Choose you now❤️

There was a time, I used to totally speak very low of myself in public. My self esteem was rock bottom back then. As someone who was academically bright n quite intelligent, this was unexpected. I needed several blows, to realize that I had to pull myself out of this space❤️

I offer gratitude to each of those blows today! Cuz without them, I wouldn’t have realized, it was me that had to change❤️

Today as I tune myself in to the energy of this planet, I feel sadness❤️
cuz I see beautiful people running haphazard! I see them, doing stuff they hate, to earn money that’s just a resource at the end of the day.

I see people, who have rubbished themselves deep down! Killed their desire to do what they choose to do..people who inside their hearts, treat themselves like they’re shit..😔

People who kill themselves alive, n put themselves down not once n twice, but again n again😔 life treats them back, by manifesting their own emotions, n hence they’re going through manifestation of the rubbish inside them..

Hence the reinforced message : CHOOSE YOU NOW❤️

Start small. Choose any tiny action that lets the you breathe!!

May be all you got to do is admire the beauty inside, and take few deep breaths.

Are you in?