Wanna join the Co-Achiever’s Club?

Join the club, and gift yourself, a Co-Achiever!!

Who is a Co-Achiever? – One who is willing to Co-Achieve.

Achiever is a person who achieves!! Here, we wanna multiply the joy, at a speed faster than light!! So we wanna not just Achieve, but Co-Achieve..

What one has to do to be a Co-Achiever? – Simply support your Co-Achiever to Achieve & your Co-Achiever does the same..

If you’re willing to let the trust take you over, if you’re willing to let go off yourself & allow the awareness to take charge, if you’re willing to meet your co-achiever, knowing no background of his/her ,yet confident that the process will support both of you, to Co-achieve…… Please Join us..

The principles of Co-Achieving!!

~ Agreement to be a Co-Achiever – No formal agreement friends.. The agreement that we do with our souls, with ourselves.. That’s it!!

~ Mutually Active Listening – When Co-achiever’s listen, they drop off their judgements, they listen with a simple intention of ‘LISTENING’ and clarify -what they listen is what the Co-Achiever means..

~ Co- Creating Awareness – Support your Co-Achiever to know themselves better n better!! How, Simply by mirroring their thoughts back to them.. Mirroring can take place only when ‘Pure Listening’ takes place

~ ┬áCo- Designing Planning, Goal Setting & Actions – Help your Co-Achiever choose their Goals & Action Plans & they do the same for you…

~┬áMonitoring Mutual Progress and Accountability – Support your Co-Achiever in getting more accountable by demonstrating how you are more accountable.. Take Charge, Achieve Goals & support others to do the same..

Believe And you will BE!!

The Co-Achiever’s Club is rocking with 2 Co-Achiever’s & we know that very soon sky is gonna be the limit!!

Anyone interested in joining the Co-Achiever’s Club? The only fee to be paid here is your Full Intention & Complete Faith- in your own self..

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The idea behind “Co-Achiever’s Club” -Mugdha Shah@ Skype: mugdha.shah121

Co-Achiever @ “Co-Achiever’s Club” – Shraddha Trasi @ skype: shraddha.trasi