Refresh those beliefs!!


We are so used to complaining all the time, that we forget we are in charge of our lives!

We act like we are watching an India -Pakistan match which we desperately want India to win, yet we can’t do anything other than scream at our cricketers and blame the ones who failed us.

Come on!! Its your life!

Now, lets not blame ourselves for acting like a victim all the time. Like I said, choosing to be a victim is always easy.

It makes us feel safe as we pass the blame on to someone else, as if we are doing the best we could do, yet horrible stuff is happening to us. That’s a safe feeling that unfortunately takes us nowhere.

Instead, if we re-evaluate the beliefs that back us in these situations, we can change a lot here.

Our beliefs are around making that impression on someone, someone else liking us, the world appreciating us, our ability to fake our world in order to appear perfect.

We’d rather feel rotten inside than to admit that our life isn’t working well.

Starting over isn’t tough! It starts with being okay with whoever we are, wherever we are, whoever we are with! When we are okay with it, its easier to find solutions to the situation. Resisting the situation is the fastest way to ensure we are hanging in there.

Which belief are you backed up with? Time to take charge and f5 them 🙂

Anything is possible!!

Will you believe me if I said anything is possible? I’m not here to promote Adidas and its punch line but there is so much depth n truth in it.

Can you think of limitations that you have set for yourself? Like I’ve nourished a belief inside of me for years which is that I can’t ride a 2 wheeler or drive a 4 wheeler ever cuz it just bothers me when people get their vehicles close to me/ my vehicle..

This belief is pretty much me now!! I can’t drive or ride 🙂
Does that mean I really can’t? No!! I have potential and power to drive very well, just that I choose not to believe in it.

So many times we are unaware of what’s happening inside us!! We don’t really catch ourselves choosing the limiting thoughts or beliefs and slowly these limiting beliefs start defining us.

Can u think for yourself a few such beliefs?? Do you have beliefs that:

are limiting your ability to earn funds?
are limiting your ability to find a life partner?
are limiting your ability to have a child?
are limiting you from owning your very own house/ property/ car?
are limiting you to lead a happy life with your life partner?
are pulling you down?

If so, all u got to do is watch them, and when you see them operating, you got to simple deflate them. Beliefs are like the products in the super mall. You will see thousands of them in variety of forms. You don’t buy every other thing you see in the mall. You choose and buy stuff you need..

Beliefs are similar to those variety of products. We got to choose the ones we need. If you got diabetes, would you buy candies for yourself?

Similarly, we got to choose beliefs that work for us. Beliefs are our way of manifesting beautiful things / events into our life. Beliefs are also another way of attracting negative events into our life.

When we know we can lose all those extra units of weight, we choose to live with that weight on us!! That’s a negative event..

When we know we can live healthily a beautiful life, we choose to worry about the minor ailments that then get magnifies eating out into our health. This is definitely a negative event..

We are created by an entity that’s whole, pure and complete. We are created by an entity that knows no limitations. And we have been created to realise that we are no different from this beautiful, full of love and possibilities – entity!! Call this entity god, Jesus, Allah, or any other name.. Call it nature, call it the beauty existing around it whatever

This entity is beautiful, never hurting,always loving, limitless!! And we are all capable of being limitless. Provided we believe so 🙂

What is your belief that you would nourish today?
The belief I nourish myself with today : I am capable of loving everyone around me!! And I truly mean everyone 🙂

How my coach ripped off an unwanted Underlying Belief (UB)!!

Written on 24th Sept. 11.24 pm

I couldn’t stop myself from posting this here!
An AHA moment just dropped by me today in a coaching session!! My Coach -Shakti Ghosal,successfully ripped off this underlying belief I had, that

‘I have to protect myself from people who are out there to talk ill of me! I have to keep myself safe, by not interacting with them’

Underlying Beliefs exist @ the core, unseen yet affecting every minute of our life!!

This underlying belief, was harming me a lot cuz I am an Extrovert, who loves interacting with people. I can make friends and connect to people instantly. But what I was actually doing, was exactly the opposite & this UB was responsible for it..

Slowly, I realized, I was not ‘the real me’ most of the time. And this matters a lot to me, cuz I love to be trusted & I also loved to trust people before.. I can’t bear that most of my time, I’m wearing a mask, n being the unreal me. I knew this, but never really gave it a thought..

Im lucky that today’s session I was kinda blank, with no other issue & off the shelf, this one came & it started getting intense n intense..

In the end, I got this amazing feeling of lightness!! This session was a ‘goose bumpy’ one cuz I was facing new stuff n new thoughts, I was becoming more self aware n listening n seeing myself well..

My take away- What people speak of me has got nothing to do with who I am!! Its got to do with who they are!! Why should I stop being ‘ME’ ?? However they would want to judge me, just shows up of what they’re made of..

It has got nothing to do with ‘WHO I AM!!!’

Cheers to you Shakti, for making me feel so empowered & light!!
Cheers to me, for realising this (with ur support- offcourse;)) n intending to take action -to be the real me, all of my time



Scared to dream big?

Not just dream big, we sometimes are even scared to dream! Wondered why? What really are dreams?

Our hopes of a beautiful future.. Our ambitions of doing something big… Our wish to be in a wonderful place very different from the place we are in now..

What must be the reason, why any person fears to dream? Dreams are hopes!! Dreams are like the wind, beneath the wings, that allow us to fly…Why would any person stop dreaming?

May be people think that dreams can only exist in imagination, they never really become true.. May be people think, why would such beautiful things they’ve dreamed of, happen to them.. what have they done to deserve such wonderful things

Im sure everyone of us has come across either or both of these 2  thoughts in various situations. Haven’t we? I know some of my reader friends are going to disagree saying  ..No… Who says we dont dream big.. We always dream big…infact we continue to dream big…

Ok!! Lets take the example of say Mr. X who stays in a joint family set up. He has a  family of 15 people, and he always dreams big. Inspite of having a pay packet of Indian rupees – 3 lacs per annum,he has been dreaming big since the last 8 years that he will take all 15 members of his family to a Europe trip. His pay package has almost been constant since the last 3 years, and knowing his lack of financial planning, I’l say that he has lots of guts to dream such big dreams.

There are people like him, who continue to dream big for years and years together…

Now friends, lets just look at Mr. X!! Is he really dreaming big? Not really… Why? Lets analyse..

Mr. X has  internally come to this judgement that a Europe trip is something he can never afford for his family. He has internally decided that its something that is JUST NOT MEANT for him. And so, though he thinks, that he is dreaming big, he is not really doing so..

Infact, he is doing something that is more harmful, than not dreaming at all.. Deep down he keeps saying this to himself, that its been 8 years since he has had this dream and the dream is as far from reality as it was 8 years ago.  So, in this internal talk, that he has with himself, unknowingly he is sowing a belief, that its impossible for him to make a dream come true.

He is slowly nurturing within him, an underlying belief that ” this dream can never come true”.

If he really thought that his dream can come true, he would have thought of ways to generate an income that is required to fulfill this dream. He would have started with saving money for this trip or would have thought of increasing his income somehow. He has done neither of it, which just shows that he has stopped believing in himself.

How many of us do this with ourself? If there was a machine, which could record our internal talk (the talk that goes on in our head, the talk that we do with ourselves) , we would have an evidence of how cheaply we treat ourselves.

We think, we just dont have it in us. We think we are not meant for the good things in life. We only think, that its impossible for us to be in a good looking situation, where we have all that we need..

We are very much responsible for the lack of abundance in our lives.

Who told all the famous and rich people in this world that they have the capacity to get rich? No one!! They just trusted themselves… They knew they had it in them!

Who has told us, that we dont have it in us, to achieve our dreams, to make it big, to get rich, to have a beautiful wife, a mindblowing house, a car, a career, …………..and whatever else we want to have in our life???

NO ONE!!! Its just our self!!

So now please think about this!!

Are we scared to dream big?? If YESSS comes the answer, then what is it that you fear thats stopping you?

Just coming to this awareness, that we are responsible for what is happening in our life, is a big achievement!! And those of us who know this, will be able to take steps to change all those things that are not working  in our life.

Stopping for now, but about dreaming big, theres more to come…So keep following 🙂