⚡️ Simply electric ⚡️

This image above, is our 85th Energy Art Piece ❤️
It’s titled: Simply Electric

The intention behind this piece, is to simply ground ourselves into our present. 

There is a subtle, docile power that can be awakened simply by looking it in the eye. What looks mundane, and boring suddenly can awaken one, powerfully.

The key is to simply notice, without labels. Notice the way your room looks..could be shabby, neat,clean, cluttered..

Whatever!! Just look at it and notice how it looks. Look at yourself in the mirror and notice. Notice how your kid/ friend/ colleague/ husband/ mom laughs ..or doesn’t..
Notice outside the window!! The leaves are rhythmically waving.. 

It’s powerful!!
It’s too simple and can be taken for granted.

Like I go back to my childhood and feel my grandfathers fingers, remember the way he called out to me! How he made me feel, totally like I was his super fav grandchild (which I was 😊😝) ..how he let me press his feet, and thanked me for doing something I didn’t really have to, yet I chose to..n how it made him feel grateful..

I’m glad he did value that!! I didn’t probably …it was just too simple..

N today, when I’m complaining busily, that my kid loves to hang out around me, leaving me with no time for myself, I forget that he expresses like a million times, that he finds me cute… He tells me constantly that he loves me!!

N it is too simple. N yes, it’s taken way too much for granted..

Coming back to the piece, I created it with resources available!! I didn’t carry my fine tip pens or my paper bank to my folks’ place. N yet, I found some cool paper n a pencil!!

Magic can be created NOW! with exactly whatever that’s available at your finger tips now..

With the kind of body you have NOW..in the space that you are NOW…in the reality you call NOW

Magic can be created NOW!!!

n it is simply electric⚡️

~ aryaa

Real life is outside folks!!!

We find these illustrations funnily true yet we’re light years away from realising how this addiction is going to get to us and our future generation! We’re intelligent , we know this addiction takes us nowhere! Yet we’re so addicted that we are unable to devise our escape plans..


Here are some tips for an awesome escape plan!

– Spend some time (as little as 5 mins) every day consciously keeping away from your phone/ tabs

– Go outdoors. Enjoy the rain. Sleep on the lawn, see the open blue sky! Let the colors of the flowers fill your eyes.

– Breathe!! Yeah simply breathe when you’re in fresh air, and pay attention to how shallow or deep your breath is! Yes – this is the oxygen that our body needs, that we are totally unaware of. Just be present to that oxygen you’re breathing in

– Connect with your friends / family members in ways other than your phone. Watch a movie together at home, visit a friend, say hi to your neighbors, plan a weekend get away where there isn’t any reception /network 😉

– Listen to those birds chirping outside. Can you see them? Can you distinguish the sounds from one another?

– Drink water! Yeah! Pay a visit to that bottle of water and finish it at least half way down.

– Move!! Dance, run, brisk walk. Whatever allows you to move. Sitting in one place with that phone is making us lazier by the minute. So even as you walk towards your bosses cabin, move faster.. Use the stairs instead of the lift. At home, show some energy as you walk towards the door when the bell rings.

– Be present! In the shower, pay attention to the fragrance of the soap/ shower gel you’re using! How does the cold / warm water feel? Does it relax you? Does it energise you? If all the time your thoughts are running in that head, you don’t even know if you shampood your hair or not!!

– When you’re outside, instead of looking into your phone, look at those smiles on peoples faces. If there are no smiles, try bringing some 🙂

Real life is outside folks. LIFE is outside. Whats in the phones is just a dull vibe, that is slowly getting on to us. And it’s time to dust that vibe aside!!!

In the moment!!

Love this awareness & the moment when I acknowledge my presence & thank the giver for being so loving and huge hearted 🙂

One of such gratitude expressing pic is the one below..Its taken on 5th September -My first Teacher’s day as a Teacher hmmmm rather a coach..

Was walking my way back home when I just realised -This is the life I’ve always wanted to live,

my independence – I’m walking alone here,

my career- my first gift- a rose received from students on teacher’s day,

my family n the way I balance both- My toe rings signify my marriage + my attachment to my family ……n especially my hubby ;),

my ‘ME Time’- the small chord that’s seen in the pic is my headset denoting my music time,

n this pic captures it all beautifully!!

Signing off with one of my ‘Caught-This-Awareness-On-Camera’ pic..Cheers

Got it all !!

What’s so gr8 about birthdays?

What makes your Birthday so special for you?

Why do we celebrate them? What does this so-called special day imply?

Physically, we have aged by one more year :(!! And with age, comes the ability to love stability.

Celebrating birthdays as kids meant, excitement of opening so many gifts, looking forward to partying with friends, looking special, being everyone’s (especially mom’s) center of attention. I love that time especially cuz mom would ask me, what kind (read shape) of cake I wished and she would make that one..& I remember for one of my birthdays I had requested for a Minnie Mouse Cake and she had made that one for me.. A cake resembling the face of Minnie Mouse!! Wow I remember that birthday especially cuz of the cake.

As children, we used to learn each day! New subjects every year, some language or some kind of art, craft , sport or whatever!! But with time (read age), our partying nature subsides and we tend to take life more seriously! As we grow up, our eagerness to learn new stuff vanishes in thin air and we prefer to hold on to whatever we have learnt. We start loving stability (read snail slow progress) rather than learning, growing, trying out new stuff, experimenting, and so on!

I hardly can remember any of my post college birthdays where I’ve decided, I’ll learn something new, some thing that I’ve not mastered & I don’t remember giving myself a 1 year target to master that new thing. Till College, the process of learning, having fun, focusing on strengths & interests, experimenting, taking risks (attempting exams unprepared is very much a risk.. lol) was existent … Work changes life considerably!!  Rather than work, I guess it’s the scary 3 letter word that rhymes with Bob 😉

When we are working, we say we gain experience! & what really is experience? Going through rough patches in life & knowing what could be the best way to deal with it? So every birthday means gaining experience?

So after 28 birthdays so far, can I really say, I have 28 years of life experience & every year it is this experience that I’m celebrating? Nah.. Not really. Then what really makes my birthday special? Let me think..

Gratitude occupies major space in my birthday basket of expressions ! I don’t know why this feeling of gratitude does not come very frequently (it comes few times in a week)  yet I’ve sensed it peaking on this special day!

Thanking the giver for all that he has showered in the form of abilities, potential, in the form of loving and beautiful people around…whom we call family, in the form of opportunities to meet new people, opportunities to help, opportunities to grow and so many more opportunities, gratitude towards the giver’s constant grace in my life 🙂

Other than that, hmmm what makes this day special? It’s a day, when everyone around me expresses their blessings, their love, and it feels gr8 to see so many beautiful individuals remembering me on my birthday & calling or sending birthday wishes:)

So till now its being a gratitude day &  a day of receiving love!! What more??

OMG!! There’s nothing more special to my birthday other than these 2 things.. Whats wrong with me.. Let me think..

Hmm..Its okay if till now there’s been nothing more special.. From now on there will be..So what will it be?

I wanna create a collage that summarizes for me all the beautiful moments in the last year! If not a collage, at least a list.. Also, list of stuff that didn’t work for me, that went terribly wrong, stuff that I regret getting done, stuff that I couldn’t do to the best of my ability, so that this list reminds me of my so-called experience and allows me to be more thoughtful before I take up something new..

Also, I wanna make sure, I change something about myself! It could be the way I wake up, the way I listen, the way I spend my time, the way I get angry (don’t think I can change to not getting angry.. lol) .. anything but it has better got to be with something I wanna change about myself..

Also, I wanna learn something new! It’s not that I’m not learning at other times.. But for the record, something that Ive learnt, mastered or tried (something that I’ve never tried before) that makes me feel like I did something unusual.. Something to include ..in my list of beautiful things that happened in the last year 😉

Also, I would like to give up something I’ve not liked about myself, at least work towards giving it up!!

What would I like to give up this year? hmmm my laziness!! I like to do things in a smart way, (rather in a less energy-consuming way) and sometimes I give up on things that appear tedious, or very energy-consuming like cooking a new, exotic, (tedious lol) dish aka dish made out of  tons of instructions. So I’d like consciously give up my laziness and I have exactly few days short of 4 months at hand to do so..

Also, Id like to take up all my writing commitments that I’ve made yet not attempted cuz I’m lazy to write something that’s not flowing off from my head.. I’ll finish all the promises I’ve made in the ‘Coming soon’ page 😉 & I promise to make no more new promises ..cuz Ive realised I write best when I’m spontaneous (best in terms of how satisfied I feel after posting  my write..and not in terms of how my reader friends feel ..lol)

I was so desperate to write about ‘Why birthdays are special?’ few days back and I ended up writing on CHANGE..

Today is my Husband’s birthday and while I tried ways to make it special for him, I ended up writing on what makes my Birthday so special.. Hmmm I love spontaneity 🙂

How would you make your birthday special?

Scared to dream big?

Not just dream big, we sometimes are even scared to dream! Wondered why? What really are dreams?

Our hopes of a beautiful future.. Our ambitions of doing something big… Our wish to be in a wonderful place very different from the place we are in now..

What must be the reason, why any person fears to dream? Dreams are hopes!! Dreams are like the wind, beneath the wings, that allow us to fly…Why would any person stop dreaming?

May be people think that dreams can only exist in imagination, they never really become true.. May be people think, why would such beautiful things they’ve dreamed of, happen to them.. what have they done to deserve such wonderful things

Im sure everyone of us has come across either or both of these 2  thoughts in various situations. Haven’t we? I know some of my reader friends are going to disagree saying  ..No… Who says we dont dream big.. We always dream big…infact we continue to dream big…

Ok!! Lets take the example of say Mr. X who stays in a joint family set up. He has a  family of 15 people, and he always dreams big. Inspite of having a pay packet of Indian rupees – 3 lacs per annum,he has been dreaming big since the last 8 years that he will take all 15 members of his family to a Europe trip. His pay package has almost been constant since the last 3 years, and knowing his lack of financial planning, I’l say that he has lots of guts to dream such big dreams.

There are people like him, who continue to dream big for years and years together…

Now friends, lets just look at Mr. X!! Is he really dreaming big? Not really… Why? Lets analyse..

Mr. X has  internally come to this judgement that a Europe trip is something he can never afford for his family. He has internally decided that its something that is JUST NOT MEANT for him. And so, though he thinks, that he is dreaming big, he is not really doing so..

Infact, he is doing something that is more harmful, than not dreaming at all.. Deep down he keeps saying this to himself, that its been 8 years since he has had this dream and the dream is as far from reality as it was 8 years ago.  So, in this internal talk, that he has with himself, unknowingly he is sowing a belief, that its impossible for him to make a dream come true.

He is slowly nurturing within him, an underlying belief that ” this dream can never come true”.

If he really thought that his dream can come true, he would have thought of ways to generate an income that is required to fulfill this dream. He would have started with saving money for this trip or would have thought of increasing his income somehow. He has done neither of it, which just shows that he has stopped believing in himself.

How many of us do this with ourself? If there was a machine, which could record our internal talk (the talk that goes on in our head, the talk that we do with ourselves) , we would have an evidence of how cheaply we treat ourselves.

We think, we just dont have it in us. We think we are not meant for the good things in life. We only think, that its impossible for us to be in a good looking situation, where we have all that we need..

We are very much responsible for the lack of abundance in our lives.

Who told all the famous and rich people in this world that they have the capacity to get rich? No one!! They just trusted themselves… They knew they had it in them!

Who has told us, that we dont have it in us, to achieve our dreams, to make it big, to get rich, to have a beautiful wife, a mindblowing house, a car, a career, …………..and whatever else we want to have in our life???

NO ONE!!! Its just our self!!

So now please think about this!!

Are we scared to dream big?? If YESSS comes the answer, then what is it that you fear thats stopping you?

Just coming to this awareness, that we are responsible for what is happening in our life, is a big achievement!! And those of us who know this, will be able to take steps to change all those things that are not working  in our life.

Stopping for now, but about dreaming big, theres more to come…So keep following 🙂