Birthday post/ a milestone musing / celebrating 35♥️

Something magical about August!

Is it cuz I was born in August, or simply cuz it’s called August??

N as I walk the cusp of 34 into 35, my childish urges only grow bigger..

From forcing my kid to share his chocolates with me (cuz I consider myself to be a kid) to playing hide n seek with gusto, to refusing to grow up… its really a long list you know..

N with each passing year, I only seem to grow young at heart.. I consider myself younger than my four year old n admit to being his best student, n he my best teacher so far..

I take pride in being called ‘Flaky’ cuz is really anything serious going on here?? Other than the fact, that I have only myself to pull up for the way I have lived my life??

N I realise it’s all about ‘play’!!!

My son demonstrates it cuz the second he opens his eyes in the morning, he wants to play.. n the minute he is done with his ‘more powerful (read shorter) than the noon time power nap’ he is all set to…. PLAY..

N as I hurry him after school, so as to quickly reach Home (why the hell???) he pulls my hand audaciously only to stop me, as he visually relishes the front tyres of the red bus going on the speed breaker ‘dhubuk dhubuk’ n then slowly the back tyres making the transition..

It’s a big deal for him!!! N he has to stop by and enjoy it..

I realise he is so tuned in all the time, and me as a parent though guilty of innocently disrupting his flow, (thanks to my being out of tune) we get each other like no one else..

I feel lucky to be able to see things his way!

N I feel lucky that I am adamant n stubborn about the world not telling me how to live my life.. cuz in that moment of rebellion is when my son’s soul touches me the most..

N though asking that for myself is much easier than helping my son find his voice for the same, I’m pretty sure he will not feel afraid to ask whenever it’s time..

Whoa!!! 35 must have done something to me!!!


~ aryaa

Soul searching experience with movies

Do you like to watch a movie all by yourself 🤔

I just love the process of watching movies! It’s like a sacred ritual for me..

Especially when I go to the movies alone..

It’s like my time to watch a work of art, without putting a single thought towards anyone’s pure connection..

That’s y Netflix n hotstar n prime vídeo are like my buddies, churning out great titles one after the other..

I feel so grateful that passionate artists create cinema, pitting their hearts into writing n then portraying characters just so we, the audience can reach unwandered depths of our core..

Just love cinema n whoever invented it!!

Which are your fav titles, that are a must watch you recommend??

My list if I have to come down to say three titles, I’d say The way way back, Love per square foot n Flipped!

I enjoyed all three n though there are so many on my list of recos, il say I’m happy with these..

So Would you go to the movies all by yourself??

Which movie would you really watch on your solo movie watching experience ??

Signing off


Signs 🌺

It’s weird but signs are a sign of where you’re headed..

There are times when I’m feeling stupid, my head is filled with silly wasted thoughts, n I find myself stumbling upon a dead rat or some dead lizard or something obnoxious..

N there are times when I’m feeling easy n light, I catch an original glimpse of parrots snacking together or heart shaped pebbles on my way or smiling strangers or a flower sign on a manhole cover..

Flowers are a strong sign for me that I am easy n heading towards good stuff..

Haha I know it’s just three lines intersecting at the center, but the way I see it, it’s a flower that has loads of blossom potential 😍

What signs do you see? What signs are the signs giving you??

Signing off ♥️ may you find loads of happy signs

~ आर्या

Trace backs!

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to trace back some of the most wonderful events/ incidents/ beginnings..

To actually be able to say, this point in time is where ‘it’ started..

my love for swimming started here! By this wonderful natural salts water pool in floating leaf resort, Bali ♥️

Also the ‘stretch’ of stuff I would do solo, began here.. my first solo trip ever..

The strength to be oneself, irrespective of how others see you… that too started here…

Only cuz I ‘scaringly’ allowed myself to be a part of an amazing retreat where I was the only Indian amidst 13 soul searching coaches.. Oh my! Where did that one solo trip get me..

Leaps n bounds in my brash journey of being me..

I might regret millions of words said / unsaid, goals set/ unset, ambitions discussed/ given up , promises made n unkept, friendships made n forgotten, or whatever..

One promise I’ve always kept!!!

My promise of being true to who I am..

Allowing myself to be happily unstable, in this set n stable world, all cuz my heart loves the unpredictable rhythm of itself ♥️

It’s tough to explain to others why you’re being you!!

It’s darn easy to just be YOU, without explanations…

N that for me, started here.. at this baby blog site ♥️

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to trace back some of the most wonderful events/ incidents/ beginnings..

♥️ aryaa


Nostalgia is such an emotion!

I wonder if it takes us back in time or puts us right into our heart ♥️ through moments that took it away in the first place..

Throwbacks in reality bring us into the present.. by charting their ways to it..

A reminder of love filled moments..

A reminder that we have loads to be grateful about ..

Where does your heart go, when it goes down the memory lane??

Replaceable ‘best’ ♥️

Every time I watch a fantastic movie or get a fab hair cut, or fall in love with a music track or click a selfie that I love, or go on a vacation, i feel like this is the best one so far..

Especially with hair cuts!! I tell myself I’m gonna keep this one for a while..

N then eventually in an impulse I get my hair cut again n I’m in love with it ♥️

Same with movies! I make this ‘in my head list’ of my fav movies n the latest one I’ve watched (n loved) gets to the top of the list eventually to be replaced by another great flick..

I just love how impermanence can move one to better n better stuff..

Movies n good swim days,

Hair cuts n nail color,

Selfies n ‘chance’ captures,

Puzzles and art,

Tracks that touch my core!!!!

I wonder what’s my next hop gonna be ♥️

Ps: Hasee toh phasee is the most underrated movie I’ve watched so far..

N I love whoever made Netflix 😍

N ‘Love per square foot’ captures the essence of Mumbai, with simplicity n with the most beautifully put characters ♥️

N hmmmm over n out for now

~ aryaa

The endless string of breakthroughs

I used to deeply believe, that breakthroughs are a magical point in time, crossing of which, changes life utterly n delightfully..

N I used to wait for my breakthrough!

I have felt it in my heart a million times as if I’m on this side of a breakthrough, certain and eagerly waiting for life to change..

N I’ve wondered why the breakthrough evades me, whenever I’m close..

Kinda realised today, it’s never one single point in time. Life has potential to get better, our every waking n sleeping minute..

It’s like a series of breakthroughs.. every next one better than the previous..

And the changes might be minuscule n yet when they pile up over a week or a month or a year or a decade, they’re just too big!!

All we got to do is notice them!! Notice how life is better today than yesterday..

We kinda get so harsh on ourselves at times, not realising no one is keeping our records..

it’s just us! We like to keep records of how successful we are…as if failures never taught anyone anything ..


Everything we face in life helps us get better!

The sadness, the grief, the loneliness or failure, losing important stuff , or sometimes our dear people, depression, our inability to believe in ourselves..

Everything leads us towards our true power!!

N simply knowing this, is a breakthrough!

It makes life worth living..

Worth looking forward to..

Each one of us has different purposes in life!

For some it’s their responsibility, for some it’s family, for some it’s ambition..

For kids.. the purpose of life is simply having fun and filling everyone with joy..

Really doesn’t matter..

What matters is in our own ways, all of us realising how beautiful life can get if we just allow it to be so..

It’s an endless string of breakthroughs really♥️

The ocean : my fav

The ocean is one of my fav places. The sound of the waves just ropes me in!!

It has the potential to center me, leaving me feeling grounded n yet there is a lightness and high of a flight..

The ebb and flow of the ocean syncs with my ebb and flow..

It’s weird to believe that the calming ocean that eases everyone experiencing it, also has the potential to get turbulent and destroy everyone manoeuvring it..

It’s just like me!! N maybe like you n everyone else..

When we’re grounded and centered, we have the potential to create endless joy for everyone experiencing us..

N when we’re disconnected from ourselves, stress suddenly becomes our turbulent companion, annoying our loved ones or sometimes even destroying our n their peace..

The ocean is my fav place..

Any time of the day or night, simply tuning into the sounds of the waves gets me into my own rhythm..

Thanks to technology, I have an app that has a looped video of the ebb n flow of the waves, with the sounds..

N it instantly transports me into the calm of my soul..

The ocean is my fav place in this world!!

The story of one’s life!?

How do you tell the story of your life??


Does the story end in your now??

Or does it carry on into the future?!


Is it a story full of regrets and obstacles?!

Or is it a story of enthusiasm, and picking up from what’s left?!


Is the story full of opportunities and happy twists?!

Or is it a dark story with painful turns?!


Is it about how you overcame the millions of difficulties?!

Or is it a saga of ease and surfing through?!


Is it a story to win hearts of millions?!

Or is it a story of following your heart?!


Is it a story of dedication and effort?!

Or is it one of spontaneity and change?!


What kinda story would you tell

as the story of your life?!


Would it be a fun story or a happy one?!

Or may be a thriller that kinda keeps you on the edge?!


Would it be exciting or new?!

Or is it a faithful, loyal story of following the rules?!


How would you describe the story of your life?!


Would you be the protagonist of your story?!

Or you choose life to hold the reigns?!


Who is the antagonist in your story?!

And who wins?!


Does the story have ‘a happily ever after’

Or is it a work in progress..


How would you describe the story of your life?!

N do you like your story?!