My baby blogsite is growing like crazy!!!

Love you my blogsite:

When I created this baby blog site years back, I was struggling to write a post once every few weeks..
N taking Baby steps has got me here🎁
1062 views in this year alone, n it’s just March yet 😍

if you feel im bragging here, think twice..
I am inspiring you to take baby steps..
one lil thing at a time, maybe its your daily walk, or finding time to do something you love..

just one tiny bit at a time, grows into this huge tree, with consistency..
so take the step..if not daily, do it weekly.. If not weekly do it monthly or whatever..

take it!! taking the step is more important that doing it daily..

The Richness called LIFE❤️

There’s absolute richness …
in words of appreciation, that flow from the heart..
in hugs and cuddles, and kisses that come unasked..

There’s something priceless…
in the chirping of birds, especially when they’re 
reflecting your joy, thru their voice..

There’s an unlimited worthiness..
in HAVING ‘the’ thing that a person wants..N yet the worth grows 
in the GIVING away of it..n in the person WANTING to take it from YOU!!!!!

There’s an unmeasurable joy…
in the countless, tiny serendipitys, that are orchestrated specially for ME❤️
Especially when they’re disguised..n I recognize them…

There’s an unquantifiable value I feel inside..
that makes me feel INFINITE… when I paint, also when I hug a tree..
These emotions make the oceans feel smaller n the galaxy a tad bit tinier..

There’s an overflow of abundance..
In that moment, when you find the perfect tree to hold, a blossom to wear,
n a person to click it, n the capture turning out magnificent❤️

I feel like the richest woman alive,
When my son wipes my tears ….even the ones that roll out of pure joy

I feel whole and abundant…
When someone receives my gift..wholeheartedly n sees the value in it that I created..

I feel unmeasurable JOY..
When I feel beautiful in this body, irrespective of how it appears 

I feel worthwhile..
When I’m able to see others from a space of love rather than judgment..

I feel whole and un describable emotion..
When I’m in nature..the expression of which puts words to shame..

It’s a shame, we feel empty inside..
when there is so much joy meant for us to grab..

It’s unfortunate, we equate ourselves with tiny rectangles of paper, 
that change value with time…

Is life really so cheap, that we trade it for the tangibles??

Is life so complex, that we kill the experience cuz the outcomes seem unwanted??

I choose n desire to feel this joy, n simplicity,
Every waking day!! 

Feeling the joy that it takes to write this post, is what makes my life much richer ..

PS: My first canvas, (technically Second, cuz I made the first one for myself) found itself a happy owner!! N yes, it moved me and the one who received it beyond words..


A combo of Energy Work in a Painting❤️🎁

Just finished creating this piece, which is a gift for my new found friend, Dadu!

I met Dadu, while appearing for the exam that qualified both of us, to be Insurance Agents🎁

He was sitting next to me, and it was about five mins left for the exam to start, when he started chatting with me. In less than two mins, common threads showed up, and he happened to write my contact number down.

It was so sweet of him, to message me after the exam. I was too hungry to wait for the entire hour, n so I finished the exam in 25 mins n moved out. He messaged me later and there, began a journey of energy exchanges.

We both believe we are gifts sent to each other! I find him to be a gift from my Ajjus (grand dads) who have passed on. He believes, I could be sent to him by his beloved wife who has passed on.

He sent me a cake few days back n flowers to celebrate our friendship❤️🎁

And tomorrow he is sending me a gift❤️🎁

And this piece of energy work is my way of saying thank you❤️😍

The Angels, guides and spirits of beloved ones who have passed on protect us! They’re depicted in the border of the painting!

The indigo layer represents the third eye, that helps us see the gifts around us and offer gratitude for the same.

The blue and indigo criss cross grid, is a filter that only allows good vibes to pass in, and rejects low vibrations and negative energy.

The checks in brown are a sum of all that we have n stuff that we don’t, to put together a wholesome n gratitude centered space, where everything that’s with us, or probably not, is for a reason❤️🎁

And in the center is my Dadu’s space!!

Home, office, his heart which has space for celebrations galore, peaceful vibes with family and the tribe (community)

Prosperity is depicted by the number of increasing dots in the Rangoli designs.

The green leaves are blessings of nature and abundance❤️🎁

This painting is an energy work in its own! 

Created with pure intention, and clear purpose❤️🎁

I’m sure Dadu will love it❤️🎁

What’s on your ‘blessings to them’ list today?

I call it a ‘blessings to them’ list, though it’s a slight make over of a gratitude list.

Our gratitude list contains stuff we offer gratitude for, whereas a ‘ blessings to them’ list offers gratitude for Stuff we’d really love to have..

When we bless others who are experiencing the stuff we choose to experience, we tend to send energy to the experience!

Whatever we send energy to, or focus our thoughts on, tends to grow in our lives.

Here’s my list:

Sending blessings to each n every person who:

– takes time out to breathe well

– enjoys vacations n trips to beautiful parts of the country n the world

– tries something new regularly

– helps others as much as possible

– spreads love thru a single smile

– has loads of family trips, moments,dinners, get to gethers

– enjoys the company of nature

– is able to express themselves thru their art

– is following their heart

– cares for themselves as lovingly as they do for others

– enjoys time with grand kids

– creates stuff, runs their buziness, enjoys their job, loves their work

– keeps fit

– eats healthy

– loves their life

– enjoys photo shoots ❤️

– follows their passion endlessly

– watches loads a fun movies

– enjoys various cuisines

– loves the way they dress ❤️

– creates their own unique style rather than imitate ❤️

– spends fun times with loving friends

– stands up for themselves….

Oohhhh the list is loooooong..

What’s on your list??

Celebrations, not comparisons..

Two days back, I heard my cousin bro perform. He plays the guitar so well and sings awesomely awesome too. Yet I felt like he dint know the value of his talent..  

Nikhil – you’re my rock star ..bro!! There will be a day, we both won’t have to remember Michael Jackson as the popular star who we share our birthday with. Trust my words. N that day, I’m gonna loot your pockets.. Mind my words

All of us, we’re so self critical all of the time that we lose out on having fun! My blog crossed 25,000 hits yesterday n all that I could think was, other blogs who have hits in lakhs. I kept feeling small.

I realized though, that my blog can’t reach hits in lakhs unless it crosses this tiny milestone. Forget 25k, even hits in single digits is a milestone. There is nothing like small or big. Ours is a journey, and we ought to celebrate our milestones.

That’s how, I pushed myself to acknowledge the milestone on my fb page. We can’t keep feeling small all the time. There is nothing wrong in that but if we do, we will never feel contented. We will always feel small, not successful, fat or not slim or not fair, or not beautiful, ……

The beginning is a tiny space in our hearts that compels us to feel whole, feel beautiful, feel good, feel worth, feel successful!!

So go ahead n feel good, feel whole! Be like my 14 month old son who doesn’t think twice before clapping for himself. Be bold, clap for yourself, appreciate yourselves.

This is one of the many lessons my son, Ekaansh teaches me. We need celebrations n not comparisons 

Adios. Signing off with loadsa love n gratitude in my heart.


Happy in my thirties <3

We just watched this beautiful movie, titled ‘the longest ride’. As we were done with the movie, I thanked my husband for downloading such beautiful movies for us to watch over weekends. It’s been a year since our new life as parents started and I don’t think much has changed. Even though I know a lot has changed, actually it hasn’t.

I told my hubby that I’m so much happier in my thirties than I was in my twenties 🙂 We watch these movies over the weekends, sometimes in instalments of two or three. And not just any movies. Mindblowing movies that dig deep into your soul, make you think, make you feel, make you grateful for all that you have.

There’s this perspective, this beautiful perspective of life, which you have at thirty, which you don’t at twenty! There are so many things to look forward to, stuff to offer gratitude for, so many moments to relish n so many to look forward to. 

Wonder if people who feel bad as they age, ever get this perspective? It’s beautiful! As every year passes, we’re getting better at this beautiful fun game called life. The ups n downs remain the same, yet our perspectives of the game changes. Every year were just getting better n better 🙂

This blog post is precious for me as it captures the gratitude I have for life, for turning 32 soon, for having all the beautiful people in my life, for knowing that life has my back 🙂 it’s beautiful 🙂 it really is.

I haven’t written my soul off like this since a long time. And I think this is some kind of comeback 🙂 I intend to write 31 posts, one each night simply to celebrate this August month, which is also the very first of my birth month celebration events 😉 

So I’m not just celebrating my birthday week, but celebrating the entire month! Here’s to many such celebrations to come 🙂 

Ps: thank you Akshay n Ekaansh 🙂 n thank you my beautiful family ❤ 

Coming full circle!!!

Have you ever worked on a project so exciting, that finishing the project in itself would be a celebration for you?

I’m working on a very super exciting project, something I’ve been putting on hold for a really long long time. And as the project fills me with excitement and eagerness and loads of enthusiasm, I just tossed myself a thought..

My first patchwork project! A gift for Ekaansh 🙂

I told myself happily, “when you complete this project, you should buy yourself something special!”  The thought instantly filled me with joy, and as I wondered about what is it that I really wanted to buy myself when my project hits ‘Successfully Done’ – I was blank..

I wasn’t blank with the lack of ideas, but rather I was blank cuz completing this project is going to be a beautiful ‘gift-to-self’ in itself. There was nothing more I expected, other than enjoying this journey and not hurrying myself to the destination.

I really scanned through various gift choices like a vacation, shoes, loads of shopping, enrolling into courses, learning new skills/ getting certified ……

But seriously, nothing …absolutely nothing, matched the joy that I would bring to myself by successfully completing this project.

And it feels so amazing! Feels like I’ve come full circle, from ‘not knowing’ my purpose in life,  to feeling desperate to find it, to attempting to reach it, to making lists of ‘Must have’s’ and finally giving it all up ,not on compulsion but by a deep choice that really tells me who I am!!

I’m still in this journey, and I still do not know who I am!! But this milestone, needs to be celebrated 🙂

And the best part is that the milestone in itself is a celebration & the celebration completely lies in the milestone!!

Offering gratitude, loads n loads of it!

Have you thought about your exciting project???

Celebration time :)

I am celebrating quite a lot of stuff today 🙂

~ The first n a big win I wanna share with everyone- I’ve posted more than 100 posts on ibelivetoday & this is kinda big for me 🙂 I never thought that I could move  through this journey enjoying every bit of my blogging experience 🙂 Realizing that this is a newly found passion, I know I have a long way to go 🙂

~ I’ve just realized, I’ve thrown a few blocks out of my life, that stopped me from loving people. The blocks like being judgmental about people and not being able to connect with them , is something I’m exploring more and more..

Seems like I’m welcoming more light into my life and more love and openness towards appreciating differences in people :)It sure is a new me 🙂

~ Another huge ,n I mean SUPER DUPER huge win is finally I slept alone in the dark 🙂 🙂 🙂 I had visited my parents last night & I was brave in overcoming my fear of being alone in the dark. I slept a peaceful night, kicking all my thoughts a brave goodbye & enjoying the new me, who took charge 🙂

Its like being reborn 🙂 Its too beautiful

So 3 huge wins 🙂 What am I gonna celebrate this with? With a groovy track 🙂

This is kinda funny but I’ve got to share it with all.. I actually enjoyed watching a hindi movie ‘Student of the year‘,with my hubby n addu (My hubby hates watching hindi movies cuz theyre overflowing with melo drama, dancing around trees etc etc ) on saturday & it was fun.. Laughing at stupid jokes, checking up with my hubby if he was tracking okay (loll -this was fun)

Knowingly taking him for a movie, I’m quite sure he won’t enjoy ,yet enjoying with him the highs or should I say lows- Mindblowingly Awesome 🙂

I actually love all the songs in this movie & so sharing this song– my fave from the movie 🙂 Enjoy..

I luv listening to it, n hope u do too



Blessed with the Power of Expression :)

Amazing Must watch – Barfi 🙂

What kind of power does ‘Expressing Oneself’ bring along? or rather let me ask you, how do you feel when you can easily express everything that’s going inside of you?

I’m very sure you would have never given this a thought!

Just about a week back, I watched this Hindi movie- ‘Barfi‘, in which the protagonist is (played by actor Ranbir Kapoor) a boy named Barfi, who is born deaf n mute.  The whole movie is a kind of a celebration of this boy’s life & I loved the beauty of his character. The contentment that the character portrays & his attempts to make the life of others around him, as beautiful as he perceives his life to be, is simply- Mindblowing!!

Just as much as I enjoyed watching this movie, I also realized how much I’ve taken for granted the abilities that I’ve been bestowed with.

Each one of us has the power to take control of our life, irrespective of how much ‘GIFTED’ we are in sense of these abilities. Its never about, how much have we received.. Its always about, what have we done about what we have received..

I didn’t mention this amazing power of expression in my gratitude list, but now that I’ve noticed, I must offer my gratitude to the giver for not just allowing me to easily express myself vocally, but also the power of expression he has gifted me thanks to this blog.

Loved the movie & suggest that everyone catch a glimpse of it. All the 3 actors, Ranbir, Priyanka & Ileana have done an awesome job, & however much one may criticize the depth of the love- story, I encourage all you Hindi movie lovers to go watch it as its an example of a self- love story!!

I loved the character of Barfi & felt its a gr8 starting point for each one of us,to love ourselves, the way we are & celebrate life just like this character does 🙂

Signing off!


TEN nice n awesome things I did yesterday :)

10 NnA things I did 🙂

1. Inspite of getting late for my Guitar class, prepared Chapatis for my hubby’s lunch box – Luv u Duddz for not goofing up with ur priorities 🙂

2. I learnt how to strum variety of strum patterns on my Guitar, for various hindi songs using a single chord – E minor (The only one I’ve learnt so far)- Yay, now I will never say ‘But, I dunno how to strum’

3. Reblogged this beautiful pic, Himalayas from above & thanked god 🙂

4. Sent a congratulatory mail to my students for dipping themselves ‘full on’ into action 🙂 After the success of a well planned n fun ‘Teacher’s Day’ they’ve gotten together for organizing a beautiful celebration of Engineer’s Day on 15th Sept

5. I did quite a lot of successful ‘late evening’ multi tasking in my kitchen n finished my chores in less than an hour (Which is quite an achievement for me- lol)

6. I didn’t get upset with my client who forgot about our Coaching Session (Thanks to my coach Shakti, who did the same for me, when I forgot our session couple of times) & I also din’t get upset at myself after realizing, that it was my confusion n not ‘she forgot @ our session’ 🙂

7. I read a blogpost @ RAOK – aka Random acts of Kindness as a way of celebration.. Awesome post!!

8. Saw these beautiful Magnolia flowers @ Bec’s blog & thanked god for all his beautiful creations 🙂

9. Explored a beautiful travel blog & loved Timothy’s ride on a bamboo boat 🙂

10. I am celebrating 4 successful to do items out of 6 (that I had challenged myself to do) for a 21 day period.

ONE-  I not just joined my Guitar class, but have been practicing & attending them regularly – Yay..

TWO- I took up and successfully executed the challenge of including meaningful games for my Group Coaching assignment 🙂 Thanks to the challenge board- I loved the games! They added a lot of meaning and value to my Coaching 🙂

THREE – I registered for an October Supervised Coaching (Sessions in which a Master Coach evaluates and assesses me on my coaching skills, while I am coaching a client ) Yes, I will graduate as a Certified Professional Coach by December 2012 – Yayyy Hurray

FOUR- My multitasking in the kitchen is paying off, since the time I decided to restrict the time I spend in the kitchen. The goal was an excellent one, which I also enjoyed executing !!I choose that this goal stays with me for the rest of my life 🙂

😉 Getting up in the morning @ 7.20 am – I did it for quite a few days but cant make it a part of my routine.. I’ve decided to keep this one flexible as it spells more morning time with my hubby 🙂

😦 Doing Pranayam n exercising  😦 Cudn’t get this important one right.. But no probs.. Im gonna continue tracking on this one..

So that’s about my list of 10 NNATID yesterday..Thank you god for everything that you’ve blessed me with 🙂

Signing off!