What is Intuned?

Intuned : the word means to be in tune with!

Brand Intuned, is created with an intention of supporting others in feeling ‘Intuned’ with themselves.

There are times, we have no idea what is happening in our life. We seem to be running after goals that don’t make sense or at times seem un reachable. We seem to be running all the time. We don’t know why? 

On weekdays we’re running to work, on weekdays running away from work! Our life has gotten reduced to running.

We @Intuned, wish for you, to feel aligned with your life. We wish for you to be contented and joyous, healthy and youthful.

So how do we make sure of that?

Currently, we do it through Energy Art! We assist you in creating a masterpiece (your unique painting) that serves intentions you choose to set!

Intentions for more peace, intentions for feeling stress free, intentions for release of neagativity and more like these.

If you feel like something seems amiss in your life, this is a must try!

Reach out to us for more information!!