The story of one’s life!?

How do you tell the story of your life??


Does the story end in your now??

Or does it carry on into the future?!


Is it a story full of regrets and obstacles?!

Or is it a story of enthusiasm, and picking up from what’s left?!


Is the story full of opportunities and happy twists?!

Or is it a dark story with painful turns?!


Is it about how you overcame the millions of difficulties?!

Or is it a saga of ease and surfing through?!


Is it a story to win hearts of millions?!

Or is it a story of following your heart?!


Is it a story of dedication and effort?!

Or is it one of spontaneity and change?!


What kinda story would you tell

as the story of your life?!


Would it be a fun story or a happy one?!

Or may be a thriller that kinda keeps you on the edge?!


Would it be exciting or new?!

Or is it a faithful, loyal story of following the rules?!


How would you describe the story of your life?!


Would you be the protagonist of your story?!

Or you choose life to hold the reigns?!


Who is the antagonist in your story?!

And who wins?!


Does the story have ‘a happily ever after’

Or is it a work in progress..


How would you describe the story of your life?!

N do you like your story?!


A Poll question : for you to answer 😊

If you had two choices :

1. To get everything you have ever desired and more, working your way through hard work and continuous effort

2. To get everything you have ever desired and more, easily and effortlessly

Which option would you choose??

I am not asking you WHY you choose what you choose.

Only asking you which option would you choose!!

Simply comment below your option (1 or 2) if you know your choice ♥️

Thank you in advance for participating ♥️

~ Aryaa


Quitting a full time job for ‘something I didn’t quite know’ makes so much more sense now, than ever!!!

When I quit my job back in 2011, I had no idea ‘for what’ was I leaving something this stable..

N now, after years of ‘not giving up’ on myself beyond the lows n highs, n holding on to one tiny string of authenticity, I know beyond doubt ..that girl in that job : wasn’t me at all!!!

This is ME!!

Me having fun with my son, after school is ME!!

Me spending time alone in my studio, wrestling with an art piece is ME!!

Me playing with colors, and words, is ME!!

Me watching movies, and diving deep into myself ..thanks to them is ME!!

Me showing up with my coaches, every single week after week is ME!!

Me, swearing never to wear formals, cuz it just doesn’t feel like me is ME!!

Me, choosing to stay out of the kitchen, cuz it doesn’t feel like me is ME!!!

Me, choosing everything that feels good n abandoning everything else that doesn’t is ME!!!

Simply knowing what I deeply wanted out of life has been enough for me to get there..

N somehow, that knowing didn’t come easy.. 

it’s taken me a whole long infinite times of choosing n re choosing to finally know what feels good n what doesn’t..


Choose!!! Every single time you get to choose : Just Choose!

Red or Yellow : choose rather than randomly picking..

If you wanna go random : choose Random!!!

But choose!!

Every single choice, the food you choose, the shoes, the colors, clothes, music, movies, art, hobbies, work,places to go on vacation : every thing together makes you!!

N if you have one choice to fine tune that YOU: go for it!!

With time, you will be your best friend ♥️

⚡️ Simply electric ⚡️

This image above, is our 85th Energy Art Piece ❤️
It’s titled: Simply Electric

The intention behind this piece, is to simply ground ourselves into our present. 

There is a subtle, docile power that can be awakened simply by looking it in the eye. What looks mundane, and boring suddenly can awaken one, powerfully.

The key is to simply notice, without labels. Notice the way your room looks..could be shabby, neat,clean, cluttered..

Whatever!! Just look at it and notice how it looks. Look at yourself in the mirror and notice. Notice how your kid/ friend/ colleague/ husband/ mom laughs ..or doesn’t..
Notice outside the window!! The leaves are rhythmically waving.. 

It’s powerful!!
It’s too simple and can be taken for granted.

Like I go back to my childhood and feel my grandfathers fingers, remember the way he called out to me! How he made me feel, totally like I was his super fav grandchild (which I was 😊😝) he let me press his feet, and thanked me for doing something I didn’t really have to, yet I chose to..n how it made him feel grateful..

I’m glad he did value that!! I didn’t probably …it was just too simple..

N today, when I’m complaining busily, that my kid loves to hang out around me, leaving me with no time for myself, I forget that he expresses like a million times, that he finds me cute… He tells me constantly that he loves me!!

N it is too simple. N yes, it’s taken way too much for granted..

Coming back to the piece, I created it with resources available!! I didn’t carry my fine tip pens or my paper bank to my folks’ place. N yet, I found some cool paper n a pencil!!

Magic can be created NOW! with exactly whatever that’s available at your finger tips now..

With the kind of body you have the space that you are NOW…in the reality you call NOW

Magic can be created NOW!!!

n it is simply electric⚡️

~ aryaa

If I got here so can you🎁

From being the most protected ‘baby’ in my family, ……to ‘still kinda being one’…

From being my grandfather’s fav grandchild ( no arguments here, all my I was the youngest 😜)…… to making the choice of taking my first job, in another state away from home..

From choosing to go for Engineering instead of architecture … choosing none of the two n yet enjoying my career in the best manner possible..

From sampling a long list of careers after quitting my job…to simply being who I was..

From Shraddha Basrur to Shraddha Trasi to being Aryaa Akshay🎁

An artist.. A writer.. A mom.. A wife.. A daughter..A proud Indian.. It doesn’t matter which order I got here…

I am who I am!! And I do a great job at it!!

Whether you like it or not isn’t my job!!

My job is to make sure I like it n I DO🎁

N this is how all the good things in my life multiply … N my voice n work reaches the globe..

As it already does..


Aryaa Akshay

The gift of Mindfulness 🎁

There’s stuff that I read and it leads me to either of two things!

It either makes me feel great or it makes me focus on things that make me feel great!

And I guess this happens when we are focused on ‘feeling great’ ❤️🎁

If you’re listening to our media that kinda makes it super easy to feel ‘horrible’, one has got to be mindful, and then choose the feeling they choose to experience in life.

It’s not unreal, what all is happening! Yet it’s unreal to your experience of life, and that depends on your choice of experience.

If something horrible happened in the world, it’s real! Yet I have a choice if I want that ‘Horrible’ experience for me or not!! And in that sense, it can still be unreal as far as my experience is concerned. 

What is shaping up in our experience is what we choose for ourself! Are we mindfully choosing thoughts of experiences that are pleasant??? Or are we running down thoughts of others without screening them, allowing them to enter into our experience???

Think twice before you believe in a thought that comes from research!! Believe in it only if it serves you! 

Or else feel free to let it travel in space.

Articles that say only xyz people get hired easily, if you’re fitting the ‘xyz’ in the article, fair – it serves you! If not, have the conviction to say, this article doesn’t serve me..

Rather than believing that you’re ‘less potential of getting hired’

Why would you put energy into any thought that is against you?? If you are doing so, believe me, you’re digging your own grave..

Be Mindful. Choose wise n well serving thoughts. Choose n deliberately create your life experience ❤️🎁

Each one of us is MAGNIFICENCE personified❤️🎁

The NO-objection agreement!

Yeah! We all signed this agreement, when we chose planet earth as our school.

Which means, everything that is happening to us, is chosen by our soul, with a *mark, that means, we are eligible to change the happenings any time.

Statements like, life isn’t treating her well, or that he is going through a rough phase, or that poor family, they’re punch bags, God isn’t merciful, blah blah blah are all rubbish!

We are the creators of our life! This statement is true to the extent that even a tiny ant bite cannot happen to us without our will. Even the materials like a big house or car or diamond jewelry or loads of money can’t make an entry or exit from our life without our permission..

Which means if I don’t desire diamond jewelry to be important to me, it won’t come into my life! Or if diamond jewelry is really important to me, it will be a part of my life, a major part or minor part depending upon how much I choose to have it..

It is this simple!!

In our coach training, we were trained to support ourselves first n then our clients to create self awareness!!! Why???? 

If we are aware, that we choose these thoughts, we will immediately see the cause n effect of the manifestations in our lives.

What happens is that, we are haphazardly running through our lives as if we are victims of life, with life treating us badly👿

With these thoughts guiding our energy, the manifestation of the same is bound to happen. This repeats itself like a vicious cycle.

Until, one hard hit turns us around to change our thoughts after which there is no looking back.

And then, there are people like us!!! Coaches – whose job is to help people get aware of the energy they are holding. Once they’re aware, they have a choice to keep it or turn it around..

That’s exactly what happens in our sessions. We are able to co-create a reality, based on the thoughts and patterns, the energies we strongly, deeply CHOOSE..

We are able to let go of the patterns n energies that we held unknowingly..

And once we let go, our lives are only n only the manifestation of our magnificence..

How simple is this!!

That’s why we@intuned love our job❤️

A reason we are alive❤️ 


The perfection around is raw and ripe at the same time.

Raw cuz it appears to be lacking something it needs… like your toddlers room! The perfect mess, craved by people waiting to have kids around, yet in your eyes so ‘needing a tidy up’..

Ripe cuz it’s there waiting for you to see it like it is, ready and sweet with the lessons it has in store for you. 
It’s so perfect that we tend to overlook it or ignore it. Sometimes we’d rather see it as flawed than believe it to be perfect!

I don’t know why? Perfection is better when it’s unreachable? Does it make the journey exciting..

We can’t micro- control our lives to the extent of achieving that level of unreachable perfection… 

It’s like choosing to lose. 

We got it all right for us. We are winning. Why are people being killed in our perfect world then? 

I believe every soul chooses the journey and the experiences that it needs to grow before time. So when embodied, the soul has chosen to forget that all experiences are custom made for it, like the ala carte meal one chooses..

What lessons the soul learns are for the soul. I’ve realised suffering brings so much compassion along. Pain brings so much empathy along. 

Why would a soul choose pain and the trauma of losing its near ones? Cuz I guess it opens a huge door in our heart for love..

When we judge others, we are choosing to be narrow minded as opposed to open hearted! We prove to ourselves n the world that this is the only way I see it! I can look at it in hundred ways yet id rather choose to see you as an angry person.. Or anxious or unaccomodating or whining or whatever…

It’s time to see the perfection around!! Can happen only in this beautiful world. That each n every soul makes ones choices culminating in such beautiful perfection…  

How would you describe the perfection around? 

Would you like to see it as perfect?

The freedom of choosing ordinary!

At times we surprise ourselves doing stuff we never usually do just as we shock ourselves for behaving in a manner that’s not usually our style. Why do these inconsistencies happen?

I was wondering about stuff that separates successful people from the ordinary. There’s no doubt, that each one of us has potential to tap into the extra-ordinary hiding inside of us. Yet very few do it and that’s what separates them from the rest. The ability to excel,never give up, reject complacency every single time, their perseverance.

It’s really easy to accept ordinary. To not stretch ourselves at all. To stop instead of walking ahead, to give up on doing something that sounds or appears tough.

I’m guilty too. Choosing the easy way out isn’t a crime. Settling for less isn’t a crime. Choosing ordinary when extra ordinary could be an option, isn’t a crime. Choosing to stand still as opposed to growth isn’t wrong.

When I interact with my students, I seem to forget all this. I forget that their life is their choice.

I remember, one of my chemistry professors, used to expect this kind of sincerity from us. One day, he threw out all those students who had defaulted in submitting an assignment. It scared me cuz I didn’t like to be out of his class. A simple insulting act changed my life cuz defaulting on assignments was never an option for me after that.

All said n done, it’s always an individuals choice of how they want to live it. If I chose to be complacent, I guess I wouldn’t like to be told what needs to be done. The person in the shoes only can choose options, not the onlooker.

So, it’s a lesson for me. To grant everyone around me, the freedom to learn their lessons in their ways, at their time.

Do you really need what you think you do?

Every human being is different from each other. What one human being wants, may not be wanted by another human being!!

Now-a-days, the number of ads that one can see online : talking of online businesses that can make one richer, how to earn from home, blah blah blah – they can easily attract any sane person into it, irrespective of whether he deeply chooses it or not..

Also I’ve seen people, who, when they look at what others have, quickly jump to the conclusion that they need it too! And then they hoard themselves of that stuff, and it lies around in their space uselessly..

Come on folks!! Think for yourself – Do we really need it?

There can be no limit to our desires. Its a thought that says ‘WE need a CAR’, ‘WE need DIAMONDS’, ‘WE need A HUGE HOUSE’…

And once we follow this train of thought and believe in it, it makes sure we can never stay happy.. Cuz once we have one of the things in the list, it shouts ‘but you don’t have the rest..’

And the best part is this list isn’t a one that knows its end..Its endless 🙂 We will die one day but this list won’t.

Its very important for us to focus on what we choose to have in our lives. We can get whatever we choose, but sometimes when we choose superficially, our soul doesn’t choose it and hence it doesn’t come to us..

Then we blame around the law of attraction saying it doesn’t work!! I’m attracting money, its not coming in my life !!

Cuz may be you don’t choose it!! May be you choose the experiences that come with having just enough..

If one wishes, one can just dive deep into one’s soul & ask : What is it that you choose dear soul?

The answers will surely come! And when they do, one will know which ads to listen to and which ones to ignore..