Hello lovelies!

My name is Aryaa Akshay and I am a multi passionate entrepreneur 😊

What do I do for a living? How about living my life in the most authentic manner..

Hmmm which means???

Which means, I allow myself to pursue every passion I have.

I am a writer, an energy artist, an internationally certified passion coach, a trainer (in the making), a movie enthusiast, a random photographer, a bathroom singer, a lover of languages, an engineer, a mom, a wife, a daughter but mostly 

I’m me!!! 

This is my world! This is how I inspire, how I express myself in every which way that seems fit at that hot moment..

I express through words well, but my most favourite form of expression is through art!

You can check out my work on fb page Intuned:-)

A variety of inspiration is here in the form of my art works, quotes, an inventory of blog posts, my fav clicks..

It takes true guts to live a life, that breathes life into every activity that gives you joy!! 

Im here to inspire you to follow your joy, however tiny or huge it is! 

I believe my life purpose is to constantly allow myself to be whoever I am, irrespective of whether or not the people around get me!! They won’t get me, cuz who would love to be a jack of all trades…

Answer to that is ME!!!

I am happily living my life being a jack of all the trades that gimme joy!

N if you need inspiration to do the same, be my guest!!

Enjoy the blog site!