@Energy Art

Energy Art is Authentic Art!

~art that doesn’t need any training

~art that is fun

~art that is created flexibly, with any resources that are available 

~art that doesn’t necessarily have to appear ‘good’

~ art that isn’t created to ‘please eyes’ but to ‘ease eyes’

~ art that is created to express rather than to impress

~ art that is ‘allowed’ rather than ‘forced’ 

~ art that is created after setting intentions for the receiver of the piece

~ art that grounds a powerful feeling of trust, that come what may, we are safe and all is well! 

~ art that endorses, every piece is a master piece (irrespective of the opinions of others) just like we are..

~ art that is fearless, and is ‘just ‘be’ing’

~ art that shifts energy, as it allows the artist to let go, in powerful and unexplainable ways

Check out some of Aryaa’s energy art works below:

This purple beauty above, was created with an intention of letting go all the emotions of failure, expectations of being perfect,release of all the pressure of expecting life to be in a particular way!

This art piece is titled: Life s(n)ee(a)king out. (Life seeking /sneaking out)

The art piece above is titled: The Artist’s Dilemma

The intention behind this piece, was to support artists (me ;-)) to remember that at any time, we are faced with the choices of Violet or Red! Violet stands for the connection we artists have with art, Red being the need to be materialistically stable. We can choose any one or both at any time. Being aware of the choices, makes an energy shift instantly, as against being pulled by them subconsciously.

The work titled above: Leaf (life) over gold..

It was created for the kaka who makes frames for each of my works! The intention behind this piece, was for each of us to know the real value of life, that cannot be described in numbers or gold..

He realizes the value of art n was touched by the gesture of me making one for him! It’s intended to bring him more n more prosperity as each day grows..

This one above, titled : The mine of Gold, was created for a very beautiful family❤️ The intention behind this painting was to support this beautiful family,and shower them with best wishes as they start a new chapter in a new home.

This one (above) titled ‘worthy’❤️ was gifted to a very beautiful woman🎁

It now hangs in a beauty parlour, with the perfect intention of supporting every woman in realizing her true worth! It intends to strengthen the self esteem n release any judgment they hold towards  their appearances.

It’s powerful❤️🎁 

This one above titled: Unbroken, was created with a unique intention of being able to choose gratitude over finding our faults. It was created with an intention of choosing fullness over lack.

The entire story with each layer of the painting as it was created can be read here.

The art created above has yet to find itself an owner!! Titled: the crazy connectors❤️

The intention behind this one was to support all those people who have desires that sometimes don’t make sense. Like travelling the world, making a difference, etc..

The truth is that by pursuing all these desires, the world is indeed becoming more n more beautiful.

The one above, titled: stained by love, is intended to be gifted to a beautiful girl!! She’s yet to agree. If not, it will stay open to other people that fit in the intention ❤️

The intention behind this art piece was of releasing judgment! We suspend all our beliefs that hold others wrong, thus seeing the beauty of the person n the situation..

The one above, is titled: The sunshine within 🎁 n I’ve created this one for my most beautiful gift in the whole wide big world, my son Ekaansh🎁

The intention here was for him to realize that his light is even stronger n powerful than the sun, even if he looks as tiny as a small flower. His energetic imprint is where his power lies 🙂

The art work above is titled ‘energy of a tribe‘! It symbolizes harmony and reliance that exists between a tribe! Aryaa gifted this one to her friend Nicole from Florida❤️🎁
   Energy Art created for Aryaa's friend (grand father)

The art work above was created as a gift for Aryaa’s newly found gift of a friend! It was made for ‘Dadoo’

The art work above was created as a gift for Aryaa’s cousin Anuja as a good luck totem for her move to Canada!

The art work above was created with a strong intention of strengthening the root chakra, which signifies the connection to earth (prosperity and purpose)

This was a gift to one of Aryaa’s brothers, Nikhil❤️

The art work above was created with an intention of strengthening of the Heart Chakra! It also signifies releasing of Judgment (that’s crucial for coaches and healers) 

The art work above was created to signify a strong purpose with our divine self! It strengthens the crown chakra.

It was also a gift from Aryaa to one of her brothers, Nikhil❤️

If any of you, wanna create Energy Art, this post is for you!!