The gift 🎁 

When your heart calls out to you, to follow a trail that you have no clue about,believe me, you’re about to be showered with the gift of pure love ..

Not from outside you but from within!!

When you dig your hands into sand making sand castles, or play in the rain, or look at a pet n know the emotion deeply beyond words, it’s your own being showering you with pure love!!

When you talk to plants n flowers n tune into their energy, or smile at a stranger, or look at sunshine, you will know this immense feeling of love shining from within!!

If you have ever immersed yourself into any kind of art, or music or dance or anything close to it, you will know this feeling!!

It’s the gift of life! The gift of being aligned to your inner being who never has an emotion (forget thoughts or words) against you!!


Celebrating the high!!

Watching a great movie, always (and I mean seriously, every single time) puts me in a happy place. I am called to blog and express gratitude.

An answer to a question I asked Siri ❤️

I wonder why did they make movies? The guy who had the idea of making a movie, I wonder what made him jump to this idea. Did he know, I was sitting here in his future sending him love n good wishes for doing so..

I love movies! Sometimes I actually consider the career of a movie critic, who would watch movies for a job. I love movies! There is great power in art, to bring the influence of an intention. And movies reach out to the masses..

Be it entertainment, or art films, foreign films or local films, the medium is powerful. Like every art. Movies have great power..

So which movie did I watch today : Badrinath ki dulhaniya ( badrinath’s bride)

N what a movie!!!! Comedy, romance, chemistry, emotions.. Entertaining as hell. 

If watching movies lightens us all up, I wonder why we don’t watch them too frequently.

I’m such a happy soul! We live opposite to a studio ( where movies have been shot in the past, even though not much happens now) n the street we live on is named after the legendary Dada Saheb Phalke whose passion was movies. And we live so close to an awesome movie theatre..

Wonder if it’s the vibes of this place that drive me crazy on such nights when I’m returning from watching an awesome movie..

The streets are dull n yet I’m super alive. Thanking my stars for giving me everything I need.

I would love to be associated with an influential, emotions recharging, change bringing movie.. I would love to be responsible in the creation of it, for playing a part, however big or small in shifting the way people think n feel..

Yeah❤️ I’d love that!!

I say stuff like this, when I’m high from an extraordinary movie!! Or from an extraordinary piece of art that I’ve created ..or when I’m writing ‘vulnerable n flowing from the heart’ kinda stuff..or when my child showers me with endless love..

Yeah!! I love my life!! 

Alignment trumps everything❤️

3 reasons why Barter of Services is gonna make a big comeback

In a world, I envision and intend to be a part of, bartering of services (like the prime age) is gonna be the IN thing😍

Here are the top 3 reasons behind this happening:

1. When two overflowing cups pour into each other, the contents easily fall out, sharing themselves with the rest: 

Even though I charge a monetary value to the service I offer, the money has a very limited value as compared to my service. When my client chooses to pay me back in an equivalent offer of another service, the value of the services get multiplied ❤️

Both parties receive much more than the limited value of money! The effect of this energy exchange is both miraculous and magical❤️

The two overflowing cups, over fill each other n fall onto the rest, creating a dominos effect❤️

2. The future holds endless possibilities for magic, not for money:

The manifestation process very well works for everything under the sun, including money. Yet, money is just a part n not the whole.

When we at Intuned, dream of an energy shift, we see more n more artists, dreamers, photographers, dancers,musicians, singers, n other such ‘currently coined as non commercial’ professionals, to live a life of alignment.

Which means their dreams become possibilities. Not dreams of simply making money, but dreams of changing lives through their work. And as they do that, they go along making money. The reverse ( that they make their life, as they follow money) never works! 

Such dreamers know the possibilities hidden in dreams as opposed to the limited value of money. Bartering will be a universal choice❤️😍

3. The universe creates abundance with ease!

In bartering, the energy we radiate is that of trust!

We may not know the value of the service being bartered, in terms of the benchmark (money) yet we trust it’s the best❤️🎁

We believe, even though we may not receive money, we are receiving better than money. And this belief of abundance n ease goes out to create more money n more services..

It’s the best deal really❤️

Bartering is IN❤️

Mark the words❤️❤️❤️

Not settling for less, are we?

When I chose Civil Engineering as my career, I was 18 years old. I was allowed to make a choice yet that freedom didn’t help much. I was confused, not sure if that was the right field for me. During the 4 year course, I did well, scored well, my professors liked me,I enjoyed the subjects and had a beautiful group of friends!!

But at the end of the course, I wasn’t sure if I’d love to work in the technical field.

Does this happen with our generation? We aren’t like our dads or granddads, (not mentioning grandmoms or moms cuz back then they weren’t working) who pursued one course and then stuck to it and excelled at it.

We want more out of life. We don’t stop where we got to, we ask questions, we see if we can tweak stuff to suit our needs!!

As parents, they may have found it weird or kinda inconsistent, must have worried them cuz their child’s future seems blurry!

But for us, I can tell you, our future is great! Believe me!

Demanding more, asking for more is good 🙂

After Engineering, I did Construction Management, so I could get into the training dept. (HR) of a Construction Company..n four years of work was the limit of tolerance

I quit my job in the Training field, cuz that hectic life was frustrating! I must have laughed at myself (n cried too) cuz I’d given up such a well paying job, for what? I dint even know for what.

Now, I don’t regret it. Not even a minuscule bit of an atom!!

Sometimes all we got to do is allow ourselves to feel trapped! Cuz that feeling takes us to freedom. That trapped up- ness allows us to jump into something more joyful.

it allows us to think for ourselves rather than like our folks or the world..

Thanks to the ‘wrong’ choices of careers I made, today I have a job I love, a job that not only pays me well but gives me the choice of working when I have to as against working every day as a rule, a job where 100% job satisfaction is the bare minimum & the perks – a life that is aligned to my values, a life that has me spend a lot of time with my son, a life where I love my work, a life where I get to change the world 🙂

If you are willing not to settle for less, please applaud yourself for that choice!!


For the sake of this world..

What does ‘Passion’ mean to me?

I call myself a Passion Coach & I do so very proudly! Not the ‘Pride has a fall’ pride, but ‘it fills my heart with pride’ pride 🙂

I didn’t know what passion was, until I knew, what the absence of passion was! Absence of passion, made me struggle for more than 8 years, made me feel depressed, made me feel a significant loss of energy, made me feel like I’m operating in ‘AUTO MODE’ all the time, made me feel ‘useless’

N now, my passion energizes me! It creates energy in moments when I’m drop dead ‘TIRED’, it allows me to create opportunities where none exist & most importantly, it makes me feel important & I feel a strong sense of “I contribute to the well being of this world”

So what are my passions?

~ I love writing & this blog is my passion 🙂

~ I love supporting people to align their passions with their career/ life & my job is now my passion

~ Being with my family & my ‘fun family’ time – is my passion

~ Being very creative n spontaneous is my passion

~ Capturing nature n its beauty is my passion & my galleria is proof of that 😉

~ Seeing the divine in music, feeling an internal connection with myself thru music -is my passion

So knowing all my passions, what do you think passion means for me!!

Light @ the end of the tunnel – This is how my passion makes me shine 🙂

Its just a beautiful feeling, where I can see my inner self shining! I can hear my soul smiling n giggling 🙂 This feeling, drives me to stretch myself, this feeling gives me pure joy, pure bliss..

My passion disconnects me with my materialistic self! My passion never asks me, how much will you earn from this, cuz in return it gives me so much of pure bliss, that money can never ever even dream of doing

My passion drives me to believe, that I’l do my best to support all those who choose to live a life of purpose, a life of value n a life of alignment!! Alignment with their inner self, alignment with their dreams 🙂

This is the power of my passion!! What does Passion mean for you? What power does it give you?

If you want to explore what Passion means to you, we could have a chat 🙂 Feel free to connect with me🙂

signing off with some food for thought!



PS- Sharing my intention of writing a book on ‘self love’  🙂

A life of choices or the choice of LIFE???

When we are young, in school- If its friends vs. family – friends win!

When we are in college,gala time with friends spells life – If its movies vs. lectures – movies win!

When we are newly recruited,still getting the hang of corporate – If its work vs. day off@home – ‘day off’ wins!

When we climb the organization ladder,an ambition we have nurtured all the time – We can’t even afford thinking of any choice.. Work always wins!!

Can we see them?

Do we really know our priorities? Are we so lost that we have no time to find out what should be on our top 5-list?

Ask a retired old man if his work drops by him weekly to visit him when he feels lonely? Ask a teenager, if his friends come to his rescue when he is caught up in a messed up situation & he seriously needs help?

Ask a 10 year old, who does he need to make him feel better when his scores are lower than his peers in school? Ask an over worked guy, if his team helps him de-stress n make up for his lost health?

What matters to you the most in your life? If you feel blank, ask WHO matters to you most in your life? If you still feel blank, ask WHAT am I made up of? Do the answers make you think?

Are the answers worth feeling proud of?

If yes, then you’re on a gr8 track in life cuz a life of alignment is what brings us that nice, peaceful sleep at night & the energy to wake up the next morning..

If No, then think twice.. What’s more important for you?

A choice is what takes us from a chaotic life to one which displays alignment..And in alignment, lies all the power!

Signing off!

PS- Sharing this song that applies for all those who haven’t given due attention to their priorities & would want to start afresh 🙂 Can be dedicated to moms, dads, family, spouse, siblings, friends ….anyone who is your priority!!

The pleasure of finding the ‘Perfect Fit’!!

Perfectly MISFIT!! Isn’t it?

Have you wondered ever, what would life be if we all used ‘not so perfectly fitting’ stuff?

Like a pair of overly loose or very tight shoes, wearing  super tight pair of jeans, using spectacles of a higher power, eating more junk food, having a super soft couch that troubles your back, having a very hard mattress that irritates n hurts, using a hard brush that bleeds your gums..??

Have you imagined how one would feel using such mis fit stuff?

A few days back, I faced the worst 20 minutes of my life..May be I’m exaggerating, but I felt horrible, really very horrible.I was in a trial situation, literally, the situation tried me out!!

I had to try a costume, that was supposedly stitched as per my size, but was indeed many many sizes tighter!! Outcome- I was struggling for almost 20 minutes to get off something that wasn’t fit for me, something that made me freak out completely n left me experiencing total discomfort. I was almost in tears and was praying to god, to get me out of this, literally!!

It may sound funny now, but it was a traumatic experience for me. I couldn’t ask for help, couldn’t help myself and felt so very uneasy. I didn’t feel so uneasy when I was getting into it, rather it was quite effortless..

Finally after the 20 traumatic minutes, I somehow managed to pull myself out of this stuff & thanked god for saving me a lot of embarrassment!! This is a true incident that freaked the hell out of me, around 10 days back or so.

Have you thought about how this happens to us in our life?

How we get into all the unhealthy eating habits, a life of no exercise, a life of less discipline, waking up whenever we feel like, going to bed very late at night………

The list could be really looong. How we get into a wrong relationship or maybe many wrong ones, may be a really bad work atmosphere, a job that we hate from the bottom of our socks, bad company of not so perfect friends……

Have you thought about the trauma your body and your soul faces when its into a NOT SO PERFECT situation?

Believe Me, EACH ONE OF US IS WORTHY OF A LIFE WE LOVE!! And it may sound like a lot of effort to get into this perfect fit, that each one of us wishes for, but, in the end -ITS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

Have you ever given a thought to what’s your perfect fit life? How does it look like? Does it look possible?

If you have the will to get into this perfect fit life & have trouble figuring out your answers, find yourself a COACH -like I did. Why a Coach, and not anyone else?, now that’s for you to figure out!!