Loads of Lightness in ‘Living in the NOW’!!!

I’m sitting in the a/c bus, looking out of the window, appreciating nature, listening to one of my fave track. And then suddenly waves of thoughts, drown me into an ocean!! Surprisingly, I don’t try to save myself, rather I enjoy being swayed into some time in the future or past. The jumps from past to future or from one situation to another are so quick that I completely forget about my fave track..

And then what?? I realize it, just when the song is about to end & then I play the track again.. And unbelievable!! The same waves take me in & the same foolishness & the same stuff all over again!!

Pause!!!! And Be Present!! Its worth it!!

Have you experienced this? Not remembering if you added sugar to your tea, not remembering where you kept the ticket, after collecting the change! Not remembering if you shampoo’d your hair or not!!!

Boss- This is no memory loss! Its just the waves of thoughts having their effect on us, each one of us! These thoughts, stop us from being present, stop us from living in the NOW!!

Being a Coach, its extremely essential for me, to get tuned into what my client is saying, suspending all sorts of judgement & actively listening!! So when I wear my Coach’s Hat, I see that I’m fully present to my client! All my thoughts are on ‘sleep’ mode.

What happens when I get off my Coach’s hat?? I’m a human being guys, and in-spite of knowing all these fundas, I get drowned into the thought- ocean..

Just today, in one of the general discussions at home, I caught myself getting drowned in the waves of thoughts!! I observed, that my thoughts were instantly interpreting what was being said, and they were generating one thought after the other -NON STOP. They were trying to create a sense of worry in me! ‘What’s gonna happen if…..???’

And instantly, I realized n protected myself from getting sucked in..All that I did, was stopped giving meaning to what was being said! Just watched the situation, simply heard what was being said! Din’t jump into, ‘Now what will I do?’ string of thoughts..

And you know how I felt- Absolutely LIGHT!! All I had to do, was listen- without any burden of thinking, agreeing, disagreeing.. Absolutely nothing!!!

No worries, no anger, no feelings at all!! Simply being alive- being in the present moment!! Tremendous Lightness!!

This exercise is worth the try! There are times when I still get sucked in to the ocean, yet this awareness of how light it is, to watch from the shore, the waves of thoughts, coming and going, is fun!!

I would encourage each and every one to try – simply observing the shops, the trees or whatever, that one sees,on one’s way to work! Consciously, making an effort to stay away from these thoughts, being fully present to just the moment!! It presents you with a beautiful lightness!!

Signing off with loads of gratitude!


The Best Person who can help me out of trouble???

Have you ever thought of asking yourself this question? If you ever have asked it, have you thought about the answer? And if you ever answered it, was the answer anywhere close to – ‘No doubt its ME’.

The ‘Me’ here does not refer to the person writing this post (that’s me) but refers to the person currently reading it (that’s you)

It’s quite natural that when we feel stuck, when we feel we’re in trouble, when we feel we need a solution, we often look for help outside. We look for a miracle to happen, or we wait for some divine soul to appear in our life who will tell us the solution. Sometimes we also try discussing our problems with friends, colleagues or whoever we see around us hoping to get some help. Nothing wrong with it!

Have you ever thought that YOU could be the best person to pull yourself out of trouble? And why is that? Cuz there is no one (other than the almighty) who knows the problem better than YOU, there’s no one who knows what is that stuff around the problem that’s bugging YOU! So when YOU are the best person to know & understand the problem, aren’t YOU also the best person to analyse and figure an awesome way out of it?

Isn’t this the reason why they say – God Helps Those Who Help Themselves!!

Sometimes what works for others may not work for us! We may have a different way of dealing with the problem & when we follow other’s suggestions or advice, it may actually even backfire.

So what to do then? Lets dive deep into ourselves. Lets just start getting aware about stuff that we like, stuff that we don’t like, stuff that we love doing, stuff that we absolutely hate from the bottom of our socks 🙂

Lets start getting present to ourselves. What happens when we are angry? Do we look good? Does it show on our face? Do other people find it weird when I shut myself up when I’m angry? Do they tend to misunderstand me cuz my expression of anger is different from theirs?

Being present to ourselves is just taking a minute off and noticing ourselves. Do we often work our way around being fully engaged in thoughts? Thoughts about what’s wrong with my health? or What did that friend mean when she actually said blah blah blah? or Why am I looking so old? Can people tell my age? Do i look happy? Am I really Happy? Why am I not happy?

OMG!! So many thoughts being processed at one time!! Are we driving or are we thinking? We don’t know if we added salt to the dish, we don’t know if we washed our face, if we did, we don’t know if we used soap or we used face wash. Did I shampoo once or twice? Did I turn off the burner flame?  What are we doing?

Lets get present to ourselves! Lets ask ourselves, what do we love most? What is that in my life, that claims to make it ‘MY LIFE’. What is a ‘MUST HAVE’ in my life? If a ‘MUST HAVE’  finds no time in my life, is it okay?

If you hear a big NO, then its time to dive deep inside! And when we do so, I’m sure one will ask the question – “The Best Person who can help me out of trouble???” & also answer it – It surely is MEEEEEEEE!

Its Celebration Time!! – Yayyyyy :)

Celebrating with One of my own creations rather than using a cake pic from google 🙂

Tried to fit my celebrations into the tiny celebration corner..Phew ..Gave up Cuz I have quite a few things to celebrate..

My list is as follows:

1] Finally I get to work on “My Image” ..I’ve been excited about this idea since quite some time.. Had parked it up in my head for later, but the time has finally come:)

Wow!! Am thrilled and super excited.. I am working at changing my whole look, (Read my IMAGE)!! I’m thinking of slowly revamping my wardrobe, my hairstyle (Wowww.. I luv visiting my hair stylist who chops off  the length), my footwear, my accessories and the way I carry myself..

I’m not an Image Management Guru so I’m taking help from one of my awesome, very talented  friends, whose damn good at all of this, and many other things… & this post is my way of thanking her in advance..

Prashanti!!! Babes thanks a ton, cuz you have no idea what you’re doing for me!! Your support means a lot to me, especially at this time when I’m taking baby steps to launch my career into the right direction.. Your single ‘YES’ made me jump with excitement the day you agreed, and I’m not gonna stop pestering you, till you’re done with what ure capable of doing!! Sending you many hugs in this post 🙂

2] The next thing I’m celebrating is the clear idea that I’ve got, about how to market my services, whom to market my services & how to go about developing my marketing / branding strategy!!

I’m not a Branding Guru!! So I’m taking the support of one of my school friends, whom I met just few months back after a long break of 11 years!! I had a faint idea of her profile but knew a lot about her creativity 😉 She is highly creative & excels not just at her work, but  is a creative artist & is gr8 at creating many more things 🙂

I just requested her help thru a sms!! & She was so prompt in agreeing & her single sms gave me so much hope!!This post is also for thanking her!!

Yashashree !!! Dear, wanna thank you so much! You readily agreed to help me out with the areas, I had zero idea about.. Just discussing stuff with you got me so much of clarity..I’m so grateful you agreed!! Thanks a ton!! Those few hours that you spent with me on 18th May are unforgettable for me, cuz they are the hours in which I saw a clear picture of my Coaching Practice & I’l always appreciate your readiness for supporting me.. Thanks so much 🙂

You have absolutely no idea how much hope you’ve given me!! This post is not at all intended to pressurize you about my goals!! In fact I’m feeling so gr8 you agreed to put your energy into it, that I’ve parked it for later 🙂 I know creative work takes sometimes a few minutes , some times a few weeks or months & I’m game for whatever it takes!!

Your support is what made the difference!! Thanks so much gal!!

3] I also wanna celebrate my achievement of posting 25 posts in the last 5 months!! I never knew this is a passion, Id luv to dive into.. & all the while I somehow was linking my passion to the response of my visitor reader friends..

But today, Id luv to give that up!!

Everyone is busy & not everyone has the time to spare for blogs, especially written by someone who keeps sharing her journey !! I’m in fact grateful that I’ve found so many readers who visit my blog regularly.. & I wanna thank all the 14 followers who have been following (read tolerating) ibelivetoday.wordpress.com!!

Thanks Akshay, you’ve been my single pillar of support since the time I thought of giving up my job, and your support matters the most to me!! I know you understand everything even though I don’t say it.. but when I’m thanking everyone else, your name comes first..

Thanks Addu!! When you say you liked my posts, I luv the feeling.. Thanks for motivating me so much babes 🙂

Thanks Aninda for encouraging me to start my own blog!

Thanks Sylvia, for I’ve been looking up to you, whenever I conceptualize my coaching practice & Ur blogs are something i luv reading..

Thanks Shakti!! Ur Coaching has really made a huge difference to me & I feel sad just thinking of how many sessions are left from the 12 we had initially planned 😦 !! Your constant support n listening has made me reach here & I wanna thank you whole heartedly

Thanks Ustad Chinoy!! Your blog made me rethink of what I think of myself.. & I have imitated your way of self acknowledgement !!

Thanks Surya, for following my blog, since the time I shared it with you!! Luv the feeling

Thanks Janak, Tanmoy & Paresh!! I’ve been out of touch since a long time, n wanna first apologise for it!! Thanks for reading my write!!

Thanks Dr. Chana for ur amazing posts!! It helped me a lot n I really admire your blog..thanks for following me so far 🙂

Thanks Ruchita for reading my blog!! I luv to hear about it during our short lunch break chat

Thanks Milena & Life Coach Marie for following my blog.. Knowing that someone living quite far off from my world finds the time to read my post, makes me feel awestruck  amazed:)

Also would like to thank all those cute friends, nice ‘2 be’ friends and all those other bloggers who liked, commented or visited my posts 🙂 Thanks so much.. It really means a lot to me..

4] Last & the most important one… I am also celebrating today the presence of all my beautiful family members in my life!!

Both my moms, dads 🙂  My Sis (in law)- Addu 🙂 My Didi, Jeeju n Anu baby 🙂 My Hubby, Akshay!! My 4 beautiful grandmoms 🙂 And all my cousins, aunts, uncles …..who are near or far!! Whenever we meet few times in a year, makes me realise I’m really lucky to have a beautiful family supporting me..

And a hearty thanks to all the others in this beautiful world who will be associated with me in the future, or have been associated with me before..or are continuing to do so now:)

Signing off,