Come touch your soul!!!

Have you come across music that sucks you in completely? Music that allows you to touch your soul?

Have you felt that moment when you felt yourself getting immersed into music or nature or into any art….?

Beauty that belittles you, makes you feel like a tiny dot in the ever changing universe? Felt that way?

No!!! -Then I invite you to listen to a track that has this potential!!

There’s one bhajan, my most fav one, which I always ask my husband to sing for me, when I feel disturbed! And this bhajan kinda puts me back in place. The composition is such that it kinda soothes you and assures you that everything will be good 🙂

And this is a very beautiful rendition of my most favorite bhajan – Hey Shyam Sundara..

Listen to it cuz you will love it & it will shake you up before it settles you down 🙂





Music- A Universal Language :)

Some songs are/music is such that you don’t have to understand the lyrics or language or meaning..

It touches your soul come what may & puts you in a peaceful state of bliss..

There’s one song that stirs me up from confusion n chaos & centers me & its a Kannada song, the meaning of which I cudn’t comprehend, yet this is one song that brings me joy n bliss.

Here it is, Karuniso Ranga by Pandit Bhimsen Joshi..



PS- If it doesn’t center you, no worries- your song is sitting somewhere else, waiting for you to listen!!

A unique realm of love and divinity!!

The first time I heard this song, din’t find the tune very catchy! The next time, I focused on the lyrics & am glad I did it!

Beautiful expression of divine love that the gopikas had for Lord Krishna! I’m lucky that this video does’nt have subtitles.. Else the beauty of the song goes for a toss if we try to translate it..

So all those who can understand Hindi, I invite you to listen to this song !! I just love it 🙂 You will get transported to the Dwapara Yuga 🙂

Woh Kaala Ek Baansuri Wala



Not Blunders, but Lessons Learned :)

Why should we blame ourselves or anyone for something that din’t work out or for something that went wrong!!

So WHAT? So what if we messed things up a bit or even goofed up big time!! We have one life that we get to live, don’t we? Or is it like our morning sandwich. Sheeesh!! I hated it this morning, let me try another one tomorrow!

Whether we like it or not, it’s the one life we have! The more we love it, the better it gets!

Sometimes, the part of our life that’s bothering us, keeps us from enjoying the rest of the part, that we are in love with!! And I guess, its more about perfection. Everyone craves to have a life that’s perfect, or at least struggles to make it so.

Lol, being human is the most imperfect thing & mistakes are its part and parcel. And its easiest to accept it that way.

Mistakes or even blunders, are the easiest and fastest way to learn, if seen from one side. From the other side, they are those heavy loads, very unpleasant n painful, that we wanna off load onto some other human being asap 🙂 If we don’t find the other being, we start carrying them around, making our life as heavy and unpleasant.

So, here’s an awesome song – Lessons Learned by Carrie Underwood, that just says all that I wanna say, so very easily 🙂

Am sure you all will enjoy it!!