Be*ability vs. Likeability

Is it really our true nature to exist in ways that make us likeable?

I think not! 

We may have gotten ourselves trained, generations after generations, in the most undetectable manner, to exist in a way that gets us rave reviews..

It is funny how the streak of ‘being me’ as opposed to being liked just kept getting stronger n grew up on me!! 

As a girl in school, I remember feeling awkward after a bad haircut (read super short) n yet told myself how it would grow back.. 

I’ve actually cut my hair short so many times in my life, just for that thrill of telling myself, it’s okay!! 

It’s worth it to experiment rather than play safe!

It’s worth it to have lost my likeability for some be*ability..

I know I’m still that girl! Id like to think that I care rarely about what people think of me. Very few get me!! N times when I try to convince people why I do what I do, I seem insane..

It’s not possible for this world to get me!! Not in a sad way.. but a super positive way.. 

every one is busy figuring their path! Some are trying to work out a likeable path, some the be*able.. 

n it’s not possible for everyone to get me! Cuz their work is to get them self..

I get me!! N thats enough..

Even when the world wants to know if I completed that course I was pursuing (yes! I did!) n what I achieved after finishing it (nothing to be precise in your words) 

What I got??? 

I got the strength to be this crazy girl (not woman), who desires to be a jack of all trades, cuz one trade for one life seems boring..

I wanna paint, I wanna sing, I wanna play with my son, I wanna wear dungrees, I wanna teach others how easy painting is, I wanna be a super coach who allows others to BE rather than BE LIKED.. 

I wanna ace at insuring people’s lives with life insurance, I wanna travel the world, I wanna trust this path..

I wanna be in ever connection with my highest self..

I wanna be Shraddha! I wanna be Aryaa 


Shraddha makes mistakes, n Aryaa accepts them.. 

Shraddha feels insecure, feels less confident! Aryaa holds her hand, tells her it’s okay! 

Who am I? 

I am both! I feel insecure at the slight drop of a hat, just as easily I feel strong n forgiving!!

The more I reach out to my loving self, the one that lets me look silly, the one that lets me take ‘too high the risks’… the more I allow, the more I feel love towards others..

N at no point am I totally one hundred percent of either!! I am always this eclectic mix of proportions, of this girl I used to be n the girl I am becoming..

N I am in love with who she is becoming..

Fierce in her commitment to choose this weird multi passionate, multi career life.. 

it’s people’s work to tell u,that ure a fool to believe that u could be successful at multiple businesses when ure not even breaking even at one.. 

it’s your work to keep your alignment, n keep choosing this fine tuned, accurately curated life for yourself, irrespective of the flawed measurement of success..

Cuz in the end, you get to say ‘this is exactly how I wanted it to be’

~ love


My list of 10 things ‘rich’ people do every day!!!

I know..the regular lists that I have read so far are different from this one! People believe, reading is one of the activities that keeps them rich ..

I disagree!!! N hence…

This is my list, of what the ‘newer’ generation of ‘rich’ people (read youngsters) do daily:

1. Express gratitude: 

In simple n quick ways, like saying ‘thank you’ or writing a list, or remembering stuff that expresses reason for gratitude ♥️

2. Spend time in nature:

Even if it means, a five minute walk outdoors looking at trees or breathing pure fresh air, or bare feet on grass, or listening to the wind blowing …

Whatever that’s quick n simple, n yet OUTDOOR♥️

3. Spend quality time with family:

This is as good as the topper on this list! Sharing meals together, or doing some kind of a daily/ weekly activity with the family, where everyone is heard, time is shared and hearts are open : a must have!! 

Could be dining, playing, watching a movie, traveling, or even buying groceries ‘together’ ♥️

4. Pursue a hobby with commitment:

The commitment isn’t time based, it is heart based! Which means the person is able to pursue his hobby when the heart desires to do so! 

It could be as simple as singing (even if it means in the shower) or driving or painting or writing or whatever it is that connects you with your heart.. 

this one is a biggie n most essential♥️

5. Compliment others generously n open heartedly:

It changes the world for the person! N who doesn’t like to be genuinely appreciated ??

Recognising something beautiful about people around you, and commending them for it : a biggie on my list ♥️

It sends great vibes across the globe♥️

6. Send out love into the universe:

Every single person on this planet has goofed up in life. So what? 

Expressing love is another way of saying ‘it’s okay! I goofed! N it’s okay :-)’

Sending out love to oneself first, n then to all of those who may need it too, to all existing in this universe ♥️

7. Honour their needs:

It could be as small as drinking water, as simple as exercise 

It could be simply taking a break with a movie or may be by eating chocolate or calling a friend or spending solo time ..

It could also be as big as going on a spontaneous vacation or keeping the cell phone switched off..

Only we know, what is it that we need. And it’s our prime responsibility to take care that those needs are honoured.

8. Have heart to heart conversations with people that matter: 

Just cuz people are rich, doesn’t mean they don’t have time for people that matter. Simple conversations that are guided by curiosity (rather than an agenda) create magic!!

They shift energy for everyone involved in the conversation.

9. Be themselves, be authentic:

Breaking labels is the need of the day! Each one of us brings this unique energy out into this world. And we got to keep it that way.

One of the reasons, I’m making a different list of what rich people do daily, is cuz I don’t agree that in order to be rich, I have to do something different than who I am..n I hate reading!! 

Rich people needn’t be busy! Rich people can pursue their hobby, can honour their needs.. 

we all got to think about our life differently than what the world has taught us. 

It’s time to be authentic n be whoever it is that you are..

N believe that you are gonna make it big, by expressing this unique energy out ..

10. Go to bed with a clear, open and loving heart ♥️

Last but the most important one, sleep with a clear, love filled open heart!

We make mistakes, we hurt people unintentionally, we do stuff that we aren’t proud of..

Each day, we let it go! Just as we express gratitude at the beginning of each day, we release everything that has finished serving us, or is failing to serve us, every night!

We let all the hurt/ tears/ anger/ sadness or whatever it is holding us back, we thank it n then we let it go♥️

By forgiving ourselves, n others who have hurt us, we clear our hearts making space for new experiences!!

N with this, I am hoping, this post shifted some energy for all of you!

Hope you loved reading ‘my list of ten things’ that rich people do daily♥️

I would encourage you to create your own list that serves you! And if you feel like sharing it with us, please do so in the comments..

Adios, chao , namaste 🙏



Commitment IS Clarity!!

Knowing what you really want & following it with all your heart is Commitment!!

If there’s stuff you’re unable to commit yourself to, think again!! Is it something you really want?

When we keep trying to do something, its not always that we are failing to do it, or we are giving up on ourselves, or we don’t have enough patience or perseverance. It could just be that this stuff is not what you’re deeply committed to.

I’ve been trying hard to get myself committed to being fit. What do I do when I say ‘I tried hard’? I actually wanna say, I did nothing to get myself serious about my fitness. Why?

Fitness is not my priority!! I may want it to be one of my priorities, cuz its gr8 to be fit! One can lead a healthier life, happier life when they’re fit n fine 🙂 Yeah- Agreed!! But what if that’s not my priority?

I may fool myself saying, I wanna exercise & loose those extra pounds but I don’t feel or sense any energy when I think of this activity! So that’s the reason I’m always trying to be fit & that’s also why I’m not committed to being fit!!

Now lets see, what else am I committed to doing?

~ I’m committed to spend lot of quality time with my family & being there for them always !!

~ I’m committed to getting certified as a Professional Coach!

~ I’m committed to retain my independence n freedom and live my life exactly how I want to live it!

~ I’m committed to support other people in living a life of their choice, a life that empowers!

~ I’m committed to explore life, dabble in various beautiful aspects n areas of life rather than specialize and dedicate myself to any one area!

~ I’m committed to being thoroughly spontaneous! Routine or Rules or a predictable life is something I don’t enjoy!

Yes!! Im committed to all the above & they mean ENERGY to me! No amount of money ever motivated me as much as my commitment to support people in loving their life!

So What is Commitment? Commitment is Clarity!! And if you’re trying and trying to get yourself to do something, then you’re surely confused about your commitment!! Once your clear, you’l find the commitment!

Awesome class – Thanks Kathy for a wonderful session!! I’m certainly a commitment loving person now 🙂

Signing Off!




Mindblowing Confessions of an inconsistent yet blissful soul

What are you more Committed to? Letting Go or Pulling yourself down?

Does it often bother you, that you are unable to follow through with certain activities and unable to see them through their end?

For example: enrolling into a hobby class & losing interest later like learning how to play any musical instrument, learning any new form of dance, learning how to create stuff using craft skills or joining the gym to lose weight?

So every time you are excited and rolling, you join one of these classes just to demotivate yourself after some time, as you’re unable to stick through them till they have reached their logical end.

All of this is very synonymous to ME!! Any new activity & I get excited & get myself to gear up for it, but with time it pulls me down as it starts to magnify for me, my inconsistent side.

So yesterday, I compelled myself to sit through one of my classes. To give you a background of these classes, they are a part of my Coaching Course which I got enrolled into in March 2011. On completing this course, I get certified as a Professional Coach. It is a very flexible course, giving me freedom to take as many as 3 years or even more to complete it. So coming back, I attended one of the classes titled- Commitment Vs. Trying!!

My instructor Bill, took us through quite a few examples of why some people get off track, are unable to get themselves do certain things.

The real question to be asked as Coaches is not “Why are you unable to see these activities through their end?” but it is

“What are you more committed to?”

I sat through the class, listening attentively to all the examples. Some fellow students also spoke of their experiences when it dawned on them, what was stopping them & the real reason behind what appeared as an inconsistent effort. I was present to this class, gave it a thought & slept as soon as it got over as it was quite late in the night.

Just this morning, I was enjoying the view outside- It was raining & the greenery outside my windows made me feel grateful that , here I am, living my life beautifully, enjoying the view of the rain and the green.

Suddenly, I started giving a thought to what is stopping me & making me feel guilty that Im lazy and inconsistent.

I immediately scribbled in my diary my answers to “What am I more Committed to?” & now am posting it here.

These are the confessions of an inconsistent yet blissful ME!!

– Some goals just fail to motivate me enough.

– Regarding goals that deeply motivate me , I am able to get through them easily, putting my mind and soul into them. (Read all the beautiful vacations I have had with my Husband and my family)

-What I really enjoy doing is spending beautiful weekends at home or otherwise with my entire family

– Love to try out any new stuff, but hate to make it a routine. My spontaneity & creativity make me try out any new recipes or anything new but if I have to do it on a regular basis, I’ll hate it.

-I have always dreamed of interacting with students, supporting them to find out for themselves what & how their life should be, what kind of career is most suitable for them, what are they deeply passionate about. It just motivates me day in and day out

-Supporting all the people I know in making the right kind of investments, not for getting richer but for securing themselves and for the sake of the family they love. I find it really demotivating to put my self completely into it from a business angle.

-Writing, exploring my expressive side, exploring my imagination and creativity, my written skills

-Surprising all the people I love, knowing that they are not really fond of or expecting surprises

-Being there whenever my family needs me, and supporting my sweet sis in law in becoming more and more independent. Addu- If you’re reading this, dont get mad at me (I know you wont..lul). I already know you’re super independent & I always love that & am SUPER PROUD of you 🙂

– Not allowing any of my work commitments like my course, my insurance activities,my Coaching career to hamper my personal commitments & my time spent with my family

– Not setting up full-time coaching practice that makes me super busy rather explore more and more opportunities of interacting with students who need support.

-Being available for my parents (who are few hours away) any time they need me

-Never freezing my options, always being open to world of possibilities that may spring up in my life, not having any fixed routine for my life (I’m aware & I love the fact that I may need routine when I become a mother & I know the routine will exist only till children get old enough to take care of themselves)

I love this moment, as today what I hold more close to my heart has dawned on me.

It’s perfectly alright if I’m unable to complete a lot of activities. All these things have no place in my commitment list & hence I get off track. But the most fuzzy side effect of all of this is

I AM ENJOYING MY LIFE as it comes.

I am able to commit myself to the needs of my family, only cuz my Course is flexible else I would have had a tough time.

I am able to enjoy vacations with my hubby whenever he gets leave, cuz I have quit my full-time job to pursue something I love to do with the overextended support of my beautiful family.

I am able to stop myself from giving me away to any kind of business, cuz money does not motivate me but the way I spend my time does.

Thanks Bill for that wonderful session on Commitment Vs. Trying. Now I know what you meant when you said that it feels like taking a very heavy load off your shoulders, & it really feels very light. Tons of thanks 🙂