Bare Maximum

I’ve scraped through the emptiness,
Till I’ve found no more..

My meager rainbow, is visible
Only in the darkness

For it has only two colours to offer
The leap of faith, and surrender

Because I’ve scraped through the emptiness 
till I’ve found no more

Even though dots emerge
They spell of loud drum beats

Victory finally emerges

Cuz I’ve scraped through the emptiness 
And I’ve found no more!!!

Words And Colours

I am a trader of words and colours,
Cuz they allure me into the beauty I hold inside..

I am an ardent lover of words and colors,
Cuz their love is infinite, cuz it leads to me..

I am addicted to this game of words and colors,
Cuz come what may, I always all- ways WIN..

I am but a minute speck, in this world of words and colors
Yet I am treated as if I’m Royalty

I am a humble servant of words and colours,
Cuz their calls are irresistible and joyful, both at once..

I am an artist, of words and colours,
Cuz they give shape n form to my art n expression

I am masked by my words or colours,
But in them you will see only me,

their magic is their transparency n 
and hence,I play in words and colours.

cuz They are my most loyals..

~ aryaa akshay 

The shining STAR

This piece of art and the words that go with it, are totally an inspiration!

It was intended to be a gift for a fb friend I barely know, yet it felt like we were connected! It was her birthday, and I felt a strong urge to create something for her. The art work and the words are dedicated to and thanks to my friend Lane. 

Thank you girl, for saying Yes!! This piece of art has loads a good wishes for you n your family, and this piece is waiting to get to you!!

For Lane, the shining star⭐️

You were the connecting bond
between hearts,

Till you realized
You were a GLORIOUS HEART yourself

You found the courage to break away
‘you’ tried every mask and attire

Till you realized
The most perfect one was the one you had
Since you knew ‘you’❤️

That glorious heart is nothing but a 
Shining star

A star that guides everyone in its path
Building a loving, better world
That shines light on everyone else around!!


In Love with Life, again n again :)

When I turn around n I see mom waving,
leaving all her work aside, n standing by the window,

to wave out to me

I’ve fallen in love with life- Once Again!!


When I’m really low and depressed,

feeling sad, n a warm, secure hug

drops by me, while I look at him in his eyes

I’ve fallen in love with life- Once Again!!


When a Saturday night, means,either a movie

or TBBT Marathon, very much at home

with my hubby n Addu n loadsa popcorn n ice tea

I’ve fallen in love with life- Once Again!!


When I’m running late, no cabs around,

loads of traffic for company,n yet

I’m at peace with 2 tiny musical plugs in my ears

I’ve fallen in love with life- Once Again!!


When a weekly shuttle to a nearby city

seems like a perfect weekday get away

with me, nature n music- partying aloud

I’ve fallen in love with life- Once Again!!


When I am totally me, saying ‘NO’ to stuff I hate

n suddenly I trick myself, shouting a victorious ‘YES’

n realize, it wasn’t all that bad, how I thought it was

I’ve fallen in love with life- Once Again!!


When my wardrobe’s falling out, with

my room less n more a mess, n I wonder

what’s up with me? n I stop giving it a darn

I’ve fallen in love with life- Once Again!!


When I keep thanking the giver

n bore my readers with my gratitude list

n still can’t stop myself from sharing it

I’ve fallen in love with life- Once Again!!


When my hubby’s work starts pissing me off

n his work life imbalance, gets to my head

n I taunt ‘MEAN’ at him, feeling sorry later n then make up 🙂

I’ve fallen in love with life- Once Again!!


When I realize, I’m super lucky, to have been blessed

with a beautiful family, n loved ones all around

who accept me as I am, n love me for that

I’ve fallen in love with life- Once Again!!


When I’m really worked up with a lot of thrash in my head

n I have, apart from an awesome soulmate,

an amazing place to share it all out,

I’ve fallen in love with life- Once Again!!


When my family, my work, my passion, my blog,

matters to me a lot more than a ‘sour job’ that rained cash

n I feel glad I had loadsa support, to kick it off me,

I’ve fallen in love with life- Once Again!!


When my life, looks too good to be true

n I thank the giver for blessing me time n again

n I remember the price I’ve paid to get here

I’ve fallen in love with life- Once Again!!


When I wonder – Did I ever love my life so much before?

Or is this a new beginning of love for life that I’ve found?

And all that comes to my mind is a Teddy Bear Thanks to the giver 🙂

I’ve fallen in love with life- Once Again!!


Thank you GOD for blessing me every single minute of my life 🙂



Ure very very super special :)

Written on 22nd August 2012- 1.06 am

It’s been (a lil more than) 2 yrs since I’ve known you
N every day I love you more n more
You are indeed very very special
You’re simply so beautiful from the core

Initially, you were silent
While I was the talking one
I thought you were pretty unaware
Of what alls goin on

No!! I was completely n totally wrong
You observed each n everything
Grasping stuff so magically well
Remembering every little teeny weeny thing

You’ve grown from a small little baby
Into such a smart n understanding 2 yr old
I wish I could be with you all d time
Bein away from my sweetiepie is too ice cold

You are so cute n loving,
You make my eyes all moist
I can’t make sense of all you speak
But it simply does bring tons load of joy

I remember how I taught you to celebrate by sayin ‘yesss’
You picked it up pretty immediately
I know ure gonna b super successful some day
Making your mom n dad proud n super jolly

Ure really very very special ‘Anu’
I send u tons of hugs n kisses
Some day wen I have a baby
I know you’l b an amazing sis

You’re so very magical, sweetie
You make everyone fall in love wit you
So lovingly u call  me ‘Pachchi’
I feel sad biddin a gud bye to u

U love to share ur stuff,
and that super amazes me
Not just stuff, u wanna share ‘luv’ too,
Some of my kisses for u n some for your mummy

You love to love everyone
N you love to be loved too
You love to spread the love
With everyone around you

You’re so very understanding n supportive
In times of necessity you let us all trick you
You let us divert your attention away so easily
You’re so innocent n sweet, I just so very much love u

You make ur mom n dad (n all of us) feel so proud
At this young age- already
Can’t imagine how ul make them feel
When ul be on ur own feet n steady

My darling niece Anantika (Anu)
ure such a cute little luvable sweetie
I can continue to write about u,  endless lines
I’m so pretty sure il never get bored, tired or lazy

Il always cherish these beautiful moments
All those that I spent wit u
Ure really a super special sweetheart
N il always continue to super luv u

Ur Shraddhu Pachchi

(Shraddhu Aunty)

Today is just not that day…

My first poem- written on 23rd December 2007

Today is just not that day…

The dark and the ugly,

The charming and the bubbly,

The quiet and the junglee,

Where do they come from?


The gifted and the jinxed,

The lonely ones in the mix,

The dull and the eccentric,

Where do they go?


A spiral or a circle,

Or a never ending line.

Who cares, be it whatever

The Ruler, eternal, is time.


So many bends and Oh! Many roads!

Roaming are we, haplessly in ignorance, who knows

When did we start? Where did we go?

Did we ever stop? We are how old?


Dusty and rusted, sunken heavy souls,

Dying to fly free, excited to unfold,

what ’s grander than any  imagination

The unseen colors, the experience untold.


Where do I stand? Or do I toddle?

I wanna know

How long and how far

Will I have to go?


Did I run, did I fall?

Or did I Simply stand tall?

What exactly did I do?

Did I fail, to hear the call?


Did I try or did I give up?

I wanna know

Why am I here? Please tell me,

Someone tell me where to go?


Thousands of questions,

At whom should I throw?

Answers, will I get?

How much more, older will I grow?


Tired and sick, the journey I wanna break

“TIME PLEASE” can I say, with nothing at stake

I don’t wanna lose, I wanna play this game

I know “I will win”

But today is just not that day……..

Thank God its Monday!

Written on 21st June 2012- 11.15 am

A bright monday morning
Unbelievably pleasant outside

Is something terribly wrong with me?
Y am I so glum inside?

The ringing alarm, dancing to the rhythm, seems unstoppabbly loud
My orange toothbrush is eagerly waiting, to clean an unbathed crowd

The buckets in my bathroom ,welcome me, they seem uselessly excited
The health conscious shower is gleamingly happy, sweating through his jet

The green lemony soap seemingly fresh, is eager to get reduced
The strawberry red facewash, is not at all angry, makes me all the more confused

The tall blue shampoo, smelling so great is totally at ease
Knows no competition, returns smiles to the conditioner, looking pleased

My colourful towel, soft n vibrant is eager n excited, all set
Not for a sunny relaxing day outside, but waiting to get all wet

My yellow comb, I thought was sleepy- is really wide awake
It’s jumping to go for it’s morning walk, through my hair that’s rough n astray

The shirts in my wardrobe, creased n fit are all shouting out to me
‘Pick me’ ‘Wear me’ is all I hear
Are they dumb – to not stay at home, may be they wanna flee free

The trousers are no different , they’re so eager to be quick picked
Looks like it’s their lucky day they are looking forward to the trip

My socks r jumping out of the drawer, I wish I could get rid of them somehow
My shoes are also singing out loud, ‘Aren’t we getting late, come on let’s get out’

The kettle on the table is waiting for it’s stretch, all warmed up n ready
The yellow mug, not at all lazy, knows soon it’s gonna rain ‘tea’

The slices of bread are so innocent, they’re excited to get burnt
The toaster plays the villain here, welcoming them as though its home

The peanut butter n the mixed fruit jam – are they at loggerheads
‘Not at all’ is what they’re saying, ‘We r just eagerly waiting to get spread’

When the brown bread is so excited, for nothing else but to get consumed
Why on earth am I fuming, all I ve to do is just get tuned

So here i am, Tuning in to the excitement n just letting myself loose
Why on earth should I feel wary n weird, Its time to kick off the Monday blues

Yay- it’s Monday 🙂


Matter of Choice

Written on 28th October, 2011

Which side do you choose to see?

Eyes see a picture- incomplete and lacking
Ears hear a story- unsaid and underlying
Heart feels a mystery- of doubt and mistrust
And lo behold!! The world is so unworthy and unjust!

Poor lil soul in a troubled atmosphere
Screaming for help in ‘the now & the here’
Yearning for peace- within or without
Hunting around for- it knows not what?

Sorrowful & sad, who to blame?
Heartless lord putting the world to shame!
Why on earth to live and die?
For Tragic endings or the hall of fame?

Live for that beauty tats going unnoticed
Die for the luv that somehow exists
Live for the completeness- hiding in the ‘have’s
Don’t die in the hope of the ‘not have’s & ‘must have’s

The story is blissful- hear what is said
Look at the picture- much bigger and perfect
The mystery will vanish, the minute you shed
your cynical glasses and skeptical glares

It’s not such a bad world, it’s the look that deceives
It’s not really beautiful, as much as the beholder believes
Bad or beautiful, choice is yours
You are the master, of your life afterall

So don’t cry, and don’t blame
Poor lord -joining parts in the frame
It’s ur life, take charge of the reigns
And make it- if not worth dying for , atleast worth the crave

It’s your life- make it your way!

Written on: 9th jan 08

Did you ever feel like knowing what is behind those beautiful hills?

Did you ever figure out, whats there in you which the mirror misses?


The sun always stood so obvious,shining so bright

but did you ever bother to appreciate the ever-changing moon light?


Listening to music? Who does not!

but did you ever hear nature talk?


Conversations with nature are no more special,

have you ever listened to the silence, unstopped?


The rainbow always seemed so enticing

Did you notice the dark clouds?


While the flowers in the bouquet stole all the attention,

the poor green fillers were jus a crowd


The beautiful shades of brown N the unending strips of blue

Made the sunset a memorable view


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder that’s what they say,

n true it is, Else the setting sun Would not have so many spectators, all its way!


As usual the obvious is observed

N the subtle is always ignored


All praises 4 the destinations unique

Does anyone even remember the rough and the rugged roads?


If you wish to fade out then carry on hey gal,

If NO comes your answer, then take a vow right now


The back drop wont go unnoticed,the chorus wont blur away

The twinkling stars will grab the eyes,even on a bright full moon day.


Are u scared dear gal 2 march across this unconventional way

Jus pull your heart n touch your soul N you’l hear them loudly say


Tat all means lead to one The invisible almighty great

Jus listen to your own truth N make your life your way!!