My brick wall!

I’ve always desired to have one ‘brick wall’ in my home that’s not painted or styled or even white washed..

Just as is!

Cuz in our life however we grow n keep adding stuff to our belongings, our life is this brick wall..

Vulnerable, plain n beautiful, holding together this big life of ours..however beautiful it appears when styled with posh stuff, when it crumbles everything comes down..

I wanna remind myself that life is beautiful thanks to my spirit : the brick wall!

The beauty at the core..

The vulnerability n plainness..

Accepting itself as is, with no fake thrills n frills..

Just the way it is..

N this below is my brick wall..

It is more than what it appears!

It is the space for beautiful creations, beauties infinite times it’s size..

It’s the space where I write.. stuff that’s so deep .. no amount of space can describe it..

This brick wall , my studio …does justice to it!

Simple, stained with the high vibrations of inspiration n coloured with love..

I clean it as much as I can n what wishes to stay, just stays..

The stains are As welcome as my paintings..

Just cuz it appears this way don’t judge it!

It’s just as pure as the divine 🎁

I love my studio n offer gratitude for it, declutter it as frequently as possible.. n sip my tea here..

It’s in the small things that the depth of life is felt..


There is something inside of me, that no one can take away. I cannot be robbed of it ever, no one can borrow it. 

I, however can choose to give it to others, n yet it doesn’t leave me! The more I give away..the more of it remains..

N this is the true treasure I should be worrying about..or rather NOT worrying about.

Cuz it’s a done deal! It’s with me, I can give it yet not lose it. It will never leave me, n it only grows every time I give it…

Wow!!! Isn’t this true abundance???

It’s everywhere around me…

– the comfort I have in wearing the same blue shrug every single day..people may take the shrug, but this feeling of being okay with whatever I wear n look good in it- untakeable..

– the confidence that my art is the best I could ever create.. I can sell my art, but this confidence just keeps growing… N stays with me. Becomes me

– the trust that I could never get lost in a new city/ unknown place.. I could be really lost, yet the safe feeling of being home.. WOW!!!

Love this time of my life. Continuous ups n downs. Every low brings a high, n every high is followed by a low…

Isn’t this what I wished for!

Being on the edge.. Struggling with the idea of who I am.. Facing it every single moment..

The struggle was always there! It was just that I didn’t know it was what I desired..

I know it now. N embrace the struggle.. Cuz it’s my eye witness that I’m living life king size..

Exploiting it to the max..

I’m here now, on the other side of the breakthrough..


It’s underrated!! Completely.. Cuz it’s free n can be multiplied irrespective of resources available..
Cuz It’s too good for our health, and it adds years to our life..
Cuz It’s spreads faster than a virus, can be sensed and detected by pets, and other living beings..
Cuz It’s in harmony with nature..
Cuz it doesn’t cause any stress or problems, for us to worry about n the solution makers leaves them out of work..

Yeah!! JOY!!

It’s underrated..

The focus of generations after generations is survival??? seriously??? 
I thought we were covered there..even the animals in the circle of life know the fittest survive..
We are Human BEings..Survival isn’t why we chose earth?.
We chose earth to push our limits, our boundaries, to know our true power..

But the easiest way to do that was to find our JOY!!

Our JOY!!!
No one ever asked me to follow joy. I see my kid doing exactly that..

How come he knows it so easily n I don’t?? Well, now I do!!

Is it really such a tough question, or it’s too boring?? 

Why don’t we ask ourselves what brings us JOY?? N do what does..

If we start doing a few things that bring us joy, regularly.. It’s easier to find joy in everything..

It really is that simple!

There’s no answer as to why something brings us joy..

Sitting on the swing? Watching movies? Making music? Cooking? Writing? Partying? Hosting parties? Studying? Teaching?

Project management? Website designing?? Any designing?? Craft?? Driving??? Photography? Business?? Managing human resources?? Any resources???

Where is your JOY?

Let me ask you, to please find it!! Let us be a generation that trusts that things work out, life is easy, life is abundant and joy is everywhere ..or atleast where we know we will find it..

It’s not tough!! It really is easy..❤️

Treasure Hunt!

Couple of times each day,
We’re lucky enough 
for the treasure to confront us

Couple of times each day,
the treasure is stubborn enough
to get our attention

couple of times each day,
this treasure is right there around us
for a change, not going unnoticed

couple of times each day,
we’re aligned with what we’re seeking
n its ours already

couple of times each day
we shine our brightest, n glow effervescently

Couple of times each day
We have won the battle already
N are rejoicing with our victory dance

Couple of times each day
We ARE who we came to be..As if life showcased it’s glorious trailer

If couple of times each day
Could turn into couple of hours each day, n couple of days each week..

the illusion would fall apart
leaving pure light to shine
n then nothing would matter♥️🎁


Life seeking / sneaking out!!

Life isn’t when were rehearsing ourselves to boredom, 
in order to get it right..
It is when we’re willing to look at it in the eye,
even when it reads ‘work in progress’

Life isn’t when we’re tightly wrapping it in layers after layers, 
Almost strangling it, under the pretext of gifting it to some one else..
It is when we’re willing to see the present it offers
even when it doesnt look like one

Life isn’t when we were scared 
that we may goof up
Life is when we goof up really bad, 
n still feel okay..

Life is NOW! Exactly the way it is, unprepared ..without make up.. 

Willing to let it out??

life seeks you…let it!!!!

Violet or Red?

I’ve been super eager to paint this piece titled ‘the artist’s dilemma’

Violet or Red?

Violet – colour of the crown chakra ..

the chakra that’s located a lil above our head, signifies our connection with source / god/ our highest self

Also, every artist who enjoys art has a strong (Violet) crown chakra.

Red – colour of the root chakra

The chakra that’s located at our tail bone, signifies our connection with earth

This chakra signifies short, the material aspect of our life.

It’s strange, Violet colour is composed of Red!!

So what’s your pick??