Time for fb rehab??

I’m feeling terrible, sad, happy, excited, lucky, annoyed …….
I’m reading, drinking, eating, listening,….blah blahing….
I’m liking, sharing, commenting, posting….

So many options to choose from!!
Just yesterday I was telling my hubby that I feel horrible observing the amount of time I’m using fb…

And im feeling dependent on something so hollow 😦 everytime I have some mins off, I’m on fb…

When I’m free, I’m surfing fb..

Omg: I’m sick and bored of the fact that I’m losing control to such stuff..

Fb isn’t a blessing or a curse!! It’s an opportunity to make connections

Now depends how or how much we use it and how much we let it impact our life..

Signing off #feeling determined – lol

Ps: this blog post is intended to be my expression !! Any judgment held towards me can be done so at ur own risk 🙂