A guest post: Father ❤️

Here’s the first of many guest posts by my cousin bro, Gautam Basrur❤️🎁here it goes:

They say “God could not be everywhere @ the same time so he made mothers.”
When we dwell in that wonderful thought, we forget that there is a guy outside, who is battling the storms of different sorts in the world. Not only he does that with valor, but he makes sure he provides his child with not only the very blanket of warmth but also a secured future. 

We like to see more of love around us, bestow us with it as much as we can. No one wants to think about the hardships in life. 
A son’s first superhero, a woman’s first love & a person who strives hard to make a mark for himself and also for his family – A Father is as important as much as a mother. 

Window girl

She sat there looking at everyone. Guys doing about their jobs. School girls giggling over some secrets. Cars buzzing by. Cats fighting over the remainder of the fish that the ‘koli’ woman left behind.

The tiny window was a lot more to her. She sat there, looking out for hours. Jumping into the lives of everyone she saw, spinning stories about their day, guessing their emotions!

Her heart just felt happy as she sat there, as if it was her day job! A job she loved❤️

So determined and at it, as if it paid her, her dues.

It was her window out into the real big world! A world that was pleasant. A life that was worth living❤️

Art, the savior!

I find art to be my best buddy when I am stressed and need a vent!

It’s pure, lets you be and the best part- doesn’t judge you at all. You can do whatever with whichever resources youve got at your finger tips…be it your thoughts or colors, or blank sheets of beautiful art paper or fine tip pens, a cone filled with henna or for that matter your voice, perhaps anything around you that creates sounds, a camera perhaps..

Name it and it kinda offers you solace. Your own private corner, to be,do and feel whatever you wanna express.

It’s not the destination, rather it’s the journey that’s destressing. The end result can be anything, it may even be incomplete..

The joy lies only in the expression 🙂