lover and traveller, whose hunger for life is evident from his captures on camera.

This doodle captures his will power in cutting his own unique path in this beautiful world, connecting with like minded hearts as he walks his path..

Breaking the stereotype and making life go his way, completely!

The piece captures his swift energy, quickly shifting gears through life, creating excitement out of mundane days, and making each day work differently for him..

Hats off to you Abhishek!! Life is indeed a celebration just the way you portray it๐ŸŽ

We felt excited as we created this doodle for you!!

Thank you for accepting it!!

Staying Midway

When torn in between two extremes, what can one do?

Stay midway!!

Crimson depicts the colour of the root chakra, signifying our survival and life on earth.

Mauve (actually it’s Violet) stands here for our connection with the divine , which is our very purpose behind being here.

What does one do when one is torn between the reason for existence n the existence itself??

Hang in there?? 

This art piece signifies the dilemma n the victory of staying midway!!

The left side is the crimson, signifying the role on earth.. it is denser, as it’s the foundation for our survival..

As we move towards the right, the tree n leaves move into a creeper,lighter n lighter..the purple signifying our non physical aspect.. 

and we choose to exist midway, (I choose to, for now, till I find some solution) which is where the flowers grow..

The significance of the bright green colour is it is the color of the heart chakra. Our heart chakra is located exactly midway between the root chakra (red) n the crown chakra (Violet)

It’s so evident, of my choice!! My choice of being midway shows in my open heart.

It also happens to be dominating my personality energetically! Green happens to be my fav colour (a reason why my studio wall is painted green, can be seen behind the painting) 

This painting will mostly adore the walls of a restaurant! N even though it’s a business that sells n serves food, at its heart is a divine purpose, of serving the hungry ..

I find this piece perfect for the restaurant!! Hoping the owner finds it apt too ๐Ÿ™‚

Grounding doodle vs. a dominoes doodle

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed how different both the doodles like! even if they look kinda circular, the energy associated with them is opposite..

A grounding doodle:

A grounding doodle intends to ground the person / family. In other words, the doodle intends to anchor them, stabilize them or support them in getting better (deeper) in whatever they’re doing. 

It means that there is enough energy in motion around them, and they’re doing their best to keep up to speed. All they need is an anchor so that they don’t trip thanks to their moving energy..

 A dominoes doodle:

This is the exact opposite of the one mentioned above. A dominoes doodle, creates a strong and powerful yet small push in the right direction to get the desired effects out of the action put in.

It means, it intends for all the synchronicities to appear so as to bring effect of all the actions put in so far.

It’s like the dominoes, one touching the other n the other to create a ripple effect. This one intends a huge ripple effect for all who receive it.

Above, a grounding doodle of the modified Sahasrara vs. a dominoes depicting contrast

Above, a grounding doodle of the root chakra vs. the dominoes named ‘start delight’

Which ones better???

Both of them are effective equally! It’s like saying which one is better: an ice cream or a hot coffee?

N we would like to say, the ice cream is best when it’s hot outside n the hot coffee is best when it’s cold outside. Both are good.

Some people need a balance of grounding energy while some need the push! And both the doodles are equally effective as long as the receiver offers gratitude for them, and receives them with open arms โค๏ธ๐ŸŽ