What we need today in these busy lives isn’t just one thing like money, or love, or health, or career or joys.. 

What we deeply seek is all of the above in a Harmony, balanced in ways that give us joy and meaning to life❤️

This art piece intends the same for every one who is affected or comes into touch with this art piece! It activates the intention of wellbeing expressed harmoniously in our lives, and if you can take a moment to connect with that Harmony ( however weirdly it appears in your life), this piece has done its work..

This piece has been gifted to a beautiful beauty salon, here in Pune,thats operated by beautiful ladies… for beautiful ladies!! 

They happen to celebrate their 15th anniversary, and this piece is a gift and a celebration of the real work these gals do, for generating wellbeing in all those lives that drop in there..

Pictorially, this art piece represents an alignment of four of our seven major chakras

~ the crown chakra, (violet) that signifies our connection with our divinity 

~ the root chakra (red) that signifies our connection with the physical/ with earth.

~ the solar plexus chakra (yellow) at the center depicts our self esteem, and our sense of worthiness! 

~ the sacral chakra (It is orange but depicted here in a shade of chrome yellow)

The flow is depicted through orange dots, much like the gears that function mechanically! 

The aqua marine dots represent a combination of green and blue!

~ the heart chakra (green) in perfect harmony with the throat chakra (blue)

The back drop is a unique shade of Violet, playfully created by my three year old son,mixing various shades together..

It intends for a fun element to be driving our lives secretly!! 

May Harmony, joy and fun continue to lead us through these beautiful lives❤️

Lotsa love, aryaa❤️


This painting has been created for a super strong woman, I’ve come to know off late. 

And I know thanks to her, that it’s not really important what is seen n felt on the outside. What matters most is what is inside. 

N this painting is exactly that!

The ‘Aum’ is painted over, and yet it doesn’t matter what’s over it!! It is permanent and will always shine..

My brick wall!

I’ve always desired to have one ‘brick wall’ in my home that’s not painted or styled or even white washed..

Just as is!

Cuz in our life however we grow n keep adding stuff to our belongings, our life is this brick wall..

Vulnerable, plain n beautiful, holding together this big life of ours..however beautiful it appears when styled with posh stuff, when it crumbles everything comes down..

I wanna remind myself that life is beautiful thanks to my spirit : the brick wall!

The beauty at the core..

The vulnerability n plainness..

Accepting itself as is, with no fake thrills n frills..

Just the way it is..

N this below is my brick wall..

It is more than what it appears!

It is the space for beautiful creations, beauties infinite times it’s size..

It’s the space where I write.. stuff that’s so deep .. no amount of space can describe it..

This brick wall , my studio …does justice to it!

Simple, stained with the high vibrations of inspiration n coloured with love..

I clean it as much as I can n what wishes to stay, just stays..

The stains are As welcome as my paintings..

Just cuz it appears this way don’t judge it!

It’s just as pure as the divine 🎁

I love my studio n offer gratitude for it, declutter it as frequently as possible.. n sip my tea here..

It’s in the small things that the depth of life is felt..

Choose to be hollow, not guilty!!

I love the book, ‘no time for karma’. I can’t quote anything from the book, but if I got to mention stuff that I love bout it, it would be the funda that whatever is happening now is happening for a reason. If I’m troubled by some xyz people, they were meant to trouble me. If I goofed up big time, I was supposed to goof up!

Whatever happens is happening cuz it has to happen. After it happens, there’s absolutely no point in sulking or regretting it. The max we can do here, is try n listen. What does the situation, person, our approach, our response/ reaction say? Does it point us somewhere?

Sometimes we got to feel hollow. Allow the divine will to flow through us like the beautiful flute of Shri Krishna. The music would flow through it, yet the divinity participating in was crucial too 🙂

So these times, especially from the past, where we feel we could’ve done better, are the times that we got to leave behind. Allow them to categorize under divine will, let them make you feel hollow as if you didn’t cause that hurt, or you didn’t get hurt, or you didn’t behave that way but it was divine will doing it through you. 

Whatever remains is only the present and a deep faith that we are on the right track. Divine will, is gonna make us do stuff inconsistent to who we are at times, and we are glad to be a part of this show. 

With this trust n faith in my heart, it’s me signing off.

Lotsa love n light.