The gift 🎁 

When your heart calls out to you, to follow a trail that you have no clue about,believe me, you’re about to be showered with the gift of pure love ..

Not from outside you but from within!!

When you dig your hands into sand making sand castles, or play in the rain, or look at a pet n know the emotion deeply beyond words, it’s your own being showering you with pure love!!

When you talk to plants n flowers n tune into their energy, or smile at a stranger, or look at sunshine, you will know this immense feeling of love shining from within!!

If you have ever immersed yourself into any kind of art, or music or dance or anything close to it, you will know this feeling!!

It’s the gift of life! The gift of being aligned to your inner being who never has an emotion (forget thoughts or words) against you!!


12 signs you are a ‘heart chakra’ person❤️

A heart chakra person? Is that even a term! 

Well there are people who are ‘upper chakra’ people, people whose upper chakras are strong n open! Then there are ‘lower chakra’ people whose lower chakras are really strong!

loved creating this warli depiction of a wedding! it meant a lot of celebration❤️

And then there are people who have a strong n open ‘heart chakra’! 

Wanna find out if you’re amongst them? Here are 12 clear signs!

1. ‘NATURE‘ isn’t a word, it’s the world for you! Mountains, water bodies, greenery, meadows, flowers – name it n you are a lover of all of those!❤️

2. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BEINGS bump into you, like butterflies, squirrels, exotic birds, exotic flowers, huge trees. They often show up when you’re not even looking for them❤️

3. GREEN- it’s not just a color! It’s a vibe for you❤️ you love to use green in your wardrobe, accessories. 

4. ART – is your muse! You love any kind of art, and it easily blends into your open heart. Be it music, movies or works of art, you love them all❤️

5. Master of all trades? Yep! The word describes you perfectly cuz you wanna explore bits of everything. Cuz everything appeals to your big open heart❤️

6. FEEL – Something you do all the time! People think, yet you choose to feel. Your emotions and feelings are an integral part of you❤️

7. Intrigue- you experience it every now n then! You are intrigued by the magnificence of a mountain, the purring of a cat or even the beautiful sound of the chime❤️

8. EASE of experiencing JOY – the smile on a child’s face, a tear or the rains, the clouds, a beautiful movie, all kind of experiences seem to bring joy to you❤️

9. NOW – you tend to be totally present and focus on the NOW! Future or the past may affect you, but not for long. You seem to easily drift back to the now❤️

10. GRATITUDE- is more than prayer for you! You offer gratitude at the drop of a hat, and for every tiny lil joy in your life. It’s a way of your life❤️

11. PEOPLE PERSON –Heart chakra people are people oriented. They may be extroverts or introverts yet their magnetism towards people is alike❤️

12. PURPOSE- you find a deep sense of purpose in everything that you do! Just doing something for the heck of it isn’t your cup of tea ❤️

Are you a ‘heart chakra’ person?

Lemme know❤️

I definitely am one❤️



Lessons from nature

As I look around, all the greenery, the nature – they seem to be living a different life!
A life of trust, a life of giving, a life of serving others and a life of surrendering to the highest will!!
For the sake of humans, nature has always been accommodating , not complaining!! It gives us ..with joy and when we choose to destroy it, it gives in to our motives assuming (I’m sure they assume so) that its the divine will..

its so beautifull!!!

All they know is to exist, the leaves – they know to be green, move with the wind, when the seasons change they know they have to fall and they fall!! For them knowing and experiencing is one and the same..

They have no conflict! Of knowing one thing and experiencing the other.. They are at peace irrespective of whether they’re alive and kicking or whether they’re burning and dead..

If its really that easy to exist, simply breathing and giving in to the divine will, why are we experiencing conflict?

Be my guest : Revisit few of the most beautiful moments of your life!!

This experience is a rejuvenating one! To go back to those beautiful times, feeling the energy in those moments, re living them again & pouring the joy out of them back into our life!!

Wanna express huge gratitude for this amazing technology that allows me to share this stuff with you, allows me to bring you into a joyful circle filled with energy.

If you are with me here, reading this post, please feel free to sit comfortably in your chair, with both your feet grounded, hmmm touching the ground I meant. Simply observe your breath! Is it slow and full? Or is it shallow and too fast? If you wish to, you may simply take 3 deep breaths to bring your attention and awareness to this beautiful moment 🙂

All you have to do now, is visit some of the most beautiful n fun moments of your childhood! And while you are experiencing all the joy, do pay attention to every detail that filled you with joy!! So be my guest, close your eyes & take off into the bliss!!

Fill yourselves with bliss & joy 🙂

What do you see? What about those moments fills you with joy? Is it really joy or something else?

You know what comes to me? The fun time I had when I was 4 or 5 years old, running around Shivaji Park, getting trained for gymnastics 🙂 Climbing one of the 10 feet poles, with no fear of height, feeling full of confidence, knowing that I’l be able to climb down just as easily as I climb up – No fear of ‘What If I fall?’- Wow!!!

I can’t believe sometimes that with age, I’ve become so timid and full of fear! Where did I lose all my confidence? Where was that fearless Shraddha, who climbed that pole simply for the fun of it! By revisiting this beautiful moment, I pour back into my life- the fearlessness, the confidence, the fun loving-ness !!

Wow!! This is too beautiful 🙂 And you know what? We can bring this energy back into our life, when ever we choose to! Just close your eyes, and revisit the beauty & bliss! Its all yours! It always was..

We were just too busy getting somewhere else..No harm.. We still have time 🙂 Every minute of our life is worth all the joy and bliss in this world- If only we let it be:)

Signing off with infinite gratitude:)