At the threshold of a flood of love n gifts!!

There comes a time in life, when you feel contented with all that you have. 

That moment for me is now. I feel like this is it. My life feels calm, I feel calm. I’m not moving from this moment to the next, jumping around for something. I feel so grateful that I have all of what I do now. 

We are so used to asking for more, all the time. I would be lying if I said I’m not one of those. I used to be in that list too. 

When it was time to offer gratitude for having the most supportive husband and family, I got busy finding faults with my job. When I found a great job, I got busy missing the part where I get to start my family. Now when I have an awesome baby, I could get busy ignoring him to make more money or get busy in complaining how my life isn’t perfect..

Hehe.. Sadly, it is pretty perfect!! For my monkey mind it’s sad. Cuz it can’t make me feel drama or make me jump here n there. I’m really grateful, that my heart could hold onto this contentment, before letting it slip away. Yeah. I am contented with my life, I’m happy that this is how it all is 🙂 and I’m grateful that this is how it is.

Yeah, I choose more out of life. I wanna choose awesome vacations, vacations where my whole family can go for a change, places that will make me n my son go mad, I wanna choose resources for the world, make this world more peaceful, calmer, I wanna choose forgiveness.

Yeah n a lot more!!! But all that can come only if I feel contented for what I have now. And I do 🙂

I know this year is like a rebirth for me 🙂 I can feel it. I’m on this breakthrough, waiting for that awesome surprise to shake me. I know it deep within my heart. And I know this year is gonna be like harvest time for my soul. 

Reaping and reaping all the fruits 🙂 so am all set to receive loads n loads 🙂

What about you???

How expectations suck out all the joy, you have!!

Expectations – Beautiful yet unclear, distant and short lived!!

Nah!! Expectations don’t do that!! They pull you up to give your best and a lot can be realized when one expects… and..

Please shut all that crap!! Expectations are of use only and only when they are organised around Action!! In absence of Action, expectations simply leave you devoid of all joy..

‘I expected to get a diamond ring on my wedding anniversary’ or ‘I expected my boss would ask me to take the day off’ or ‘I expected you will at least give me a better rating if not a good hike’

Oh come on!! We are never vocal about our expectations else the world would be so much better..

Our mind is a wicked spark plug, creating all these expectations & this is all only self talk. We are too timid to tell our spouse, or boss or anyone else about our expectations. We ourselves have no idea what we want from our lives, and we expect others to read our minds constantly… Result is ‘I expected to get blah blah’

What if we change our focus from expectations to action? What if we asked ourselves, which of our expectations really matter to us? What if we could communicate these expectations to the concerned person & figure out for ourselves if they can be met?

We all have endless joy in our life!! What ever we lack is just a creation of lack in our minds!! May be we don’t really need it, or may be we haven’t tried too hard to make it a part of our life.

For starters, we could just look at all the beautiful things around & be grateful that they made it into our life. Else, the grass is always greener on the other side, no matter what!!

Lets get busy finding the true joy that stays with us rather than getting pulled down by dirty games of our own mind..

Signing off!!

I am an ARTIST because…

I AM AN ARTIST n Thank God for that 🙂

I am an ARTIST because…

That’s the one and only one way, I feel most comfortable existing!!

I am an ARTIST because…

Creativity is one of the greatest gift I have received, without which my life would be simply INCOMPLETE..

I am an ARTIST because…

being an ARTIST is like having beautiful wings that allow me to fly to whichever place I want to be on this earth or beyond

I am an ARTIST because…

it gives me a good nights sleep and it gives me the peace of mind,of living a life completely aligned to my deepest values

I am an ARTIST because…

it allows me to break all rules, make new rules and break them too and yet live a life full of satisfaction and contentment

I am an ARTIST because…

spontaneity is like oxygen for me & creativity is like food for my soul

I am an ARTIST because…

there is no other way for me to exist

I am an ARTIST because…


Thanks Cristian Mihai for asking me this question!! This effort is not intended towards winning your August Giveaway rather the question was so very compelling me to write my answer n by doing so, I feel so much more in love with my life 🙂

Thanks so much!!