The pleasure of finding the ‘Perfect Fit’!!

Perfectly MISFIT!! Isn’t it?

Have you wondered ever, what would life be if we all used ‘not so perfectly fitting’ stuff?

Like a pair of overly loose or very tight shoes, wearing  super tight pair of jeans, using spectacles of a higher power, eating more junk food, having a super soft couch that troubles your back, having a very hard mattress that irritates n hurts, using a hard brush that bleeds your gums..??

Have you imagined how one would feel using such mis fit stuff?

A few days back, I faced the worst 20 minutes of my life..May be I’m exaggerating, but I felt horrible, really very horrible.I was in a trial situation, literally, the situation tried me out!!

I had to try a costume, that was supposedly stitched as per my size, but was indeed many many sizes tighter!! Outcome- I was struggling for almost 20 minutes to get off something that wasn’t fit for me, something that made me freak out completely n left me experiencing total discomfort. I was almost in tears and was praying to god, to get me out of this, literally!!

It may sound funny now, but it was a traumatic experience for me. I couldn’t ask for help, couldn’t help myself and felt so very uneasy. I didn’t feel so uneasy when I was getting into it, rather it was quite effortless..

Finally after the 20 traumatic minutes, I somehow managed to pull myself out of this stuff & thanked god for saving me a lot of embarrassment!! This is a true incident that freaked the hell out of me, around 10 days back or so.

Have you thought about how this happens to us in our life?

How we get into all the unhealthy eating habits, a life of no exercise, a life of less discipline, waking up whenever we feel like, going to bed very late at night………

The list could be really looong. How we get into a wrong relationship or maybe many wrong ones, may be a really bad work atmosphere, a job that we hate from the bottom of our socks, bad company of not so perfect friends……

Have you thought about the trauma your body and your soul faces when its into a NOT SO PERFECT situation?

Believe Me, EACH ONE OF US IS WORTHY OF A LIFE WE LOVE!! And it may sound like a lot of effort to get into this perfect fit, that each one of us wishes for, but, in the end -ITS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

Have you ever given a thought to what’s your perfect fit life? How does it look like? Does it look possible?

If you have the will to get into this perfect fit life & have trouble figuring out your answers, find yourself a COACH -like I did. Why a Coach, and not anyone else?, now that’s for you to figure out!!