The night train to Lisbon?

Just watched this movie again, ‘night train to Lisbon’!! There’s so much depth to some stories, that they speak to you in your very own personal language!

Wonder if all writers feel this way that I do, that the character ‘Amadeu’ felt! Life is a journey to one’s soul…the events, places, happenings simply take you closer, a step each time. 

Being grounded lets one feel their rebellious side…the part which wants to fly high, to unexplored lands. There was a time, I desired to feel grounded, safe, secure.. And there was a time I desired to simply fly high, not let my feet touch the ground! And today, I love both cuz they help me appreciate and understand the other better.

Life is indeed beautiful! The best of both worlds. I’ve always aspired to write a book. A book that I initially thought would be my key to money n abundance. I now realize this book won’t address my trivial needs like money or abundance. This book will take me to the very recesses of my soul. If only I let it be. 

For the very first time, I’m letting my thoughts about writing a book, out. I guess my book needs an identity. It wants to fly high too like I once did. 

There’s nothing we can claim of ourselves, everything is changing so fast. The only claim that we may is on our soul that witnesses everything without wanting to hold on or grab any of it.

Cheers to my book. I hope to see you out soon. Not the least for money, but at last to claim my soul!!