What the hell is this CHANGE?

Something new? Something difficult? Something totally never tried before or done ever? Something you desire? Something obnoxious? Something that reaps fruit? Something frightening?

What’s your take on change? How do you view change in your life?

Sometimes, we are so used to our routine that any small (read fun) change seems like a lot of trouble. Buy a new phone,n  till one gets used to the new keypad/ controls, change is hell!! “Why did I really buy this one? The controls are so weird!!” But just wait till one gets the hang of it… Then life is gr8!!

Same applies for a new car, new home, new city, new job, new relationship, new look!! So any new stuff may smell like a bit of change to us. Why does anything have to be new for us to get used to change?

Isn’t it all about the change in our outlook? May be its the tightness of our grip with which we hold on to things, that are susceptible to change. We take them for granted, assuming them to be so till they change, and then life becomes hell..

Our body for example, ages with time. Isn’t it created to be that way? It has its share of wear n tear, similar to any machine that is either overused or not used enough..And as much as its used (well or not really) the effects show up with time.  All said and done, the appearance of the very first gray strand of hair creates a huge wave of insecurity & life does change..

Are we foolish enough to assume, we will look just as we looked when we were young and we will never age? Why are we so scared to face this sure shot change? Are we assuming all the stuff in our life to not change.. The way we look, the way others behave, the way the climate is changing, the way women are dressing, the way corruption is eating away the nation’s prosperity, the bizarre ways which are leading to people’s death all over the world?

Isn’t everything changing? When the whole world is changing, isn’t it wise to keep pace with it!! Even better is to change before the world does, so we will always be a step ahead of the rest..

And it all starts with gearing up for Change!!

Take a new route to the same office, wear the same clothes but look different, be yourself but let others be what they choose, choose the way you feel about yourself n let others think whatever they want, be at the listening end of arguments for a change ;), skip your daily tv soap for a walk instead, listen to some different music, eat food that you don’t like once in a while.. If you’re a cleanliness freak, leave your room untidy for a day! If you hate taking care of yourself, go pamper yourself.. and the toughest one for me, If you hate (read are dead scared of)cats, go and pet them for a while .. I can already listen to myself saying “No.. Never.. I’ll never pet a cat”

But that’s exactly how we feel when we think of CHANGE!! The obnoxious aspect of our life, that is thrown at us, is out of our control and most importantly is UNWELCOME!! So what if we start welcoming the change? Isn’t it like the new things in our life.. They smell, look and feel like CHANGE yet are so welcome!!

So when the only constant in life is Change, it’s better to gear up to it!!

What’s your idea of prepping up for some CHANGE?