9 ways to jump up your fun quotient❤️

Diving straight away into my list of top 9 ‘fun raisers’ 😂

1. Let the world spin around you!

Try this out. Go to any open space like a park, or a garden or may be the beach. Take out your phone/ iPad. Put your camera on the selfie mode. Hold it in front of you and

SPIN! Yeah SPIN. Spin away.

Precaution: if you spin too long, make sure you have someone to hold onto as an anchor when you’re done spinning 😊 or you may just fall down like I was about to..

This activity, is totally fun! It’s fun to see all those colors blend behind you, fuzz out as the only person in focus is you!

Very much like our life❤️ excellent stress buster, and jumps up your energy better than any energy drink. Your smile quotient goes up too❤️

2. Get wet in the rain

We’re welcoming the monsoons here in Mumbai, so quite relevant to us.

Just yesterday, me n my son, we just allowed the water to soak us. He was thrilled as he easily gets all the time. I left my ‘careful momma’ hat back and just enjoyed the rain with him.

Nature has an easy way of reminding us our true nature.

3. Doodle away!

Doodling, helps us tune in!
There’s absolutely no need for anyone to understand your doodle. It’s yours. All yours to express n feel out.

You can use any medium like paper or canvas, any colors like water colors or crayons or pencils. I use pens generally.

Be my guest and let the artist out!

4. Experiment with your routine!

Just for fun,play with something like your route to work! Just experiment n take a new route, an untried one.

Make a newer version of your ‘signature recipe’ , by adding something new or tweaking it.

Choose something else instead of your regular breakfast option in starbucks😜 or wherever..

Trying something new, is a great way to ‘just be’ and definitely brings fun to the table.

Condition: Leave your ‘judgment hat’ behind and just explore away❤️

5. Karaoke now!

Try this. Just play any song on your music list, play it on speaker mode! And sing along.

If you don’t know the lyrics …EVEN BETTER..

Just do it. Let the singer inside you out. Messing around with lyrics is fun! Especially when your husband jumps into the activity and picks every word you messed..

It’s super fun..

Caution: don’t wait for the right moment ..do it now❤️

6. Find and create ‘YOUR MOVES’ routine.

Wondered, how great artists move n dance so well? Their trick is simple. PRACTICE❤️

Play a track that naturally gets you on your feet, and just move along. I do it in front of my mirror, after I’ve shut the door😛

Just dance along n you’ll see some pattern emerging from your moves. Follow it and you’ll find ‘your move’ right there..

If not, you’ll find yourself happier with your fun quotient sky rocketing

7. Do stuff you hate to do : ONLY for fun..

For me, it’s cooking! An item I absolutely hate. Yet, in the right mood it creates wonders. I recently made some awesome nachos in twenty mins, and surprised everyone including myself.

Do you hate any activity? I think the hatred comes from the ‘lack of choice’

So if you’re forced to do something or have no option of avoiding it, it makes a permanent place on your hate list.

Let go of the judgment to do it! Yet choose it only to raise your fun quotient❤️

Caution: do it only when you really feel like doing it❤️

8. Play with people not from your age group 

Either someone older, or younger! Play anything ..

A game of cards,animal dominoes maybe. Scrabble, su doku!!

Me n my hubb used to play a lot of su doku (even though it’s a one person game) as new parents. When our son was tiny, it used to be our fun window ; something we did as soon as  he slept for the night.

Took the ‘new parents’ pressure off us.

9. Celebrate away!

Anything that’s not happening according to plan calls for a celebration.

I remember last year, New Year’s Eve, me n my hubby were watching a cool movie at home n then there was a power cut. Luckily for us , our son was asleep. We sat in our room on the floor n ate in candle light ❤️ pretty romantic thing to happen for new years❤️

Remember: the fun element when stuff isnt working your way

Signing off!! Do send us feedback on stuff that is or isn’t working ❤️😍

Are you keen to achieve ‘Mindfulness’ through Dance? – by Arti Trasi

A new category of guest write on ibelivetoday.wordpress.com is kickstarting today- with a beautiful introductory article on Mindfulness- through dance by Mrs. Arti Trasi 🙂 Enjoy..

Mindfulness Thorugh Dance

Mindfulness Thorugh Dance

Mindfulness is an attitude of the mind in which one is focused on and pays complete attention to whatever is arising in the present moment. This is done in a purposeful and non-judgmental way.

Many teachers and philosophers have extolled the virtues and benefits of an attitude of being in the present moment. But, how can we cultivate such an attitude of mind? Mindfulness techniques are a set of mental exercises that can be specifically taught, learnt and performed to realize this attitude.

Mindfulness techniques find their origins in the ancient Buddhist teachings of Vipassana meditation. The word ‘Vipassana’ means “clear sight” i.e. viewing things ‘as they are’ – untainted and uncoloured by pre-existing notions and conditionings.

In recent years, mindfulness techniques have been increasingly integrated into modern medicine and psychology. The pioneering work in this regard was done by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Professor of Medicine at the Massachusetts Medical School. Today, many psychologists and doctors in Australia have also incorporated it into their therapy.

Mindfulness techniques are extremely practical and effective methods to cultivate mental poise and balance, something sorely needed in our daily lives that are so often full of stress and anxiety. But these techniques are not only meant for people who are under stress or suffer from anxiety. They also have many other positive effects on the mind. For example, they improve performance and were used to train the Olympic rowing team by Kabat-Zinn. They have also been found useful in areas as diverse as dieting – there is even a website for mindful eating. Although originally derived from ancient Buddhist teachings, these techniques as currently practised are completely non-denominational, and have no religious content whatsoever, thus being suitable for all.

My husband and I were first exposed to mindfulness teachings many years ago in India, and have been practising them over the years to great personal benefit. When I was called upon to demonstrate these techniques in Australia, I incorporated my Indian dance training with these methods so as to introduce the ideas of mindfulness to my audience in an interesting and novel way.

In my sessions, I introduce the subject of mindfulness through music and dance and then talk about the techniques. We then have a few practical sessions of guided mindfulness meditation with audience participation. I also do individual follow-up sessions for those who wish to explore these techniques further.

I have been conducting workshops at the Queen Elizabeth II building at Muswellbrook and also appear on 2 radio channels, ABC Radio and 2 NM. I have had excellent feedback from my previous sessions and I look forward to sharing the benefits of mindfulness with all of you.


Mindfulness & Dance

Mrs. Arti Trasi is a resident of Muswellbrook, Australia & has been felicitated by the Mayor on Australia day in 2013! The 2 citations she received this year were one for Australian Citizen of the year and 2nd was for Outstanding Contribution to Culture  Awards for her town.

We wish her gr8 luck in her beautiful journey!!