A Poll question : for you to answer 😊

If you had two choices :

1. To get everything you have ever desired and more, working your way through hard work and continuous effort

2. To get everything you have ever desired and more, easily and effortlessly

Which option would you choose??

I am not asking you WHY you choose what you choose.

Only asking you which option would you choose!!

Simply comment below your option (1 or 2) if you know your choice ♥️

Thank you in advance for participating ♥️

~ Aryaa

Lets Own A Goal :)

I’ve read this cliched number of times that for being successful, one needs to organise oneself around GOALS!! Goals to which one can get committed to, and  that are attainable and realistic.

What happens if we don’t own a goal? Is it really important to have Goals? Lets just start with “What is a Goal?” Dictionary.com defines : A Goal is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed

Our Goals are actually pointers of what’s most important to us in our life!! Areas that we feel passionate about but yet, unable to dip ourselves into, lie in the form of untouched, ignored Goals!! In the absence of Goals,we breed a feeling that we are living a life, we actually don’t live. Our life is not fully a life of our choice!!

When do we sincerely make choices? We seriously CHOOSE only when we know that the outcome of our choice matters the most to us. There is a lot at stake in such choices for ex: choice of a profession, choice of a particular stream of education, choice of your life partner and so on

Making the right choice becomes easier when we orient ourselves around a goal! Our choices and their outcomes get the right perspective when they are evaluated in presence of a goal.

The game of football, hockey revolve around this word goal, with players synergising their efforts towards making a goal. All of us here are also playing this game of life! The risk of playing this game without knowing our goal is that we end up running helter skelter till our time is up, and we are totally unaware about our performance! How can we evaluate ourself if we have no goal?

So let’s own goals! Goals energise! Goals motivate! And im a live example here!!

Getting up at 6.30 am, within a second after hearing my alarm was a GOAL I had set in the year 2000!! It took me 12 years to sleep on my goal & one single day to decide-

“This is my life, I will not allow anyone to ruin it, NOT EVEN MY OWN SELF” & here i am!! Blogging at 7.57 am 🙂 after attending a teleclass from 6.30 to 7.30 am 🙂

Since 11th March 2012, Im getting up at 6.30 am & I will continue to do so!! This is my first stepping stone in my Journey of living a life of my dreams!!

I celebrated this achievement,a week back,  in all my teleclasses, in front of my peers from all across the globe!! (At International Coach Academy- its a ritual to announce your wins in front of a virtual class, connected thru telephone/web). And i was ecstatic to share this simple yet most meaningful achievement!!! 🙂

And you know how i feel?

WOWWWW!! Finally- Im In Charge 🙂