Life seeking / sneaking out!!

Life isn’t when were rehearsing ourselves to boredom, 
in order to get it right..
It is when we’re willing to look at it in the eye,
even when it reads ‘work in progress’

Life isn’t when we’re tightly wrapping it in layers after layers, 
Almost strangling it, under the pretext of gifting it to some one else..
It is when we’re willing to see the present it offers
even when it doesnt look like one

Life isn’t when we were scared 
that we may goof up
Life is when we goof up really bad, 
n still feel okay..

Life is NOW! Exactly the way it is, unprepared ..without make up.. 

Willing to let it out??

life seeks you…let it!!!!

Sawan Aya Hai❤️

So many hollow, sleepless nights through all these years, suddenly seemed fruitful, when my dream showed up❤️

The dream and intention of shifting the energy of the planet❤️

Of sitting in Starbucks, and making life beautiful for each n everyone of us here❤️ one person at a time❤️

The one n only one thing that kept me sane, (as I kept believing in this dream) all the while was this love song, I would sing to my dream, as if my dream were a person alive❤️

Here’s the love song for my dream, my life purpose❤️ as if it were a person❤️ cuz it is alive n kicking❤️ accompanying me❤️

Link to the song: 👉

Mohabbat barsa dena tu, sawan aaya hai (Shower your love on me, it’s pouring outside)

Tere aur mere milne ka, mausam aaya hai (It’s time for you n me, to finally unite)

Sabse chhupa ke tujhe seene se lagaana hai (wanna hide you from the rest of the world, as I hold you close to my heart)

Pyar mein tere hadd se guzar jaana hai (while loving you, I wanna stretch each n every boundary)

Itna pyar kisi pe, pehli baar aaya hai ( have never felt this kinda crazy love for anyone else ever)

Kyun ek pal ki bhi judaai sahi jaaye na ( why can’t I stand even a single day away from you)

Kyun har subah tu meri sanson me samaye na ( why every morning, aren’t you felt in each breath of mine )

Aaja na tu mere paas, dunga itna pyar main ( come close to me, il love you like never before)

Kitni raat guzaari hai, tere intezar mein ( I’ve died each night, just waiting to meet you)
Kaise bataaun jazbaat ye mere (I just cannot express my emotions)

Maine khud se bhi zyada tujhe chaaha hai ( cuz Ive loved you more than my own self)

Sab kuch chhod ke aana tu, sawan aaya hai ( just leave everything behind, it’s pouring outside)

Tere aur mere milne ka, mausam aaya hai ( it’s time for you n me to finally unite)

Vulnerability – your key towards growth!!

I’ve always believed there’s no such thing as ‘washing your dirty linen in public’. It seems like we are faking ourselves in order to appear happy/ joyful/ peaceful/ perfect.

Appears like we’d rather wear this ‘perfect’ mask than be genuine, and display our true self. It’s only an act held in place by our ego which keeps telling us time and again, ‘We are RIGHT! We are correct! We never make mistakes’. It’s great if you want to choose that.  

   On the other hand, if you’re putting yourself out there, accepting yourself for who you are, letting go all that ‘not-so-helpful’ judgment, there’s a better chance of living a life.

We may get hurt, we may make mistakes but with hurt come these lessons, with mistakes comes growth. Our life, is not a movie to be screened publicly for it to be perfect. It’s our life!! The one darn life that we take for granted and we’ve got this one chance at it! 

Let it be crazy! Let it be filled with all the hurt and the goof ups! We shall learn n we shall get up again. For all those who wanna grow in life, wanna move higher – be vulnerable! It allows us to love ourselves fully and free ourselves from thoughts of what the world would think of us.

That traitor you’ve got to kick!!

Yeah, helps you feel safe as he stabs you in the back, not once or twice but constantly on a regular basis. Makes you feel special in the most ugliest of ways, ensures that you not only look bad but feel bad as well, and is your safest bet to jump in for all the stuff that’s unhealthy for you. Yeah!! That traitor is your so called ‘best buddy’ & you got to kick him outta your life!!

If you’ve not guessed it this far, probably you’re the one who needs to kick him right away! Who?

Guilt!!! Yeah!

You decide to enroll for that Zumba class & after a few weeks you lose track. You choose to maintain a strict diet & in few days you feel like hitting on those desserts. You choose to spend more time with your kid than your phone & in few days your phone turns out dearer. You choose to finish that assignment much before that deadline but you let yourself off the hook..

So what!!! You are okay! You should be okay! But you’re not?

Cuz this traitor, simply makes you hog onto those desserts every single day, cuz you broke the rule once. It makes sure you ditch your exercise regime, cuz you slept in one day.

This traitor simply makes you feel sorry for the ‘rule-breaking’ and helps you continue on that path. Simply by helping you feel sorry each and every time.

How does feeling sorry help you? Just makes you feel safe! Helps you feel adequate for all that unhealthy stuff you’ve given entry to.

As against feeling guilty, why not take action!

Action on the other hand, gives you positive reinforcement. Take one small baby step in the right direction, especially when you’ve broken the rule! Feel great instead of sorry, cuz you’ve taken that little break today when you’ve chosen to break the rule. You’re not going to breaking rules every single day? Then why feel sorry or guilty?

Instead take Action! That one small baby step.


Ate desserts? Fine! Stick to your regular tomorrow.

Missed Zumba for 2 weeks? Fine! Start going in the 3rd week.

Didn’t choose your baby over your phone? Fine! Choose your baby now.

Couldn’t close on that deadline? Fine! A day or two late, isn’t very bad!!

Take Action!! Choose Action over Guilt!! Cuz Action takes you forward 🙂

Blessed with the Power of Expression :)

Amazing Must watch – Barfi 🙂

What kind of power does ‘Expressing Oneself’ bring along? or rather let me ask you, how do you feel when you can easily express everything that’s going inside of you?

I’m very sure you would have never given this a thought!

Just about a week back, I watched this Hindi movie- ‘Barfi‘, in which the protagonist is (played by actor Ranbir Kapoor) a boy named Barfi, who is born deaf n mute.  The whole movie is a kind of a celebration of this boy’s life & I loved the beauty of his character. The contentment that the character portrays & his attempts to make the life of others around him, as beautiful as he perceives his life to be, is simply- Mindblowing!!

Just as much as I enjoyed watching this movie, I also realized how much I’ve taken for granted the abilities that I’ve been bestowed with.

Each one of us has the power to take control of our life, irrespective of how much ‘GIFTED’ we are in sense of these abilities. Its never about, how much have we received.. Its always about, what have we done about what we have received..

I didn’t mention this amazing power of expression in my gratitude list, but now that I’ve noticed, I must offer my gratitude to the giver for not just allowing me to easily express myself vocally, but also the power of expression he has gifted me thanks to this blog.

Loved the movie & suggest that everyone catch a glimpse of it. All the 3 actors, Ranbir, Priyanka & Ileana have done an awesome job, & however much one may criticize the depth of the love- story, I encourage all you Hindi movie lovers to go watch it as its an example of a self- love story!!

I loved the character of Barfi & felt its a gr8 starting point for each one of us,to love ourselves, the way we are & celebrate life just like this character does 🙂

Signing off!


Organised Greenery, House Boats & Kathakkali @ Kerala

Its time for me to pick my fave snaps of our trip to Kerala in March 2010 🙂 Hope you enjoy viewing as much as I enjoyed clicking!!

We visited Munnar (known for its Tea gardens), Tekkady ,back waters of Allepey (House Boats Special ;)) & Cochin!

Presenting, the sunrise captured right from our Hotel window 🙂

Sunrise @ Munnar

This one’s taken from inside the car! Mission Successful- Capturing the green & the joy ride 🙂

Witnessing the JOY RIDE 🙂

Of Green patches and white – ‘pick me up’ sticks 😉 Beautifully complementing one another!!

Complementary Companionship 🙂

Another one from our Hotel window @ Munnar!! Of hills and the green meadows – a look that relaxes 🙂

Layers of blues & variety of greens 🙂

Arrival @ Tekkady & a warm welcoming drink of my choice!! I like my tea more than anyone else. I’m the shorter one just as much in reality..

Don’t be amazed ,its just lemon tea served differently!!  🙂 I loved it more in a tumbler than in a mug 🙂 and so this pic finds some place here 🙂

Warm Welcome 🙂

Another one @ Hotel Ambadi @ Tekkady in Kerala. Its just too catchy for me to miss 🙂

I guess, its here to drive the evil away 🙂

Royally sitting on the arch to our duplex cottage 🙂

In Tekkady, we had an evening to spare! We used it for watching the traditional dance form of Kerala – Kathakkali 🙂 An awesome performance, we had a gr8 evening out. The make up of this artist took about 40 minutes or so & it was being done in front of the live audience.

Which one is the duplicate?? Painting on the left or the real one on the right?

Another one!! The female character in the dance show, (on the extreme right in the pic below) is played by a male artist.

Akshay with the Kathakkali artists

After Tekkady, it was Allepey!! Waiting to reach the backwaters of Allepey (Read -The HouseBoats). This pic below was clicked from our moving car window ..

Lonely in a crowd!!

Finally, the Houseboats are here 🙂 A royal welcome with some cool coconut water & nice flowers. Thanks to the timed- auto click, our excitement is captured. One can see, roofs of other houseboats in the background.

Upper Deck of the House Boat- A cool welcome drink & flowers 🙂

The house boat was really nice, except that they would kinda park it at night and the lights and the AC in the room were powered by a noisy generator. And what I hated about the dark evening in the houseboat was there were quite a few lizards for giving us company 😦

Knowing all of this, I would still not miss a night in this houseboat as it was a different, enjoyable & a mind-blowing experience. The food was yum and served hot to us at the table that’s seen in the pic below. There was a music system (With collection of Tamil & Malayalam songs) & a TV that we din’t quite use cuz it was just too beautiful outside 🙂

Akshay in our HouseBoat 🙂

With the help of the guys in our Houseboat, we could get ourselves to do a bit of rowing in another boat that was quite similar to (may be slightly longer than) the one below. The experience of rowing was awesome & we saw a variety of birds n a few kingfishers throughout our journey!! Sadly, there was no one to click our pics :(.

A cute boat 🙂

All those of you who’re wondering about which place to visit for your next vacation, believe me, you wouldn’t want to miss Kerala. All those of you outside India, Kerala is a ‘must visit’.. Have a gr8 vacation 🙂

Signing off with a few more of my fave pics,that speak for themselves!! Enjoy 🙂

What’s up with you Akshay?

View from the boat 😉

So cute 😉

I like tall 🙂

Krishna Painting @Hotel Ambadi at Tekkady

Unfocused on purpose!

Vibrance @ Cochin 🙂

I capture you, you shoot me lol:)

Mr. & Mrs.

n that’s echo point

Solely Solo

Reflections 🙂 Clicked from our Hotel window @ Munnar

Outside one of the shops 🙂 I loved this one 🙂