What is Intuned??

I’ve got this question from many friends and acquaintances pertaining to the business I’ve recently started. So what is ‘Intuned’ and what kind of business is it in? Lemme attempt to answer this here❤️🎁

Intuned is a pure intention, of supporting others in CREATING their life vs. being a victim of it!

Intuned, is our endeavor to create alignment, as more and more people start creating lives they have only desired in their dreams.
Why??? Cuz it is meant to be this way!

All of our dreams are meant to come true, life is meant to be easy and joyful, purposeful and prosperous! NOT JUST FOR ME, but for every one alive!!!
Just because we have made our lives tough and rough, doesn’t mean it has to be that way!

Let’s become aware of the energy we hold, cuz this energy draws everything into our life❤️🎁

When my heart desired to be a writer, a social worker, a coach, an insurance advisor and an artist I never imagined I would be living this life of multiple roles and meaningful purpose❤️
I am loving and living this life NOW exactly as I desired it five years back!

And this is true with every one of us alive!

We at Intuned are committed to supporting you to realize this truth❤️

Are you willing to create a life that thrills you? A life that is exactly aligned to your desires??

If yes, you are ready to be INTUNED❤️🎁!!!!

Right away, leave an email to Aryaa (Aryaa.akshay@intuned.in)! 
We are SOOOOOO excited to support you in this journey❤️

Ten tips to tune into your highest vibration!

This is gonna be a short and quick post, cuz tuning in to ones highest vibration is as simple as it’s tough!

Ten quick tips here:

1. Look out any window, observe the greenery and breathe. If you choose to, observe the color of the leaves, the shape, listen to birds chirping, and feel the abundance around.❤️🎁

2. Especially when using fb, feel the joy when you see happy pictures of your friends, family members or even your own pics. Offer gratitude❤️🎁

3. Allow yourself that joy, you’ve held yourself back from. That sweet treat, that extra hour of tv or fb or may be bunking the gym for a day, whatever it is! You deserve it❤️🎁

4. Day dream about beautiful scenarios of vacations in places you’ve deeply desired to visit! Imagine them happening and share with others your desire to be there❤️🎁

5. Share your meal, pocket money, salary, lunch , whatever that you love with someone who also deserves to have it. Share as much as you please❤️🎁 yes SHARE❤️🎁

6. Tell your family members, how much they mean to you. In words, letters, on fb, in messages, however! Let them know they are a gift in your life, n offer gratitude for their presence ❤️🎁

7. Smile at strangers, and pass on the gratitude! Say hi if they do❤️🎁 say hi even if they don’t. Feel the warmth of your heart and let it spread across❤️🎁

8. If doing this more often is tough, do it once a day. Do something that pleases you, and fills you with joy irrespective of what others say or think about you.

9. Be you! Irrespective of the adjectives. Lazy, angry, loving, forgiving, emotional, kiddo, sweet, sexy whatever!! Just be YOU! That is exactly why you are alive, right?❤️🎁

10. Let others be too!! Quit your judging hat n allow others to be who they are.not everyone has to think like you. Appreciate differences and let them coexist.

This is all for today.

Lots of love and great vibes..



Energy for me IS❤️

Its taken 33 years to know for sure that I AM an energy worker, n I’ll say ‘thank you’ that it’s 33 n not 63 or 93 ❤️😍

From an unique energy worker’s perspective, here’s what energy means to me:

Energy for me❤️ is being ME!❤️

Energy for me❤️ is a clutter free space❤️

Energy for me❤️ is to honor my needs always❤️

Energy for me❤️ is to give away all that has stopped serving me❤️

Energy for me❤️ is a compact but purposeful living space❤️

Energy for me❤️ is finding stuff, miraculously when I need it❤️

Energy for me❤️ is swooning over George R R Martin’s art, and every character that he’s brought to life❤️

Energy for me❤️ is to watch a movie when I’m low❤️

Energy for me ❤️is to rest well when I’m sick❤️

Energy for me❤️ is being n staying gossip free❤️

Energy for me❤️ is saying Love you often❤️

Energy for me❤️ is dreaming BIG❤️

Energy for me❤️ is imagining me in the Grand Canyon, celebrating with it the magic called life❤️

Energy for me❤️ is writing❤️

Energy for me❤️ is bathing my son, blowing bubbles n getting wet❤️

Energy for me❤️ is respecting my need to be ‘in the kitchen’ only when I desire to rather than having to cuz I was born a female❤️

Energy for me❤️ is to be who I am❤️ n let others be who they are❤️

Energy for me❤️ is a world of love and tolerance❤️

Energy for me❤️ is Mother Earth taking care of herself, n not letting us exploit her…just like I don’t allow anyone to do the same to me❤️

Energy for me❤️ is my soul❤️ n it’s purpose❤️

Energy for me❤️ is the purpose of simply being joy❤️

Energy for me❤️ is watching ‘Frozen’ a million times or Mary Poppins or The sound of music

Energy for me❤️ is travelling❤️

Energy for me❤️ is being vulnerable yet open to people across the globe to love them like we’ve known each other for lives together 

Energy❤️ is to love one self, to the point of being immune to remarks, or taunts

Energy❤️ is to take oneself seriously only when it’s needed❤️ yet to love oneself like crazy

Energy❤️ is art❤️

Energy❤️ is music❤️

Energy❤️ is dance❤️

Energy is joy❤️

Energy is nature❤️

Energy is coloyrs❤️

Energy is love❤️

Energy is creatvitiy❤️

Energy is serving, when one feels whole enough to serve❤️

We have been taught to serve, to a point that we’d rather rip our souls serving (faking to serve) others than serve ourselves

N the time has come for a change❤️

I am that change❤️

Happily in service❤️

Choose you now❤️

There was a time, I used to totally speak very low of myself in public. My self esteem was rock bottom back then. As someone who was academically bright n quite intelligent, this was unexpected. I needed several blows, to realize that I had to pull myself out of this space❤️

I offer gratitude to each of those blows today! Cuz without them, I wouldn’t have realized, it was me that had to change❤️

Today as I tune myself in to the energy of this planet, I feel sadness❤️
cuz I see beautiful people running haphazard! I see them, doing stuff they hate, to earn money that’s just a resource at the end of the day.

I see people, who have rubbished themselves deep down! Killed their desire to do what they choose to do..people who inside their hearts, treat themselves like they’re shit..😔

People who kill themselves alive, n put themselves down not once n twice, but again n again😔 life treats them back, by manifesting their own emotions, n hence they’re going through manifestation of the rubbish inside them..

Hence the reinforced message : CHOOSE YOU NOW❤️

Start small. Choose any tiny action that lets the you breathe!!

May be all you got to do is admire the beauty inside, and take few deep breaths.

Are you in?

All starts here and now!

 There is a seed of magnificence in our now, that grows n keeps growing each second,each day!

To tap into the magnificence, all we got to do is, is so simple really!!

Simply recognize and acknowledge the seed, greet it, welcome it, ask it to stay and grow! ( it will grow even if we forget to ask it so 😜)

 Are you seeing magnificence today? 

In every scene you’re moving through? In the kitchen, in your office, with your kids, your spouse, parents?

As you stand alone, taking that shower, please look at the magnificence you see in the mirror!

That’s where all the magic lies. It all starts here and now❤️😍

It’s our time to shine!!

Yeah! Im telling you, all of mediocrity is coming to an end, making space for only n only magnificence!

It’s our time to shine!

To let our dreams breathe life into us!

To believe we have all it takes to get it done ❤️😍

To let our hearts rule the world instead of our minds..

To let compassion show us the path

Beautiful thoughts of love and joy, to multiply 

To leave petty politics behind and hold the hand of our beautiful magnificent future

To open our eyes to the gift named present

To shine through till we reach each and every being, n compel them to continue shining

It’s our time for a beautiful planet❤️😍

A planet that loves itself, and nurtures itself! A planet that protects n safeguards itself!

A planet that loves love, and empowers huge dreams

Are you ready to shine?


6th December 2015

thats me, looking forward for my first solo film watching experience

No worries how my son is doing! Absolutely no thoughts 😊

Everyone around me seems so disconnected. Am I the crazy one? Who thinks a lot? Who feels a lot?

Or may be I’m ALIVE!

Everyone else is simply pretending.

I sometimes wonder am I at my best when I’m alone?

No pretending,no judgment! Only n only being….

No opinions of others, no worries of tags n labels,no names, no avoiding ‘unwanted’ tags like angry, lazy ,straight forward,honest…

I am the most grateful woman alive cuz I have an extremely tolerant family, that simply lets me be!!!! 😍

It’s a beautiful day! 

I did something for the first time today!!

Watched an awesome movie ALONE! In a crazily expensive recliner, eating a huge tub of popcorn n sipping all the ice tea…all by myself..

I enjoyed the movie!! Tamasha😊

My day dint start exactly as planned yet it had so many gifts! Something sweet! Totally complementary 😍

You gotta let life surprise you!

Can’t choose simply the sweetness. Got to take the bitter as well. And accept it as if it was a beautiful gift wrapped specially for you.

Without much questioning!!

Just letting it be..


Duddz 😍

To life that’s always beautiful, whether or not I see it that way😍