The real one..

Your lowest days don’t define you,
Do not take them too seriously..

They won’t last too long,
If only you let them pass by like a breeze..

They hit you in the face
With stuff you dislike the most..

They give you feelers, your lowest days,
Of the disconnection..

It’s a call to be alert, and change course
Thought by thought

Steering towards
that which lights you up..

The lowest of days are nothing more
than a sign,
a reminder to look at something nice..

Evidence that we’re surely looking in the wrong places,
Proof of our disconnection,
which is nothing more than a nudge

To look at something beautiful
To smell something lighter
To feel a little different

Look out the window, the real one,
You find on the real walls of your home..

Not the ones on your screen, or Facebook..

Listen to the cooing of the birds
Or the rattling of the cars, making their way through a city full of traffic
That’s some will power..

Look at the sunshine .. yeah!!
Hits us hard, especially in Mumbai in the scorching summers

Feel the changing times, and the ease they bring along…

How EASY!!!

At fingertips are options of a meal,
a party or even a vacation

Sometimes even an alternate life set up in a distant location

Life indeed has become easy
And bright!!!

Love is around, all the time!!
If not around you, maybe just around the corner

And if you still can’t find it,

Be certain!!!

You’re looking in the wrong places..

Just change the view, tilt your head
Or if not..
Look out the window, the real one..

~ diary of a crazy girl

Peek a boo sessions with JOY?

I’ve had a series of dreams,3 to be precise in the last month around the theme of JOY! And every dream connected with my soul.

The first one, had me sit next to JOY! The feeling I experienced was beyond words. It was a feeling of trust and well being, comfort and calm. It was a dream that centered me big time. The feeling of joy and awesomeness stayed with me till about a few days, that was how powerful it was..

And then, there was this second dream, in which JOY gave me a gift! It was a complex gift that had to be assembled properly. As I went around assembling the gift, (with excitement), I did something that cracked and broke the gift..

It was then that JOY told me, the most important aspect about that gift was the part in the center. A square glass box, that had an indigo colored fluid. When I was assembling the gift, I didn’t even see this part, which suddenly cropped up after I ruined the gift..

And somehow it was the most important part according to JOY!

This dream also left me intrigued, cuz I could not mystify the dream.

The third one came yesterday! It was that me and my friend joy, we’re watching a movie or play or something..

We were obviously not together, which meant we were sitting in seats that were away from one another. I somehow felt that both me and joy, wanted to bump into each other. Yet, somehow it didn’t work.

We both were anxious to meet, yet it just didn’t work!

What am I missing here?

From being next to Joy, to getting a gift that I ruin by issuing something important, to playing peek-a-boo with JOY!

Is it really so tough to experience JOY!

I believe in dreams being a connection between our highest self and us.

What is my highest self, trying to tell me, with such awesome creativity???

It’s intriguing…..

Commitment IS Clarity!!

Knowing what you really want & following it with all your heart is Commitment!!

If there’s stuff you’re unable to commit yourself to, think again!! Is it something you really want?

When we keep trying to do something, its not always that we are failing to do it, or we are giving up on ourselves, or we don’t have enough patience or perseverance. It could just be that this stuff is not what you’re deeply committed to.

I’ve been trying hard to get myself committed to being fit. What do I do when I say ‘I tried hard’? I actually wanna say, I did nothing to get myself serious about my fitness. Why?

Fitness is not my priority!! I may want it to be one of my priorities, cuz its gr8 to be fit! One can lead a healthier life, happier life when they’re fit n fine 🙂 Yeah- Agreed!! But what if that’s not my priority?

I may fool myself saying, I wanna exercise & loose those extra pounds but I don’t feel or sense any energy when I think of this activity! So that’s the reason I’m always trying to be fit & that’s also why I’m not committed to being fit!!

Now lets see, what else am I committed to doing?

~ I’m committed to spend lot of quality time with my family & being there for them always !!

~ I’m committed to getting certified as a Professional Coach!

~ I’m committed to retain my independence n freedom and live my life exactly how I want to live it!

~ I’m committed to support other people in living a life of their choice, a life that empowers!

~ I’m committed to explore life, dabble in various beautiful aspects n areas of life rather than specialize and dedicate myself to any one area!

~ I’m committed to being thoroughly spontaneous! Routine or Rules or a predictable life is something I don’t enjoy!

Yes!! Im committed to all the above & they mean ENERGY to me! No amount of money ever motivated me as much as my commitment to support people in loving their life!

So What is Commitment? Commitment is Clarity!! And if you’re trying and trying to get yourself to do something, then you’re surely confused about your commitment!! Once your clear, you’l find the commitment!

Awesome class – Thanks Kathy for a wonderful session!! I’m certainly a commitment loving person now 🙂

Signing Off!




Today is just not that day…

My first poem- written on 23rd December 2007

Today is just not that day…

The dark and the ugly,

The charming and the bubbly,

The quiet and the junglee,

Where do they come from?


The gifted and the jinxed,

The lonely ones in the mix,

The dull and the eccentric,

Where do they go?


A spiral or a circle,

Or a never ending line.

Who cares, be it whatever

The Ruler, eternal, is time.


So many bends and Oh! Many roads!

Roaming are we, haplessly in ignorance, who knows

When did we start? Where did we go?

Did we ever stop? We are how old?


Dusty and rusted, sunken heavy souls,

Dying to fly free, excited to unfold,

what ’s grander than any  imagination

The unseen colors, the experience untold.


Where do I stand? Or do I toddle?

I wanna know

How long and how far

Will I have to go?


Did I run, did I fall?

Or did I Simply stand tall?

What exactly did I do?

Did I fail, to hear the call?


Did I try or did I give up?

I wanna know

Why am I here? Please tell me,

Someone tell me where to go?


Thousands of questions,

At whom should I throw?

Answers, will I get?

How much more, older will I grow?


Tired and sick, the journey I wanna break

“TIME PLEASE” can I say, with nothing at stake

I don’t wanna lose, I wanna play this game

I know “I will win”

But today is just not that day……..