The NO-objection agreement!

Yeah! We all signed this agreement, when we chose planet earth as our school.

Which means, everything that is happening to us, is chosen by our soul, with a *mark, that means, we are eligible to change the happenings any time.

Statements like, life isn’t treating her well, or that he is going through a rough phase, or that poor family, they’re punch bags, God isn’t merciful, blah blah blah are all rubbish!

We are the creators of our life! This statement is true to the extent that even a tiny ant bite cannot happen to us without our will. Even the materials like a big house or car or diamond jewelry or loads of money can’t make an entry or exit from our life without our permission..

Which means if I don’t desire diamond jewelry to be important to me, it won’t come into my life! Or if diamond jewelry is really important to me, it will be a part of my life, a major part or minor part depending upon how much I choose to have it..

It is this simple!!

In our coach training, we were trained to support ourselves first n then our clients to create self awareness!!! Why???? 

If we are aware, that we choose these thoughts, we will immediately see the cause n effect of the manifestations in our lives.

What happens is that, we are haphazardly running through our lives as if we are victims of life, with life treating us badly👿

With these thoughts guiding our energy, the manifestation of the same is bound to happen. This repeats itself like a vicious cycle.

Until, one hard hit turns us around to change our thoughts after which there is no looking back.

And then, there are people like us!!! Coaches – whose job is to help people get aware of the energy they are holding. Once they’re aware, they have a choice to keep it or turn it around..

That’s exactly what happens in our sessions. We are able to co-create a reality, based on the thoughts and patterns, the energies we strongly, deeply CHOOSE..

We are able to let go of the patterns n energies that we held unknowingly..

And once we let go, our lives are only n only the manifestation of our magnificence..

How simple is this!!

That’s why we@intuned love our job❤️

A reason we are alive❤️ 

Ready to dump those NY resolutions???

I always wonder why the threshold of a year is so milestone-yyy? Whats such a big deal about it?
I’ve heard people say that whoever said ‘it isn’t always about winning’ probably was a loser!!! And I’ve hated that sentiment..
And I think that sentiment applies even with resolutions..

People may say, not making resolutions is like not moving forward or like stagnating, or being too content with mediocre…
Do you think so too?

Why do we make new year resolutions?? Or may be I should ask what are our resolutions??
Losing weight, bagging that xyz job, making more money, spending more quality time at home???? What are your top few on the NYR list??

Especially being a Coach, I’ve heard other fellow coaches talking about how we can help our clients move forward. And i feel may be its time to pause and be, rather than run ahead of ourselves..

I’m not saying those resolutions are crap or that we can’t get there. I’m not saying its horrible to move forward. Or it’s stupid to dream big. NOOOOO!!!

But do we know our intentions behind the dreams?? Or intentions behind those new year resolutions??
If the intention is to move to a more beautiful place, great!!! But generally our intentions are to move out of this (crappy) place and go somewhere beautiful..

The base or core of this intention is loudly shouting out ‘I’m not happy with myself’
What if we gave up the thought of changing?? As in I’m not referring to being ‘anti- change’ but being more comfortable with what’s around us?? Being comfortable being in this body, living this life.. Loving it!!

So a resolution like ‘get a higher paying job’ could be transformed into ‘ offering gratitude for whatever I have’
A resolution like ‘lose 5 kgs’ could be transformed into ‘love myself for being so beautiful – whatever my weight’ ( believe me, in doing so we attract beauty)

A resolution like ‘resolve issues with my spouse/ parents/siblings’ could be transformed into ‘ be more patient and accepting of others’

Bringing about a change is tough!! Not impossible but tough.. And what if we looked at change differently??
Instead of changing ourselves, how about we change the way we look at ourselves??

Why not dump all resolutions and have just one- love myself and be grateful for this life???

And if bringing about a change in ourselves is tough, imagine all our resolutions which involve changing other people- they’re gonna be a big mess…wanting my spouse to be more patient/ responsible/xyz….is gonna be a big mess!! How about letting them be..

And we can let them be only when we ourselves can let us be..
So no new year resolutions for me!! I’m gonna love myself, appreciate how I’m so perfect with all my imperfections, and let others be imperfect too..

It’s easier said than done but this resolution sounds more fruitful than any other..
Making gratitude lists has improved my way of looking at things and now I feel ( though I can’t stop attempting to change people around me) its easier to let others be than expect them to change!! And this feeling can get reinforced only when I feel the same for myself..

So if I can’t do things that I should’ve done, it’s a perfect world!! I’ll accept the consequences that follow without making life tough and guilt filled..

So what say? Ready to dump your NY Resolutions????

Have you FELT lately??

We are all so busy thinking rationally all the time, we may get disconnected with our spontaneous side. So this post is all about exploring, about experimenting with our spontaneity…

This painting: Courtesy Dipayan , Colours of Passion on fb :)

This painting: Courtesy Dipayan (Catch his work on fb , Colours of Passion)

Have you felt lately, like suddenly waking up at the middle of the night 

& wondering what are you doing??

Have you felt lately, like suddenly looking at the greenery outside

& talking to the leaves, listening to their hustle??

Have you felt lately, like suddenly not doing what you do always

& actually do something totally ‘NOT SO YOU’??

Have you felt lately, like singing aloud the music in your head

& not caring about what will people say??

Have you felt lately, like brushing your teeth in the afternoon

after lunch rather than after dinner??

Have you felt lately, like the universe is sitting right next,listening to you

waiting for you to look around & choose??

Have you felt lately, like your loved ones are actually communicating with you

but you’re not really listening??

Have you felt lately, like the road you take daily isn’t the road you want to walk

you want to actually take another route??

Have you felt lately, like just going out for a run or a walk outside

and observe the various colors of nature around??

Have you felt lately, like sipping some new flavor of coffee or tea,

leaving behind your regular option??

Have you felt lately, like abandoning the television

& breaking up with it forever??

Have you felt lately, like chucking whatsapp

& actually talking (voice chatting) with a friend??

Have you felt lately, like you are all about your limitations..

but not any more!! You have unlimited potential just like everyone else??

Have you felt lately, like the shuffle option on your playlist,

is actually listening to your choice of songs & giving them to you??

Have you felt lately, the touch of the breeze on your skin, on your hair

And not worried about how weird you’ll look after the breeze goes away??

Have you felt lately, the fragrance of your beloved’s scent, around..

even when the person isn’t really around??

Have you felt lately, how you will feel 10 years from now..

How all the things that look so grave today, will look unimportant then??

Have you felt lately, how the pressure of life seems to be going away,

Allowing you to just be, just flow & just be in bliss??

Have you felt lately, like the fights that happen around aren’t as disturbing

as they used to be before??

Have you felt lately, like choosing the Italic font & aligning it centrally

rather than towards the right?

Have you felt lately,like losing your way & getting back, asking people around 

& choosing not to use the resources on your smart phone??

Have you felt lately, like leaving your smart phone alone for a day or two

& making merry with real friends around??

Have you felt lately, like you’ve stopped to watch out what’s there on your route 

from work to home??

Have you felt lately, like the song you’re listening to, is actually making so much sense

and its actually saying something to you??

Have you felt lately, like adoring and appreciating your work, your effort,

more than anyone else??

Have you felt lately, like you are really the most beautiful,

not any separate from those around you??

Have you felt lately?? Have you stopped lately??

Have you observed lately?? Have you laughed lately??

Have you gazed at the stars lately?? Have you been alone lately??

Have you been in love with yourself lately??

Help me, help you : cuz I’m here to serve :)

Help me in helping you

Help me in helping you

How can you help me, in supporting n serving you…

~ By trusting me that  ‘I will maintain confidentiality at all times’

~ By trusting me that ‘I am not here to judge you’

~ By sharing with me all the blocks that pull you down

~ By sharing your joys and wins with me, however big or small

~ By sharing your beliefs and working on them

~ By believing in me because ‘I truly believe in you’

~ By respecting our time and commitments

~ By being honest and open

~ By being accountable and responsible for your choices and actions

If you are here, reading this : May be you would want to know ‘How I can help you‘ or ‘What do I gain when I’m Coaching YOU‘ or ‘Why should you always choose Paid Coaching


Coach Shraddha


The awaited ‘Promotion’= a distant dream? Are you sure you really want it???

There can be such a big world inside of us & we may be completely unaware of it!!
No wonder why Coaches are such a necessity today 🙂

Everyone of us, may think we know everything about our life but the truth is far off! We may think we want that promotion but may be the thought of that extra responsibility or spending more time at work is pulling us away..

Do we know for ourselves, what is it that we exactly want? Do we really want that promotion?

What is it about your work that attracts you to it?

~ The opportunity to help others
~ Opportunity to specialise in your field
~ The possibility of making relationships beautiful for you and others around you
~ Growth aspects /learning and growth opportunities
~ Supporting others in creating & overcoming challenges to lead a more fulfilling n challenging life
~ Making money for yourself and others..

The list could be long.. Could it be that your career is just a milestone in your life n not the entire journey?
Where as many of our peers here are looking at stability, there could be many who want something more..

May be we already have what we want! Yet we look at those who have stability and wonder if something’s wrong with us?

Money, status, stability, property could be must have’s for some people! For some others the thrill of moving, travelling, learning, constantly changing could be a must have!!

There’s nothing wrong with changing careers or changing places or making moves constantly!! Making sure, your family (and most importantly your spouse) understands your need for change – it definitely is a ‘must do’

Knowing what one wants – clearly & then going a step forward to communicating the same with important people in your life is very important for peace and happiness to prevail in your home 🙂

Can you pause for a minute & think for yourself, where are you fitting into this right now?
And please take few more minutes to share with us your story!!


Aligning with our dream self, are we???

There is no “one” way of being. Who we are today are the best version of ourselves for today. Saying that, I’d also say whatever seems to be holding us, we aught to let it go. We are free flowing souls and are allowed to make any choice, even if it seems crazy or weird to anyone else.


Setting high goals for ourselves is a beautiful thing!! but when we are unable to change ourselves in preparation for our new goals, we kinda project a conflict..

For example, we want to be abundant, yet we feel needy from within.We want to be more loving, yet we hold ourselves back. We want to live our life in peace, yet at the very sign of a conflict we wanna run away!!
Bringing alignment in who we are, who we wanna be, and what changes we need to make is the key here. Once we find that key, changing our lives to be the one we have dreamt of, is stones throw away!!
So if you have cherished a dream in your heart and have given up on it cuz it seems unattainable, think again!!! It’s right here, next to you waiting for you to look at it again, but with a changed perspective 🙂

Titled as UNTITLED


If you can’t name it, Just Let it be: UNTITLED 🙂

You name this post what ever you wish to! I’ve named it UNTITLED 🙂

What’s it about? You can see whatever you wish to see in it! It’s all about something UNTITLED 🙂

It’s about all those little things that sum up to become a part of something UNTITLED 🙂

A rainy day, colourful umbrellas all over, grabbing  a hot cup of tea at a small roadside tea stall, missing your regular train, hurrying to catch up on time, staining your trousers thanks to the rains & the poor roads, end up bunking work..

Any reaction ? – UNTITLED

A beautiful vacation plan, amazing flight, sunny view outside, perfect landing, report missing luggage, lose a lot of time, end up losing enthusiasm..

Vacation’s over? – Untitled

New Job, first day, looking great, nice boss, good team, perfect food, meet the client, quite alright, welcome to the rut, lost hope..

Given up on this job? – UNTITLED

Love at first sight, asking out, going around, angry parents, rebellious pair, eloping away, parents agreeing, happily lived ever after, few years, arguments, can’t stand each other, parting ways..

Ending up in Divorce? – Untitled

Single mother, useless husband, difficult times, making ends meet, working hard, no time with kid, no vacations, kicking him out, signs of freedom, found new love, family life for kid..

Happy ending? – Untitled

Times change, situations change, people change, emotions change, habits change, attitudes change, behaviours change, lives change,destinies change,

What doesn’t change? – Untitled

What the hell is this CHANGE?

Something new? Something difficult? Something totally never tried before or done ever? Something you desire? Something obnoxious? Something that reaps fruit? Something frightening?

What’s your take on change? How do you view change in your life?

Sometimes, we are so used to our routine that any small (read fun) change seems like a lot of trouble. Buy a new phone,n  till one gets used to the new keypad/ controls, change is hell!! “Why did I really buy this one? The controls are so weird!!” But just wait till one gets the hang of it… Then life is gr8!!

Same applies for a new car, new home, new city, new job, new relationship, new look!! So any new stuff may smell like a bit of change to us. Why does anything have to be new for us to get used to change?

Isn’t it all about the change in our outlook? May be its the tightness of our grip with which we hold on to things, that are susceptible to change. We take them for granted, assuming them to be so till they change, and then life becomes hell..

Our body for example, ages with time. Isn’t it created to be that way? It has its share of wear n tear, similar to any machine that is either overused or not used enough..And as much as its used (well or not really) the effects show up with time.  All said and done, the appearance of the very first gray strand of hair creates a huge wave of insecurity & life does change..

Are we foolish enough to assume, we will look just as we looked when we were young and we will never age? Why are we so scared to face this sure shot change? Are we assuming all the stuff in our life to not change.. The way we look, the way others behave, the way the climate is changing, the way women are dressing, the way corruption is eating away the nation’s prosperity, the bizarre ways which are leading to people’s death all over the world?

Isn’t everything changing? When the whole world is changing, isn’t it wise to keep pace with it!! Even better is to change before the world does, so we will always be a step ahead of the rest..

And it all starts with gearing up for Change!!

Take a new route to the same office, wear the same clothes but look different, be yourself but let others be what they choose, choose the way you feel about yourself n let others think whatever they want, be at the listening end of arguments for a change ;), skip your daily tv soap for a walk instead, listen to some different music, eat food that you don’t like once in a while.. If you’re a cleanliness freak, leave your room untidy for a day! If you hate taking care of yourself, go pamper yourself.. and the toughest one for me, If you hate (read are dead scared of)cats, go and pet them for a while .. I can already listen to myself saying “No.. Never.. I’ll never pet a cat”

But that’s exactly how we feel when we think of CHANGE!! The obnoxious aspect of our life, that is thrown at us, is out of our control and most importantly is UNWELCOME!! So what if we start welcoming the change? Isn’t it like the new things in our life.. They smell, look and feel like CHANGE yet are so welcome!!

So when the only constant in life is Change, it’s better to gear up to it!!

What’s your idea of prepping up for some CHANGE?