Coorg : Tibetan Monastery @ Bylakuppe

I have always dreamed of visiting a tibetan monastery. The ones in Sikkim or Ladakh have been on my wishlist. Dunno why but I have always felt fascinated by the idea of getting a chance to visit one of the monasteries.

I guess, my wish had to come true & I was jumping for joy when I came to know that there was one at Coorg. We planned to visit the monastery the same day we reached Coorg, but one of the staff @ the resort advised us to visit sometime early during the next day. So I was super excited the next morning. The pic below is a witness to my excitement 🙂

That’s me n my husband 🙂 & a giant flower for company

Wow!! I don’t remember what I ate that morning, but I guess I ate it fast 😉  Our driver was waiting for us and so were we ….waiting for the Monastery 🙂 🙂

We had enough of Green n its time now to see Colors 🙂

As far as I remember, the Monastery was almost 12 kms from Amanvana Resort. After some time, we could tell that we are now almost there. On one side of the road, we could see wind riding streamers or tiny colorful flags on strings. It was very beautiful, sadly couldn’t capture any cuz our cabbie was quite fast.

Our royal entry into VIBRANCE Unlimited 🙂 🙂 🙂

We were so excited to visit this place, that we forgot to click a pic @ the entry. The pic above is actually taken during our exit, that is after, over 2 hours from the time we made our entry. Now comes the exciting part!! Hope you enjoy watching just as much as I did 🙂

Finally we arrived @ the Monastery 🙂

The crown on top of this structure, is so beautifully created! I zoomed to see what was there on that crown n could see so many beautiful figures. The passion with which the Monastery has been created can be witnessed in each n every corner of this place.

Combination of beauty n perfection 🙂

The zoom makes it unclear, I know. But the beauty remains encaptured. The bright colors used through out the campus, and the vibrance one feels, being in this place is enserio impressionante = SERIOUSLY AWESOME 🙂

7 Buddhas (2 are hidden behind the colorful columns) – Prayer Hall

One can see the rows in which monks must be sitting while chanting their prayers. The holy books of chants also are so colorful. Everything here seemed to lift me up 🙂

7 Buddhas

Something that just couldn’t go unnoticed here are the intricate designs on each and every space possible. The beams and the columns are bright red, with intricate designs all over, while there are beautiful paintings on all the walls.

Believe me, each and every wall is painted with so much love and passion!! Can be felt when one looks at them.

The window frames in these structures are again bright red, with bright blue and bright green short curtains. It gives such a powerful vibe to the entire structure. I was amazed 🙂 n now its your turn.

Just check this out!!

The red columns, covered with colorful cloth with intricate prints. They have a different charm altogether 🙂

Can you sense the passion with which the painting has been created?

This picture captures not just the beautifully painted wall from the inside, but also the red window frames & the colorful short curtains. You will find this in each and every structure here.

Another one 🙂 This one is the external side of the wall.

Just click on the pic, and you can also catch a glimpse of one of the beam corners. Its just too much of intricate work , no wonder this structure is magical.

Yet another beautiful structure 🙂 (Or temple if I may call it so)

Just click on the pic and zoom to see the crown of this structure. One can see deer (or something that looks like deer) &  something written in the tibetan script. Whatever it is, it looks very powerful. The red door also looks so welcoming na 🙂

Everything here is so beautiful!! They have not spared even the door 🙂

So many Buddhas 🙂

Sorry folks, for the poor clarity of this picture. The buddhas are not clearly seen but one can witness the beautiful beams, columns & the painted walls here again.

The structure in the backdrop has inside it, what one waits to see 🙂

My eyes are closed here, but didn’t care, cuz this is the only picture we had, which has the bell and in the backdrop is the temple/ structure which has the 3 shining Buddhas.

Doorway to the 3 Magical Buddhas 🙂

We entered through that doorway, and the minute I saw this (pic below), I fell on my knees. As if a higher force just took over. The sun was shining on these 3 statues which are plated of Gold. The radiance was mindblowing.

Felt so peaceful. Inspite of the loud / bright colors used everywhere, there is a kind of harmony that is achieved which leads to a tranquil atmosphere. Take a look at the bright columns here. They seem to be specially designed to be this way. Also the streamers around the chandeliers. There is something beautiful about them.

Wowww!! My ‘Crazy’ Moment 🙂

I hadn’t really noticed any signs around the Monastery that stopped the visitors to click any pictures or shoot videos. Only one signboard that was requesting the visitors to maintain silence, which apparently no one observed (neither the  signboard nor the expected behavior)

I noticed one old lady, humbly praying, with a beaded string in her hands. I wanted to confirm with her, that I wasn’t breaking any rules by shooting videos or clicking pictures. She said, that the Tibetan Monastery does not restrict any of the visitors. Everyone is welcome n can feel free to take videos.

I felt really grateful 🙂

Me and the old lady 🙂

Okay, I guess I’ve posted all the pictures that I wanted to. Few more like few close ups & few interesting things I observed around.

An awesome Close up 🙂

Look at the backdrop of paintings!!

Dragon Column

Zoom n see 🙂

Don’t zoom!! This one’s super zoomed!!

The abode of the 3 magical buddhas 🙂

Endless faith- Glowing in the form of enumerous lamps

Accommodation for the monks!

Giant Pink Hibiscus 🙂 backdrop – Monks’ accommodation building

A reference to know how much of a giant, the hibiscus were 🙂

Final one – Me and Akshay @ Bylakuppe Monastery, Coorg

Thats it from me friends!! I had a gala time visiting this monastery here @ Bylakuppe, Coorg. Hope all of you felt as happy as I did.

Sharing 2 amazing (one of them is looong) youtube videos that reminded me of the awesome feeling I had when I first saw the magical Buddhas.

One of them is a video of the Bylakuppe (Coorg) – Tibetan Monastery – Prayer & another one is a video of Bylakuppe Tibetian Settlement @ Kushalnagar.

Enjoy 🙂



My list of Crazy Moments- a tiny part of an unpredictable series!!

I’ve always loved being in nature’s arms. I had never thought of blogging about all those moments that drove me crazy, but looks like I will…in a series of posts.. But for starters, this is what one gets!!

Beautiful moments with nature, where nature takes over one’s presence & makes one feel small… kinda insignificant. When you gaze at the beauty, you totally forget yourself…

All that exists is beauty, manifesting itself in a variety of forms. I don’t know if I can express this any better, but take a look at this pic & may be its easier for me to convey.

Thanks Dad for clicking this pic!!

I felt really insignificant or rather nonexistent!!

This beautiful pic above, was clicked by my mom or dad, I’m not too sure who, but I was unaware that they did. This pic captures for me, ‘THEEEEE MOMENT’, when I forgot that I existed..the moment when I was awestruck at the beauty that can exist, not just the clouds but those huge, really huge mountains that made me feel like a tiny spec. I remember, I spent hours, sitting right where I am seen standing, simply gazing at the beauty. The clouds, the mountains, the blueness of the sky, the soothing sound of the river ganges..It was awesome..Mindblowing!!

On the other side of the railing 🙂 this time with dad!!

I remember this vacation. It was in May end / June 2006 & I was not very happy listening to the name of our holiday destination.  “AULI?? What’s that? Mom, has anyone even heard of this spot?”

I was crazy then, not CRAZY crazy but ANGRY crazy, cuz this was what sounded like a pilgrimage, in which my mom, dad wanted to visit the temples of Kedarnath & Badrinath in North India (in Uttaranchal to be precise), n I was tagging along to visit these holy places.

But wow!! What an amazing place this was!! A ropeway/ Cableway takes you to this awesome altitude @ Auli & the amazing journey in a cablecar starts at a place called Joshimath.

Capturing the journey of the cable car from our Hotel!!

What an amazing feeling? I remember getting out of this cable car at the tower that can be seen in the pic above. My hands and feet were trembling, not out of cold, but cuz we were at this amazing height & I could see everything down below. I waited for a while, cuz I was freezing with fright & couldn’t move. I remember the door of the cable car closed & it started to progress ahead in its journey.

There was a guy from our hotel who had come to receive us, and was asking me to hurry n get down the stairs of this tower. I didn’t listen to him & waited gazing at the beautiful sight. Everything was fine till the cable car was in place. Once it started, it quickly got past this tower on its own journey… And then suddenly, I was at this edge, where the cable car was no longer there, n the feeling was like being on the tip of the diving board, from where all you can see is the depth of the blue swimming pool… This was a different case, I could see all the beauty, the greenery, the clouds, deep down and an edge that held me from diving into all of this.

If you zoom into the pic above,I guess you can see that edge. Then, I was so scared, that I almost felt like crying & I felt my whole body was shivering with fright. Somehow I managed to move my feet, turning away from the breathtaking yet frightening view n once I reached the stairs, I was feeling fine seeing the framed structure on all four of my sides…

‘The Edgy moment’ –  is another moment, that drives me crazy. I was so mesmerized by the beauty, that I almost got lost, till I realized, the altitude & the limitlessness at that edge.

Wow!! I remember each n every minute of this trip, all the time I spent with my parents (Read all the attention I had for myself cuz  my sister was already married then 😉 ) , the time spent waiting in our car- for the landslide to get cleared, the stories of the buses and trucks that fell off into the river (during landslides) n could never be traced, the awesome drive on the long and winding roads…when it wasn’t the landslides, it was my dad’s altitude sickness, that made us take halts n observe the beauty around.

The beautiful temples -Kedarnath & Badrinath, taking a holy dip in the natural hot water springs (What they call as a ‘KUND’ ) , horse riding rather climbing ,to visit the Kedarnath temple, all the time spent in Auli, the efforts taken by one of the hotel house keeper to keep a small mouse out of our room ( I screamed n screamed till he could get that mouse out of my room), the camp fires organised by our Hotel – ‘The Cliff top’ ,the journey in a chair-ropeway with my mom (Dad was feeling sick n was in the hotel room).. Wow!! It was Awesome !!

This one’s with Mom!!

Some thing else, that drove me crazy was what I felt, whenever I would dive my head outside my car window, peep down the winding roads to see a narrow- silent, tame river… The same river of whose stories our driver would tell!! The river has eaten so many buses, trucks, and huge vehicles silently, not on purpose though..

A peep pic, clicked after sunset, out of my moving car- window!!

The river, that gracefully flows, making beautiful sounds, also has the strength & capacity to cause so much damage. There is so much to this river, than it shows!! It looks so narrow, so tame but its depth is unimaginable!!

Kind of symbolized the feminine aspect of existence!! Graceful, beautiful, existing to serve the civilizations around, flowing endlessly, not audacious to show its depth but humble and selfless.

Few more  moments, that made me go crazy were at the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam. My very first trip in a chair ropeway (I dont know what its called & I do not have any pic too, to show what I mean). It was an awesome experience, similar to the one in a cable car, but this was tons of times better as this time it was just me n mom, kinda glued to 2 chairs and rolling down the greens 🙂 Mind blowing 🙂 Sadly ,there was no one to click a pic..

The pic below is taken as soon as we got off our chair ropeway trip, at the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam, where they conduct training workshops for those who wanna learn how to ski. We visited Auli,at the wrong time i.e. after the snowing ended, thanks to my mom dad’s wish to visit the temples. The temples are shut down during winter and are open to tourists only after May or so.

So the temples – yes we did visit them, but the ski-ing 😦 No, we didnt!!

This pic below captures one of those moments when I went mad looking at all the flowers around 🙂 I forced mom to walk for quite some distance to capture all those flowers together 🙂 n Im glad I did 🙂 Check it out 🙂

At the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam, where they give Ski Training 🙂

Wow!! I must thank wordpress that it gave me such a beautiful platform to blog, to think of all the moments that made me freak out, also made me jump out of joy. Am enjoying every minute of writing all of this as its transported me back to 2006 🙂

Signing off with a beautiful picture of my awesome trip to Auli.


Thanks Mom for being an early riser!! Ive wasted all the Sunrise moments in slumber 😦