The endless string of breakthroughs

I used to deeply believe, that breakthroughs are a magical point in time, crossing of which, changes life utterly n delightfully..

N I used to wait for my breakthrough!

I have felt it in my heart a million times as if I’m on this side of a breakthrough, certain and eagerly waiting for life to change..

N I’ve wondered why the breakthrough evades me, whenever I’m close..

Kinda realised today, it’s never one single point in time. Life has potential to get better, our every waking n sleeping minute..

It’s like a series of breakthroughs.. every next one better than the previous..

And the changes might be minuscule n yet when they pile up over a week or a month or a year or a decade, they’re just too big!!

All we got to do is notice them!! Notice how life is better today than yesterday..

We kinda get so harsh on ourselves at times, not realising no one is keeping our records..

it’s just us! We like to keep records of how successful we are…as if failures never taught anyone anything ..


Everything we face in life helps us get better!

The sadness, the grief, the loneliness or failure, losing important stuff , or sometimes our dear people, depression, our inability to believe in ourselves..

Everything leads us towards our true power!!

N simply knowing this, is a breakthrough!

It makes life worth living..

Worth looking forward to..

Each one of us has different purposes in life!

For some it’s their responsibility, for some it’s family, for some it’s ambition..

For kids.. the purpose of life is simply having fun and filling everyone with joy..

Really doesn’t matter..

What matters is in our own ways, all of us realising how beautiful life can get if we just allow it to be so..

It’s an endless string of breakthroughs really♥️


Celebrations, not comparisons..

Two days back, I heard my cousin bro perform. He plays the guitar so well and sings awesomely awesome too. Yet I felt like he dint know the value of his talent..  

Nikhil – you’re my rock star ..bro!! There will be a day, we both won’t have to remember Michael Jackson as the popular star who we share our birthday with. Trust my words. N that day, I’m gonna loot your pockets.. Mind my words

All of us, we’re so self critical all of the time that we lose out on having fun! My blog crossed 25,000 hits yesterday n all that I could think was, other blogs who have hits in lakhs. I kept feeling small.

I realized though, that my blog can’t reach hits in lakhs unless it crosses this tiny milestone. Forget 25k, even hits in single digits is a milestone. There is nothing like small or big. Ours is a journey, and we ought to celebrate our milestones.

That’s how, I pushed myself to acknowledge the milestone on my fb page. We can’t keep feeling small all the time. There is nothing wrong in that but if we do, we will never feel contented. We will always feel small, not successful, fat or not slim or not fair, or not beautiful, ……

The beginning is a tiny space in our hearts that compels us to feel whole, feel beautiful, feel good, feel worth, feel successful!!

So go ahead n feel good, feel whole! Be like my 14 month old son who doesn’t think twice before clapping for himself. Be bold, clap for yourself, appreciate yourselves.

This is one of the many lessons my son, Ekaansh teaches me. We need celebrations n not comparisons 

Adios. Signing off with loadsa love n gratitude in my heart.


Ready to dump those NY resolutions???

I always wonder why the threshold of a year is so milestone-yyy? Whats such a big deal about it?
I’ve heard people say that whoever said ‘it isn’t always about winning’ probably was a loser!!! And I’ve hated that sentiment..
And I think that sentiment applies even with resolutions..

People may say, not making resolutions is like not moving forward or like stagnating, or being too content with mediocre…
Do you think so too?

Why do we make new year resolutions?? Or may be I should ask what are our resolutions??
Losing weight, bagging that xyz job, making more money, spending more quality time at home???? What are your top few on the NYR list??

Especially being a Coach, I’ve heard other fellow coaches talking about how we can help our clients move forward. And i feel may be its time to pause and be, rather than run ahead of ourselves..

I’m not saying those resolutions are crap or that we can’t get there. I’m not saying its horrible to move forward. Or it’s stupid to dream big. NOOOOO!!!

But do we know our intentions behind the dreams?? Or intentions behind those new year resolutions??
If the intention is to move to a more beautiful place, great!!! But generally our intentions are to move out of this (crappy) place and go somewhere beautiful..

The base or core of this intention is loudly shouting out ‘I’m not happy with myself’
What if we gave up the thought of changing?? As in I’m not referring to being ‘anti- change’ but being more comfortable with what’s around us?? Being comfortable being in this body, living this life.. Loving it!!

So a resolution like ‘get a higher paying job’ could be transformed into ‘ offering gratitude for whatever I have’
A resolution like ‘lose 5 kgs’ could be transformed into ‘love myself for being so beautiful – whatever my weight’ ( believe me, in doing so we attract beauty)

A resolution like ‘resolve issues with my spouse/ parents/siblings’ could be transformed into ‘ be more patient and accepting of others’

Bringing about a change is tough!! Not impossible but tough.. And what if we looked at change differently??
Instead of changing ourselves, how about we change the way we look at ourselves??

Why not dump all resolutions and have just one- love myself and be grateful for this life???

And if bringing about a change in ourselves is tough, imagine all our resolutions which involve changing other people- they’re gonna be a big mess…wanting my spouse to be more patient/ responsible/xyz….is gonna be a big mess!! How about letting them be..

And we can let them be only when we ourselves can let us be..
So no new year resolutions for me!! I’m gonna love myself, appreciate how I’m so perfect with all my imperfections, and let others be imperfect too..

It’s easier said than done but this resolution sounds more fruitful than any other..
Making gratitude lists has improved my way of looking at things and now I feel ( though I can’t stop attempting to change people around me) its easier to let others be than expect them to change!! And this feeling can get reinforced only when I feel the same for myself..

So if I can’t do things that I should’ve done, it’s a perfect world!! I’ll accept the consequences that follow without making life tough and guilt filled..

So what say? Ready to dump your NY Resolutions????

The MAGIC of Acknowledgement!

I wonder how i survived all these years, without really knowing the intent & meaning behind this long word ‘ACKNOWLEDGEMENT’. I remember faintly,reading this word on the second page of my black book (my Final Year Engg Project). So silly of me- an Engineer awaiting my degree, not knowing what is really meant by Acknowledgement !!

A simple act of  recognising a person – for something that is really wonderful about him/ her & more importantly letting them know about this !! We kinda know it but seldom apply it!

Today, when i sit here reflecting back -after 2 wonderful sessions on the MAGIC word, i am forced to answer for myself -If I received 50 % more acknowledgement than I do today,in the next 5 yrs of my life ,how different would my life be? And i go on to answer- ‘My life definitely will be unimaginable’ !!

And why is that ? ‘Cuz Acknowledgement shifts the focus from “what went wrong” to “What went really well” thus focusing on strengths rather than on weaknesses’

‘With more acknowledgement,I see myself more confident of taking up challenges, thus celebrating my strengths. I see myself feeling happy & confident of all the attempts I make, even though they don’t end up as successes.I trust the potential I have, & my capability to succeed.With more acknowledgement, I see myself as a very beautiful person, who doesn’t find faults with others or within self but seeks to see the beauty & strengths in other people :)’ And it surely feels empowering 🙂

I simply have to make up my mind that instead of picking  faults, IM GONNA SEE WHATS REALLY BEAUTIFUL!! And yes, am gonna tell them whats so beautiful about them!! And it does not make me any less beautiful!!
Because -as rightly quoted in my module- ‘ To be able to acknowledge ourselves or someone else we cannot be needy. Acknowledgement is a very pure form of giving. We can only give if we are well topped up. To acknowledge another person means you have to move beyond yourself and see them only’
Wow!!! Id SO like to acknowledge myelf here- for my courage to share my blog with all of you.And i want to acknowledge & thank each one of you for your patience & time for putting up with me all this while. 🙂  Indeed a gr8 job:)
So friends- When are we playing this magic?After all, a word from us could mean a lot to others ,without us having to pay much!!