‘Feelers’ who can feel themselves n others!

They don’t need to hear words to know what’s going around them.

They are totally aware! 

If they say ‘yes’ to stuff, it means this stuff is super important!! N when they say ‘no’ it’s cuz it doesn’t matter to them..

They’re too deep, n anything on the surface feels inauthentic..

They find it tough to pretend!! They either show their joy or just be!!

Best part: they won’t mess around with you cuz they are too busy clearing themselves up!!

If you can’t understand them, leave them alone!!

They’re trying their best to feel calm when at the core, there is a storm inside 🎁

A storm of everything that matters n doesn’t..

They’re just sorting it all out!! 


Treasure Hunt!

Couple of times each day,
We’re lucky enough 
for the treasure to confront us

Couple of times each day,
the treasure is stubborn enough
to get our attention

couple of times each day,
this treasure is right there around us
for a change, not going unnoticed

couple of times each day,
we’re aligned with what we’re seeking
n its ours already

couple of times each day
we shine our brightest, n glow effervescently

Couple of times each day
We have won the battle already
N are rejoicing with our victory dance

Couple of times each day
We ARE who we came to be..As if life showcased it’s glorious trailer

If couple of times each day
Could turn into couple of hours each day, n couple of days each week..

the illusion would fall apart
leaving pure light to shine
n then nothing would matter♥️🎁