Blessed with the Power of Expression :)

Amazing Must watch – Barfi 🙂

What kind of power does ‘Expressing Oneself’ bring along? or rather let me ask you, how do you feel when you can easily express everything that’s going inside of you?

I’m very sure you would have never given this a thought!

Just about a week back, I watched this Hindi movie- ‘Barfi‘, in which the protagonist is (played by actor Ranbir Kapoor) a boy named Barfi, who is born deaf n mute.  The whole movie is a kind of a celebration of this boy’s life & I loved the beauty of his character. The contentment that the character portrays & his attempts to make the life of others around him, as beautiful as he perceives his life to be, is simply- Mindblowing!!

Just as much as I enjoyed watching this movie, I also realized how much I’ve taken for granted the abilities that I’ve been bestowed with.

Each one of us has the power to take control of our life, irrespective of how much ‘GIFTED’ we are in sense of these abilities. Its never about, how much have we received.. Its always about, what have we done about what we have received..

I didn’t mention this amazing power of expression in my gratitude list, but now that I’ve noticed, I must offer my gratitude to the giver for not just allowing me to easily express myself vocally, but also the power of expression he has gifted me thanks to this blog.

Loved the movie & suggest that everyone catch a glimpse of it. All the 3 actors, Ranbir, Priyanka & Ileana have done an awesome job, & however much one may criticize the depth of the love- story, I encourage all you Hindi movie lovers to go watch it as its an example of a self- love story!!

I loved the character of Barfi & felt its a gr8 starting point for each one of us,to love ourselves, the way we are & celebrate life just like this character does 🙂

Signing off!