Celebration time :)

I am celebrating quite a lot of stuff today 🙂

~ The first n a big win I wanna share with everyone- I’ve posted more than 100 posts on ibelivetoday & this is kinda big for me 🙂 I never thought that I could move  through this journey enjoying every bit of my blogging experience 🙂 Realizing that this is a newly found passion, I know I have a long way to go 🙂

~ I’ve just realized, I’ve thrown a few blocks out of my life, that stopped me from loving people. The blocks like being judgmental about people and not being able to connect with them , is something I’m exploring more and more..

Seems like I’m welcoming more light into my life and more love and openness towards appreciating differences in people :)It sure is a new me 🙂

~ Another huge ,n I mean SUPER DUPER huge win is finally I slept alone in the dark 🙂 🙂 🙂 I had visited my parents last night & I was brave in overcoming my fear of being alone in the dark. I slept a peaceful night, kicking all my thoughts a brave goodbye & enjoying the new me, who took charge 🙂

Its like being reborn 🙂 Its too beautiful

So 3 huge wins 🙂 What am I gonna celebrate this with? With a groovy track 🙂

This is kinda funny but I’ve got to share it with all.. I actually enjoyed watching a hindi movie ‘Student of the year‘,with my hubby n addu (My hubby hates watching hindi movies cuz theyre overflowing with melo drama, dancing around trees etc etc ) on saturday & it was fun.. Laughing at stupid jokes, checking up with my hubby if he was tracking okay (loll -this was fun)

Knowingly taking him for a movie, I’m quite sure he won’t enjoy ,yet enjoying with him the highs or should I say lows- Mindblowingly Awesome 🙂

I actually love all the songs in this movie & so sharing this song– my fave from the movie 🙂 Enjoy..

I luv listening to it, n hope u do too




Blessed with the Power of Expression :)

Amazing Must watch – Barfi 🙂

What kind of power does ‘Expressing Oneself’ bring along? or rather let me ask you, how do you feel when you can easily express everything that’s going inside of you?

I’m very sure you would have never given this a thought!

Just about a week back, I watched this Hindi movie- ‘Barfi‘, in which the protagonist is (played by actor Ranbir Kapoor) a boy named Barfi, who is born deaf n mute.  The whole movie is a kind of a celebration of this boy’s life & I loved the beauty of his character. The contentment that the character portrays & his attempts to make the life of others around him, as beautiful as he perceives his life to be, is simply- Mindblowing!!

Just as much as I enjoyed watching this movie, I also realized how much I’ve taken for granted the abilities that I’ve been bestowed with.

Each one of us has the power to take control of our life, irrespective of how much ‘GIFTED’ we are in sense of these abilities. Its never about, how much have we received.. Its always about, what have we done about what we have received..

I didn’t mention this amazing power of expression in my gratitude list, but now that I’ve noticed, I must offer my gratitude to the giver for not just allowing me to easily express myself vocally, but also the power of expression he has gifted me thanks to this blog.

Loved the movie & suggest that everyone catch a glimpse of it. All the 3 actors, Ranbir, Priyanka & Ileana have done an awesome job, & however much one may criticize the depth of the love- story, I encourage all you Hindi movie lovers to go watch it as its an example of a self- love story!!

I loved the character of Barfi & felt its a gr8 starting point for each one of us,to love ourselves, the way we are & celebrate life just like this character does 🙂

Signing off!


TEN nice n awesome things I did yesterday :)

10 NnA things I did 🙂

1. Inspite of getting late for my Guitar class, prepared Chapatis for my hubby’s lunch box – Luv u Duddz for not goofing up with ur priorities 🙂

2. I learnt how to strum variety of strum patterns on my Guitar, for various hindi songs using a single chord – E minor (The only one I’ve learnt so far)- Yay, now I will never say ‘But, I dunno how to strum’

3. Reblogged this beautiful pic, Himalayas from above & thanked god 🙂

4. Sent a congratulatory mail to my students for dipping themselves ‘full on’ into action 🙂 After the success of a well planned n fun ‘Teacher’s Day’ they’ve gotten together for organizing a beautiful celebration of Engineer’s Day on 15th Sept

5. I did quite a lot of successful ‘late evening’ multi tasking in my kitchen n finished my chores in less than an hour (Which is quite an achievement for me- lol)

6. I didn’t get upset with my client who forgot about our Coaching Session (Thanks to my coach Shakti, who did the same for me, when I forgot our session couple of times) & I also din’t get upset at myself after realizing, that it was my confusion n not ‘she forgot @ our session’ 🙂

7. I read a blogpost @ RAOK – aka Random acts of Kindness as a way of celebration.. Awesome post!!

8. Saw these beautiful Magnolia flowers @ Bec’s blog & thanked god for all his beautiful creations 🙂

9. Explored a beautiful travel blog & loved Timothy’s ride on a bamboo boat 🙂

10. I am celebrating 4 successful to do items out of 6 (that I had challenged myself to do) for a 21 day period.

ONE-  I not just joined my Guitar class, but have been practicing & attending them regularly – Yay..

TWO- I took up and successfully executed the challenge of including meaningful games for my Group Coaching assignment 🙂 Thanks to the challenge board- I loved the games! They added a lot of meaning and value to my Coaching 🙂

THREE – I registered for an October Supervised Coaching (Sessions in which a Master Coach evaluates and assesses me on my coaching skills, while I am coaching a client ) Yes, I will graduate as a Certified Professional Coach by December 2012 – Yayyy Hurray

FOUR- My multitasking in the kitchen is paying off, since the time I decided to restrict the time I spend in the kitchen. The goal was an excellent one, which I also enjoyed executing !!I choose that this goal stays with me for the rest of my life 🙂

😉 Getting up in the morning @ 7.20 am – I did it for quite a few days but cant make it a part of my routine.. I’ve decided to keep this one flexible as it spells more morning time with my hubby 🙂

😦 Doing Pranayam n exercising  😦 Cudn’t get this important one right.. But no probs.. Im gonna continue tracking on this one..

So that’s about my list of 10 NNATID yesterday..Thank you god for everything that you’ve blessed me with 🙂

Signing off!



My first day as a Passion Coach :) Yayy !!

An Orange Celebration 🙂

I couldn’t sleep last night imagining the various situations that could come up today, in my very first session of group coaching. How would the students react? Will they be in a mood of listening to what I have to say? Will I be in control of the situation? What if the Ice breaking session doesn’t take off as per plan? Should I say this if so and so happens or should I say that? OMG!! It was a bad night..

I’ve never ever had a problem catching sleep in my entire life except for 2 events. Even during the most competitive of exams that I had to appear, I always used to fall asleep within no time, in fact, that time I was facing the challenge of keeping awake. LOL 😉

So the only 2 times, I had a tough time catching sleep was the night before my wedding day & the second one was yesterday.  The night before my wedding, I was completely blank & had no clue why I was unable to catch sleep. It wasn’t that I was having cold feet. Dunno, it was the first time I experienced complete blankness. May be it was out of excitement.

But yesterday I was kinda nervous. What if my very first step to kickstart my new career fails? What if something goes wrong & I mess up big time? Hmm, I guess this happens when a lot is at stake.

By god’s grace, my very first session was rocking & I not only managed to break the ice, I also savoured all those moments 🙂 I had a lot of fun just as much as the audience had and there were absolutely no signs of nervousness.

This was the day I had envisioned almost 10 months back when I had made up my mind to bid a final farewell to a full time job. I knew, this would be the stuff I’d love to do, helping people bring their lives in alignment with their passion and values,supporting them in living a life of purpose.

So here am I, feeling extremely grateful & thankful 🙂 & celebrating my win with all of you.

Yayyy 🙂

Have you tasted SUCCESS lately?

What does Success mean to you?

Have you tasted SUCCESS lately?

And if I think, one can answer this question in a simple YES or NO, then, for sure I’m mistaken!!

In this competitive or modern world, we often see everyone running their own race. It’s great to be running!! It’s a beautiful evidence that we exist competitively and are geared up to face the challenges that are being thrown at us in this ever-changing world…

But have we really given it a thought as to where is this eventually going to stop? Is it thoughtless running?  Or a process of reaching some destination?

Is this final destination, any random stop, that our running lands us into, when we finally give up or are we really thinking about where we are heading towards???

So while focusing on this beautiful and powerful question – “Have you tasted Success lately?” , am sure our attention naturally flows to another powerful question which is “What really does Success mean to me?”

Is success linked to having an enormously long, 8, 9 or 10 digit figure as bank balance? Or is success defining for us the way we want to spend our life – in peace, harmony, having a beautiful family, beautiful relationships?

Or does success mean getting that extra footage of being in spotlight and having our name, flashing in newspapers, media and stuff like that? Or may be it is the status and lifestyle of having an envious villa, a royal carriage (read loooooong cars) or simply loads of stuff to brag about?

Is it simply feeling AWESOME about the countless events in our life that moisten our eyes while leaving a broad smile on our faces, or is it the 4 digit figure denoting the number of virtual friends and connections we have? Is success all about dedicating our life to a noble cause close to our hearts?

Or is success simply about setting ourselves free of all the limiting, self-imposed constraints that we have tied ourselves to??

What does Success smell like? What kind of beautiful picture comes to mind while visualizing SUCCESS ? With whom can this success be shared and celebrated with?

Is Success a destination, or a never-ending journey of constant learning and growth?

We often hear people using this 7 letter word containing 2 vowels, 2 ‘C’s and 3 ‘S’s so generally!!! And is it the overrated meaning of this word that is actually making us run away from it?

What really is Success?

For a 1-year-old, his first tiny step to independence? For a 5 or 6-year-old, his first solo journey on his bicycle? For a teenager, his very first share of self earned pocket-money? For a graduate, is it that energetic hat toss?

What else? What does Success mean to you?

Have we got so serious that we have stopped celebrating the success of catching fish in the hope of catching a much bigger one?

It’s never too late in life, till our last breath!!

And we are very much alive and ticking…So now I take the pleasure of asking my friends here, with a hope that they will celebrate their success with me…


The MAGIC of Acknowledgement!

I wonder how i survived all these years, without really knowing the intent & meaning behind this long word ‘ACKNOWLEDGEMENT’. I remember faintly,reading this word on the second page of my black book (my Final Year Engg Project). So silly of me- an Engineer awaiting my degree, not knowing what is really meant by Acknowledgement !!

A simple act of  recognising a person – for something that is really wonderful about him/ her & more importantly letting them know about this !! We kinda know it but seldom apply it!

Today, when i sit here reflecting back -after 2 wonderful sessions on the MAGIC word, i am forced to answer for myself -If I received 50 % more acknowledgement than I do today,in the next 5 yrs of my life ,how different would my life be? And i go on to answer- ‘My life definitely will be unimaginable’ !!

And why is that ? ‘Cuz Acknowledgement shifts the focus from “what went wrong” to “What went really well” thus focusing on strengths rather than on weaknesses’

‘With more acknowledgement,I see myself more confident of taking up challenges, thus celebrating my strengths. I see myself feeling happy & confident of all the attempts I make, even though they don’t end up as successes.I trust the potential I have, & my capability to succeed.With more acknowledgement, I see myself as a very beautiful person, who doesn’t find faults with others or within self but seeks to see the beauty & strengths in other people :)’ And it surely feels empowering 🙂

I simply have to make up my mind that instead of picking  faults, IM GONNA SEE WHATS REALLY BEAUTIFUL!! And yes, am gonna tell them whats so beautiful about them!! And it does not make me any less beautiful!!
Because -as rightly quoted in my module- ‘ To be able to acknowledge ourselves or someone else we cannot be needy. Acknowledgement is a very pure form of giving. We can only give if we are well topped up. To acknowledge another person means you have to move beyond yourself and see them only’
Wow!!! Id SO like to acknowledge myelf here- for my courage to share my blog with all of you.And i want to acknowledge & thank each one of you for your patience & time for putting up with me all this while. 🙂  Indeed a gr8 job:)
So friends- When are we playing this magic?After all, a word from us could mean a lot to others ,without us having to pay much!!