Brand ‘Intuned’ is Aryaa Akshay’s intention, to be in tune with her inner, highest self!

N when she is Intuned, she is being her authentic self. 

What she does when she is Intuned:

~ creates Energy Art. (Art created specially for people, infusing powerful intentions with it so that it brings energy shifts to the people and their families receiving the art)

~ writes inspiration for others, so they can be Intuned to their highest self

~ follows every impulse that she feels ( from creating a gift of art for a random stranger she barely knows to sharing her piece of chocolate with the stranger cabbie)

~ creates more energy art

~ trusts in the well being of this planet

~ offers loads of gratitude 

~ blogs on her blogging space (ibelivetoday.wordpress.com)

~ watches movies and rates them on IMDb 

~ listens to loads a music.
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Cheers to more of this world being Intuned!!!