What’s your truth???

A parallel world exists of parallel truths!

It’s not our business to prove to the world the ‘rightness’ of our truth! Our business is to choose wisely, the ‘truth’ we’re investing our energy in!!

N then express this beautiful truth in kind n sweet ways!

It’s not tough to remember this! Just tedious sometimes cuz the mind is a monkey, jumping from one futile thought to another..


The gift of Mindfulness 🎁

There’s stuff that I read and it leads me to either of two things!

It either makes me feel great or it makes me focus on things that make me feel great!

And I guess this happens when we are focused on ‘feeling great’ ❤️🎁

If you’re listening to our media that kinda makes it super easy to feel ‘horrible’, one has got to be mindful, and then choose the feeling they choose to experience in life.

It’s not unreal, what all is happening! Yet it’s unreal to your experience of life, and that depends on your choice of experience.

If something horrible happened in the world, it’s real! Yet I have a choice if I want that ‘Horrible’ experience for me or not!! And in that sense, it can still be unreal as far as my experience is concerned. 

What is shaping up in our experience is what we choose for ourself! Are we mindfully choosing thoughts of experiences that are pleasant??? Or are we running down thoughts of others without screening them, allowing them to enter into our experience???

Think twice before you believe in a thought that comes from research!! Believe in it only if it serves you! 

Or else feel free to let it travel in space.

Articles that say only xyz people get hired easily, if you’re fitting the ‘xyz’ in the article, fair – it serves you! If not, have the conviction to say, this article doesn’t serve me..

Rather than believing that you’re ‘less potential of getting hired’

Why would you put energy into any thought that is against you?? If you are doing so, believe me, you’re digging your own grave..

Be Mindful. Choose wise n well serving thoughts. Choose n deliberately create your life experience ❤️🎁

Each one of us is MAGNIFICENCE personified❤️🎁

Matter of Choice

Written on 28th October, 2011

Which side do you choose to see?

Eyes see a picture- incomplete and lacking
Ears hear a story- unsaid and underlying
Heart feels a mystery- of doubt and mistrust
And lo behold!! The world is so unworthy and unjust!

Poor lil soul in a troubled atmosphere
Screaming for help in ‘the now & the here’
Yearning for peace- within or without
Hunting around for- it knows not what?

Sorrowful & sad, who to blame?
Heartless lord putting the world to shame!
Why on earth to live and die?
For Tragic endings or the hall of fame?

Live for that beauty tats going unnoticed
Die for the luv that somehow exists
Live for the completeness- hiding in the ‘have’s
Don’t die in the hope of the ‘not have’s & ‘must have’s

The story is blissful- hear what is said
Look at the picture- much bigger and perfect
The mystery will vanish, the minute you shed
your cynical glasses and skeptical glares

It’s not such a bad world, it’s the look that deceives
It’s not really beautiful, as much as the beholder believes
Bad or beautiful, choice is yours
You are the master, of your life afterall

So don’t cry, and don’t blame
Poor lord -joining parts in the frame
It’s ur life, take charge of the reigns
And make it- if not worth dying for , atleast worth the crave