5 tips to reverse that energy drain!

The days when you feel like all your energy is getting sucked out of you, leaving you feel drained, try these tips.


1. De-clutter your space. Be it your office desk or room, garden or car. Claim your energy by simplifying the space. De-clutter is ‘my word’ for putting back things in their own space, like the clothes inside the cupboard, the documents inside their respective files n so on. If your desk is full of stuff, no wonder you’re feeling that drain. Just this one step is an instant ‘pick me up’!

2. Make room in the available space. The first tip is one way of making room. Other ways are get rid of stuff that’s lying untouched, out of use, or undone.  You’ve bought that dress you’re never gonna use, get rid of it! There is stuff that’s too used up and unfit for use. Show it the door. Stuff that needs to be done, like those stack of bills on your desk, go pay them n then get rid of it.

 3. Move stuff around!! I love this one. An activity as simple as dusting, can be an energy reviver. By dusting, you’re actually moving the dust out of place. Movement brings back energy. Even moving furniture around the room works great. When things are lying in the same place for a long time, they’re kinda deadening your energy. Simply moving them around can work wonders.

4. Let the breeze in. Light and ventilation can be an instant pick me up! Open some of the windows, and let the light n breeze in. Instant way to lift your energies. Well ventilated spaces feel lively as against ones where there’s very little ventilation. If you’re driving, try pulling down your window and let the oxygen hit you in your face. Try me. 

5. Drink water & breathe. We often forget to drink water which is a must have! When sensing an energy drain, just pick a bottle of water and start gulping it in good volume. You will feel the energy back in no time. Also, check in on your breaths. Try going out and take those deep breaths. Let all that fresh air and oxygen rush tingle your energies back. 

Try these tips out. They’re not just simple and easy, they’re way too effective. Your energy levels and the space you’re spending time in, are co-related. If you’re spending more time in the kitchen, use these tips there. If your workspace needs an energy fix, be my guest. If it’s your room that has been ignored for long, spend a little time, using these tips there.

Your energy is waiting for you to claim it back 🙂 go get it!!

Real life is outside folks!!!

We find these illustrations funnily true yet we’re light years away from realising how this addiction is going to get to us and our future generation! We’re intelligent , we know this addiction takes us nowhere! Yet we’re so addicted that we are unable to devise our escape plans..


Here are some tips for an awesome escape plan!

– Spend some time (as little as 5 mins) every day consciously keeping away from your phone/ tabs

– Go outdoors. Enjoy the rain. Sleep on the lawn, see the open blue sky! Let the colors of the flowers fill your eyes.

– Breathe!! Yeah simply breathe when you’re in fresh air, and pay attention to how shallow or deep your breath is! Yes – this is the oxygen that our body needs, that we are totally unaware of. Just be present to that oxygen you’re breathing in

– Connect with your friends / family members in ways other than your phone. Watch a movie together at home, visit a friend, say hi to your neighbors, plan a weekend get away where there isn’t any reception /network 😉

– Listen to those birds chirping outside. Can you see them? Can you distinguish the sounds from one another?

– Drink water! Yeah! Pay a visit to that bottle of water and finish it at least half way down.

– Move!! Dance, run, brisk walk. Whatever allows you to move. Sitting in one place with that phone is making us lazier by the minute. So even as you walk towards your bosses cabin, move faster.. Use the stairs instead of the lift. At home, show some energy as you walk towards the door when the bell rings.

– Be present! In the shower, pay attention to the fragrance of the soap/ shower gel you’re using! How does the cold / warm water feel? Does it relax you? Does it energise you? If all the time your thoughts are running in that head, you don’t even know if you shampood your hair or not!!

– When you’re outside, instead of looking into your phone, look at those smiles on peoples faces. If there are no smiles, try bringing some 🙂

Real life is outside folks. LIFE is outside. Whats in the phones is just a dull vibe, that is slowly getting on to us. And it’s time to dust that vibe aside!!!